Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

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Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Zos Kia Cultus.jpg
Studio album by Behemoth
Released 22 October 2002
Recorded June–September 2002
Hendrix Studios, Poland
Genre Blackened death metal
Length 44:40
Label Mystic, Avantgarde Music, Olympic/Century Media, Osmose
Producer Nergal
Behemoth chronology
Antichristian Phenomenon
Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
Sputnikmusic 4/5 stars[2]
Chronicles of Chaos 9/10 stars[3]

Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) is the sixth album by Polish extreme metal band Behemoth. It was recorded at the Hendrix Studios in June–September 2002 and mastered at the High End Studio in Warsaw in September 2002.

The title refers to Zos Kia Cultus, a form of magic developed by Austin Osman Spare. At the end of the track "Horns ov Baphomet", the person speaking is Aleister Crowley. It is from the track At Sea from the CD The Great Beast Speaks, which contains audio files from the only known recording of his voice.[citation needed]

The album was re-released through Peaceville Records as a limited edition digipak. It contained an enhanced audio disc with a video of As Above So Below was included with the release.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Horns ov Baphomet" Nergal Nergal 6:34
2. "Modern Iconoclasts" Nergal Nergal 4:24
3. "Here and Beyond (Titanic Turn ov Time)" Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 3:25
4. "As Above So Below" Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 4:59
5. "Blackest ov the Black" Nergal Nergal 3:41
6. "Hekau 718" (Instrumental) Krzysztof Azarewicz Trotzky, Nergal 0:52
7. "The Harlot ov the Saints" Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 2:46
8. "No Sympathy for Fools" Nergal Nergal, Havok 3:48
9. "Zos Kia Cultus" Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 5:32
10. "Fornicatus Benefictus" (Instrumental) Austin Osman Spare Raven Moonshae, Nergal 0:52
11. "Typhonian Soul Zodiack" Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 4:28
12. "Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might" Nergal, Krzysztof Azarewicz Nergal 3:03
South Korean bonus tracks
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
13. "Malice" Nergal Nergal 2:23
14. "Sathanas" (Sarcófago cover) Wagner Lamounier Sarcófago 2:05
15. "Hello Spaceboy" (David Bowie cover) David Bowie David Bowie 3:26
16. "From the Pagan Vastlands" Tomasz Krajewski Nergal 2:54


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label
Poland, USA 22 October 2002 Mystic Production, Olympic Recordings/Century Media Records
Italy 28 October 2002 Avantgarde Music
Russia December 2002 Irond Records
France 2002 Osmose Productions
South Korea 2003 Plyzen


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