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For the Tamil writer, see Aadhavan Sundaram.
Aadhavan movie.jpg
Directed by K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin
Written by K. S. Ravikumar
Screenplay by K. S. Ravikumar
Story by Ramesh Khanna
Starring Suriya
B. Saroja Devi
Rahul Dev
Anand Babu
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography Ganesh Rajavelu
Edited by Don Max
Distributed by Red Giant Movies
Ayngaran International (UK)
FiveStar (Malaysia)[1]
Release dates 17 October 2009 (2009-10-17)
Running time 168 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget INR25 crore (US$4.1 million)[2]
Box office INR77 crore (US$12 million)[citation needed]

Aadhavan is a 2009 Tamil action film directed by K. S. Ravikumar and written by Ramesh Khanna. The film features Surya Sivakumar in the title role along with Nayantara in lead roles and Murali, Vadivelu, Anand Babu, Ramesh Khanna, B. Saroja Devi, Rahul Dev, Sayaji Shinde in its supporting cast. The music is composed by Harris Jayaraj. The film released on 17 October 2009. The film was dubbed into Telugu as Ghatikudu.[3] It is also dubbed into Hindi as Dildaar The Arya.


Aadhavan (Suriya) is a professional killer/hit-man who works for Ibrahim Rowther (Sayaji Shinde) who is also his father along with Tharani (Anand Babu)- who is his brother. He is contracted by Abdul Kulkarny (Rahul Dev) to kill prominent Judge Subramaniam (Murali)(who is presently working on child kidnapping and murder cases in the eastern Indian belt for sale of their organs to foreign countries) -but fails to shoot him at the first attempt. He promises to get the judge, angry with himself for having missed such a thing and uses the Judge's innocent servant Bannerjee (Vadivelu) to get into the house as Murugan, Bannerjee's brother in law (He locks up Bannerjee's actual brother in law Murugan in a ship and threatens Bannerjee with his name all the time).

Slowly Murugan/Aadhavan- begins to win over the members of the Judge's household- the Judge's mother (B. Saroja Devi), his other relatives and finally his niece- Thara (Nayantara). He tries to assassinate the judge in the middle of the night and also by planting a bomb in the van by which the judge is travelling to Darjeeling- but both attempts fail. In Darjeeling, Aadhavan is handed over a guitar belonging to the madcap, wanna be musician, would be husband of Thara- Ilaiman (Ramesh Khanna) by Thara to hide away. He plants a mobile bomb in the guitar and places it in one of the cars which soon explodes.

Thara is now suspicious but Murugan informs her in secret that he is in fact the Judge's runaway son Madhavan who ran away from home when he was only ten years old. Thara soon informs all the members of the household except the Judge that Murugan is Madhavan- although in private Muruguan tells Bannerjee that he was only joking and that he is not Madhavan.

However on Thara's birthday- Aadhavan shows that he is indeed Madhavan- when in a flashback it is shown that- young Madhavan carried a gift for Thara where a bomb had been planted by Madhavan's friend's mother as an act of revenge (Madhavan's father had put her husband in jail). Though Thara survives, her mother (Anu Hassan) opens the box and is killed along with her husband in the bomb explosion. Madhavan runs away from home- after stealing a gun from the cops, accidentally shooting his father and killing his friend's mother who planted the bomb in the toy.

Meanwhile- Abdul Kulkarny is fed up with the attempts of Aadhavan and Ibrahim Rowther and decides to play his cards in another way. He persuades Ibrahim and his gang to surrender to the police and make a confession regarding Aadhavan. When Police ACP (Riyaz Khan) confronts Aadhavan and is about to have him hauled off – Aadhavan takes the Judge hostage and also Thara (after asking Thara to bring the Laptop and the Memory stick where the entire information about the culprits involved in the child kidnappings and murder case is stored in). In the meanwhile the police commissioner arrives and makes the confession.

Aadhavan is actually indeed Madhavan- the Judge's runaway son. The police had caught him when he was making his escape after his attempt to kill the Judge had failed. It was then that he made his confession of being the Judge's son. The Police ask him to go back to the house to protect his father over a twenty four-hour period everyday.

This information is relayed to the Judge who is tearfully grateful to his son.

Meanwhile- Abdul Kulkarny attacks the vehicle in which the Judge, his son and Thara are travelling and a fight ensues where the good guys win and Kulkarny is killed. And the movie ends with a recovered Madhavan and Banerjee tells that he bought assistants to maintain the house who are his brother-in-laws and everyone tells what the story starts again.



