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Byōbuura Gogakusan Tanjō-in Zentsū-ji
Zentsu-ji in Zentsu-ji City Kagawa pref16s5s4020.jpg
Basic information
Location 3-1, Zentsūji-cho, Zentsūji, Kagawa
Affiliation Shingon Buddhism
Country Japan
Architectural description
Founder Zentsū Saeki
Completed 807

The Byōbuura Gogakusan Tanjō-in Zentsū-ji (屏風浦五岳山誕生院善通寺?) is a temple of the Shingon sect in Zentsūji, Kagawa, Japan. It was established by Zentsū Saeki, the father of Kūkai, in 813. The East Academy (Tō-in) and the West Academy (Sai-in) are within Zentsu-ji precincts. The West Academy is Kūkai's birthplace.

Zentsū-ji is temple No. 75 in the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It is also one of the three temples on the tour, that Kūkai visited, the others being Tairyūji and Muroto Misaki, as Kūkai mentioned them by name in his writings.[citation needed]

Building list[edit]



  • Goeidō - It was rebuilt in 1831. Registered Tangible Cultural Property.
  • Nio gate - It was rebuilt in 1889. Registered Tangible Cultural Property.
  • Gomadō - It was rebuilt in 1889. Registered Tangible Cultural Property.
  • Henjōkaku

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Coordinates: 34°13′30.4″N 133°46′26.9″E / 34.225111°N 133.774139°E / 34.225111; 133.774139