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Subsidiary (purchased by HARMAN in 2014)
Industry Automation and control
Founded Richardson, Texas (1982)
Headquarters Richardson, TX
Key people
Rashid Skaf, CEO (09/2005)
Products See listing.
Revenue Increase (est) $295.5 million USD (2013)
Number of employees
600+ (2006)
Slogan AV for an IT World

AMX (formerly AMX, LLC) is a manufacturer of video switching and control devices. It is currently owned by HARMAN International and is part of the HARMAN Professional Division.


AMX designs and manufactures hardware and software for the distribution of video within meeting spaces, as well as across buildings or the globe using IP. They also create products that allow remote control of a wide variety of equipment.

Typical uses include room automation in meeting spaces and classrooms for the corporate, government, and education spaces, where users use touch-based control panels to control devices such as video projectors and displays, source devices, environmental controls, and a wide variety of other types of equipment. Other common uses include entertainment systems, industrial command and control centers, security systems, hotels and restaurants. There are many other applications.

AMX systems are configured from modular hardware, allowing systems to be customized to meet current needs, while providing a foundation for unlimited scalability to adapt to future requirements.

Multiple functions can be executed with a single button push, providing greatly improved ease of use with complex systems. For example, pressing a button labeled Video could cause the room lights to dim, the drapes to close, the projection screen to roll down, the projector and other components to turn on, switch to their appropriate inputs, and a DVD to start playing at a preset volume level. Remotes and touchscreens can be laid out with only the functions the typical user needs, while technical menus are password protected to prevent unauthorized tampering.

AMX systems can easily be configured with their Rapid Project Maker online tool, which allows for the easy configuration of rooms from a simple web-based interface.

For more complex installations with special requirements, integrators can use custom programming using AMX’s NetLinx Studio, a full-featured source code editor with organization, debugging, and research tools, along with the touch panel interface design software Touch Panel Design 5.

Programming an AMX control system, which is commonly a solo project undertaken by in-house or freelance programmers, involves a rare combination of skills in computer science, programming, user interface design, control systems programming, event-driven programming, audio visual systems technology, customer management, scope management and project management.

AMX systems are monitored and managed using their enterprise server software Resource Management Suite, which combines room scheduling, the ability to reserve equipment, and remote monitoring of equipment status, such as automated email announcements if a projector lamp fails

AMX home automation controls are now also available through separate applications ("apps") for smartphones and tablet PCs through its authorised product partners such as Touch Panel Control.[1] The application is available for iOS, Android,[1] and Windows 8 platforms.

Company growth[edit]

In February, 2005, Duchossois Industries, Inc. acquired previously publicly traded AMX for US$315 million.

On November 1, 2006, AMX announced it had acquired Endeleo, a UK-based manufacturer of analog audio visual distribution technologies.[2] Just over a month later on December 4, 2006, AMX announced the acquisition of another signal switching and routing company, Washington-based AutoPatch.[3] Less than two weeks later, Matrix Audio Designs, a Canadian company based in Barrie, Ontario, was acquired by AMX that specializes in high-quality, multi-room distributed audio systems.[4]

On June 18, 2007, AMX announced it had acquired another UK-based company, Inspiration Matters, a manufacturer of digital signage technologies, known for their Inspired Signage brand name.[5]

On October 2, 2007, AMX again announced the acquisition of another UK-based company, ProCon Technology, a company that specializes in configurable control keypad systems, switchers and distribution amplifiers.[5] In less than a year, AMX had acquired five companies, bringing its combined employee head count to over six hundred.

On July 15, 2008, AMX acquired Atrium Group, an IPTV software company that eventually became AMX’s Vision2 IPTV solution.[6]

On March 21, 2014, Harman International Industries, Incorporated announced it had signed an agreement with The Duchossois Group, Inc. and its affiliates to acquire AMX LLC for US$365 million.

System layout[edit]

A typical AMX system consists of the following elements:

  • User Interface - The User Interface receives input from a user wanting to control the system. UI devices include touch panels, keypads, remotes, and mobile apps.
  • Master - The "NetLinx Master" is a combination of the CPU, a Linux-based embedded operating system, and RAM and ROM memory. When an event is received via an interface device (such as a button press on a touch panel), the master executes NetLinx code written by a programmer. The Master then sends a message to the Controller, which responds appropriately.
  • Controller - Commands are relayed to it via the master, and the Controller executes the commands to the required devices. Controller can be built into the same device as the master (such as an Enova DVX Series Presentation Video Switcher or a NetLinx NX Series Controller) or separate from it (such as on an ICSLan Control Box or a DXLink transmitter or receiver). Most current master also have control ports on it, but some (most notably the Enova DGX Series Digital Video Switchers) do not.
  • Video Switcher - The video matrix switcher sends video from a selected source the appropriate display. AMX uses a variety of proprietary technologies (such as SmartScale™ for image resolution scaling and InstaGate Pro™ for DHCP key handing) to ensure fast, reliable switching of video while maintaining source video quality.


  • A large range of LCD Touch panel user interfaces. Available with wired or wireless IP connection.
  • Central Controllers
  • Communication Devices
  • Keypads
  • Network Devices
  • Remote Controls
  • Presentation Systems (Systems to share content from smartphones, tablets and laptops onto a local display)


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