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For the Algerian town, see Zenata, Algeria.
Arabic · Berber
Sunni Islam

Zenata (Berber: Iznaten, ⵉⵣⵏⴰⵜⴻⵏ) is a Berber ethnic group of North Africa.


The Zenata are descendants of older Berber groups such as Mauretanias, Numidians and Gaetulians of the eastern part of North Africa.[1][2]


The Zenata are nomadic or sedentary and are the builders of cities.[3] Rachid Bellil said: "The disappearance of Zenata to the eighth century, them covering a quarter of North Africa, is one of the most extraordinary facts has ever known the Maghreb. The similarity and living area brings rapid Arabization, accelerated by the desire to ennoble Zenata, published Arabs."[4] Arab tribes of Banu Hilal and Banu Sulaym assimilated the Berbers.

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