Alabama's at-large congressional district

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Alabama's At-large congressional district (obsolete)
Years 1819–1823, 1841–1843, 1873–1877, 1913–1917, 1963–1965

Alabama's at-large congressional district was a congressional district for the United States House of Representatives in Alabama active at various times from 1819 to 1965. Alabama became a state in 1819, and its single representative to the 16th and 17th Congresses was elected at-large. For the 27th Congress, all five of Alabama's representatives were elected at-large, before the state gained a representative from the 1840 census. In the 43rd to 44th Congresses, the seventh and eighth representatives gained in the 1870 census were elected at-large. For the 63rd and 64th Congresses, Alabama elected the tenth of its apportioned representatives, gained in the 1910 census, at-large from the entire state. For the 88th Congress, after the state lost one representative in the 1960 census, Alabama once again elected all of their representatives at-large.

List of representatives[edit]

Congress &
1st Seat 2nd Seat 3rd Seat 4th Seat 5th Seat 6th Seat 7th Seat 8th Seat
Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history Representative Electoral history
District created December 14, 1819, upon achieving statehood
16th 1819–1821 John Crowell (DR) Retired
17th 1821–1823 Gabrielmoore.jpg
Gabriel Moore (DR)
Re-elected in the 1st district
District inactive March 4, 1823.
Re-established March 4, 1841, with all five Representatives elected at-large
27th 1841–1843 Governor Reuben Chapman.jpg
Reuben Chapman (D)
Previously represented the 1st district
Re-elected in the 6th district
George S. Houston - Brady-Handy.jpg
George S. Houston (D)
Re-elected in the 5th district DixonHallLewis.jpg
Dixon H. Lewis (D)
Previously represented the 4th district
Re-elected in the 3rd district
William W. Payne (D) Re-elected in the 4th district Benjamin G. Shields (D) Retired
District inactive March 4, 1843.
Two seats re-established March 4, 1873, elected at-large alongside six Representatives elected in districts
43rd 1873–1875 Charles C. Sheats (R) Lost re-election Alexander White (R) Lost re-election
44th 1875–1877 William H. Forney.jpg
William H. Forney (D)
Re-elected in the 7th district Burwell B. Lewis (D) Lost re-election
District inactive March 4, 1877.
One seat re-established March 4, 1913, elected at-large alongside nine Representatives elected in districts
63rd 1913–1915 John W. Abercrombie (D) Lost re-election
64th 1915–1917
District inactive March 4, 1917.
Re-established January 4, 1963, with all eight representatives elected at-large
88th 1963–1965 George M. Grant (D) Previously represented the 2nd district
Lost re-election in 1964.
George W. Andrews.jpg
George W. Andrews (D)
Previously represented the 3rd district
Re-elected there in 1964.
Kenneth A. Roberts.jpg
Kenneth A. Roberts (D)
Previously represented the 4th district
Lost re-election in 1964.
Albert Rains (D) Previously represented the 5th district and retired in 1964. Armistead I. Selden, Jr. (D) Previously represented the 6th district
Re-elected to the 5th district in 1964.
Carl Elliott.jpg
Carl Elliott (D)
Previously represented the 7th district
Lost renomination in 1964.
Robert E. Jones, Jr. (D) Previously represented the 8th district
Re-elected there in 1964.
George Huddleston, Jr. (D) Previously represented the 9th district
Lost re-election in 1964.
District inactive since January 3, 1965.


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