Zak Silver

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Zak Silver
Publication information
Publisher Los Comex
First appearance Daze of the Dead: Numero Uno Edition
Created by Javier Hernandez
In-story information
Full name Isaac "Zak" Silver
Supporting character of El Muerto

Isaac "Zak" Silver is a supporting character in the independent comic El Muerto: The Aztec Zombie created by Javier Hernandez.

Zak is the best friend to Diego de la Muerte, who dies in a car accident and becomes the undead hero, El Muerto. Zak was crushed to hear of his death.

In other media[edit]


Main article: El Muerto (film)

In the live-action film adaption, Zak is portrayed by actor Joel David Moore.

In El Muerto Zak has been best friends with Diego for some time and shares a small apartment with him in East Los Angeles. Diego is Catholic by faith but has a greatly developed fascination with world religions, especially that of Aztec mythology. Zak is the more skeptical of the two, preferring logic to faith, many of Zak's studies into world religions are purely scholarly.

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