The song "Eno Eno Panithuli" was shot at Iceland, making Aadhavan the first South Indian film to be shot there.[4] Shooting also took place at the Chettinad Palace.[5]


The soundtrack features 6 tracks composed by Harris Jayaraj, Lrics are penned by Vaali, Pa. Vijay, Na. Muthukumar. harris becoming his third consecutive film with Surya. The soundtrack was released on 19 August by S. Shankar. The songs enjoyed popularity, especially "Hasile Fisile" and "Vaarayo Vaarayo".

Soundtrack album by Harris Jayaraj
Released 19 August 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Soundtrack
Label Think Music
Producer Harris Jayaraj
Harris Jayaraj chronology
Track Song Singers Length (min:sec) Lyrics
1 "Hasili Fisili" Karthik, Harini, Dr. Burn, Maya 05:25 Pa. Vijay
2 "Yeno Yeno Panithuli" Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunathan, Andrea Jeremiah 05:15 Thamarai
3 "Dammaku Dammaku" Benny Dayal 05:00 Na. Muthukumar
4 "Vaarayo Vaarayo" Unnikrishnan, Chinmayi, Mega 05:24 Kabilan
5 "Dekho Dekho" Suvi Suresh, Sandhya, Sri Charan 05:29 Vaalee
6 "Maasi Maasi" Mano, Mega 05:34 Vaalee

Telugu tracklist[edit]

All Lyrics are written by Bhuvana Chandra.

Track Song Singers Length (min:sec) Lyrics
1 "Asale Pilla " Karthik, Benny Dayal, Harini, Maya 05:25 Bhuvana Chandra
2 "Edo Edo" Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunathan, Andrea Jeremiah 05:15 Bhuvana Chandra
3 "Dammaku Dammaku" Benny Dayal 05:00 Bhuvana Chandra
4 "Mrogindi" Rahul Nambiar, Chinmayi, Mega 05:24 Bhuvana Chandra
5 "Dekho Dekho" Suvi Suresh, Sandhya, Sri Charan 05:29 Bhuvana Chandra
6 "Maasi Maasi" Mano, Mega 05:34 Bhuvana Chandra
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Behindwoods 3/5 stars[6]

Critical response[edit]

The album received positive reviews from critics, with praise being dedicated to the songs "Hasili Fisile" and "Vaarayo Vaarayo". Malathy Sundaram from Behindwoods said "There is a lot of technical finesse to this album. What surprises us here is the banality of the lyrics! One would have expected better lyrics from all these songwriters!Harris Jayaraj has consciously used various instruments to add appeal to this album."[6] Pavithra Srinivasan from Rediff said "Harris Jeyaraj is one of those composers who is not capable of turning out bad stuff even on a bad day, this album stands out from a mile away."[7][8] Due to the album's critical and commercial success, Harris Jayaraj received the Vijay Award for Best Music Director and was nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.



Behindwoods gave a 2.5 out of 5 and gave a verdict "Carefree commercial – Conditions apply".[9] Sify.com gave a positive review stating "Ranging through a wide field of comedy laced with action, Aadhavan is good fun while it lasts. It’s a roller-coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala".[10]

Rediff rated the movie with 2.5 out of 5 stars and ended the review with "Aadhavan is uncomplicated, clean, fun, and doesn't expect you to take it seriously."[11] Nowrunning.com also rated it as 2.5 on 5 and Aravindan D I specially said "Aadhavan could have been good entertainment, but is marred by inconsistent script."[12] while Indiaglitz gave the verdict "above average" and stated "Aadhavan is a movie that would bring joy to mass action lovers and front-benchers.".[13] Malathi Rangarajan from The Hindu wrote "Post-interval, you have to wait quite a while for some concrete action from Aadhavan, the Infallible!"[14]

Box office[edit]

The movie collected INR 85 million worldwide in its opening weekend. This movie also had a high collection in Malaysia as well as UK.[15] Overseas, the film grossed about $1,541,485, approximately INR 75 million.[16]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominee Result
2009 Vijay Awards[17] Best Entertainer Suriya Won
Best Male Playback Karthik
(Hasili Fisili)
Best Female Playback Chinmayi
(Vaarayo Vaarayo)
Best Music Director Harris Jayaraj Won
Icon of the Year Suriya Won
Best Actor Surya Sivakumar Nominated
Best Comedian Vadivelu Nominated
Best Art Director Rajeevan Nominated
Best Choreographer Shobi
(Damakku Damakku)
Favourite Film Udhayanidhi Stalin Nominated
Favourite Director K. S. Ravikumar Nominated
Favourite Hero Suriya Nominated
Favourite Heroine Nayantara Nominated
Favourite Song Harris Jayaraj
(Hasili Fisili)


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