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Product typeVideo games and magnetic media
OwnerMagnetic Tape International

Zimag (stylized as ZiMAG) was the name used by Magnetic Tape International to market consumer products, including video games and blank audio cassettes, VHS tapes, and floppy disks.[1] Magnetic Tape International was a wholly owned subsidiary of Intermagnetic Corporation.[1] The company released games for the Atari 2600 and Atari 8-bit computers in 1982 and 1983. The 2600 titles are games from Bit Corporation ported from PAL to NTSC and with different names.[2] The Atari 8-bit computer titles were developed by Syncro, Inc.[3]

Zimag's four Atari 2600 releases received more promotion than the relatively obscure computer games, but they were released during the North American video game crash of 1983.


Atari 2600[4]

Atari 8-bit family

  • Cat Nap (1983)
  • Collision Course (1982)
  • Moon Beam Arcade (1983)
  • Nineball (1982)
  • River Rat (1982)
  • Space Mines


  • Bail Out
  • Caverns of Oz
  • Kerplop (Atari 8-bit)
  • Pizza Chef (2600)
  • Quest for Inca Gold (Atari 8-bit)

The Zimag catalog lists the following games beneath a "Spring '83" heading: Outpost, Meltdown, Moving Day, Car Jockey, Tally Ho, Immies and Aggies, Conrad, Dinograms, Cake Bake, and Evac.[5] None of these titles were released.


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