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Alvarion Technologies Ltd.
Industry Electronics
Founded 1992
Headquarters Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Key people
CEO Giora Levi
Products Wireless Communications
Broadband wireless
Fixed wireless
Number of employees

Alvarion Technologies Ltd. Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of end-to-end wireless solutions including Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multi-Point. Alvarion Technologies offers a wide range of products enabling anytime, anywhere connectivity. Allowing customers to expand their network and subscriber base, Alvarion Technologies provides tailored solutions for Smart Cities, stadiums and High-Density Events. With over 25,000 sites in over 95 countries, Alvarion Technologies truly has a global footprint


Alvarion's head office in Tel Aviv

Alvarion was originally incorporated as BreezeCOM Ltd. in September, 1992. In March 2000, BreezeCOM had an Initial Public Offering, selling 5 million shares of its common stock at a price of $20 per share. BreezeCOM's shares were listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol BRZE.[2]

In August 2001, BreezeCOM merged with another Israeli company, Floware Wireless Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: FLRE), which was founded in 1993, changing its name to Alvarion.[3]

In April 2003, Alvarion acquired InnoWave ECI Wireless Systems Ltd, from ECI Telecom. In July 2003, Alvarion signed a strategic partnership agreement with Intel to co-develop WiMAX based Broadband wireless access systems, using Intel’s WiMAX chips.[4]

In December 2004, Alvarion acquired interWAVE Communications International (NASDAQ:IWAV) of Mountain View, California, which expanded the company’s product range into the mobile GSM equipment market and provided new expertise in mobile systems. Most of the interWAVE operations became Alvarion‘s Cellular Mobile business unit, which was sold to LGC Wireless, Inc. in November, 2006.[5]

In February 2009, Alvarion announced that it was hired by Orange Botswana for WiMAX deployment, initially to cover Botswana’s two largest cities Gaborone and Francistown.[6]

In November 2009, Alvarion started deploying a WiMAX wireless broadband network for the Australian ISP Adam Internet across metropolitan Adelaide, as a part of Australian government’s Broadband Guarantee Program.[7]

In November 2011, Alvarion acquired Wavion, a provider of outdoor Wi-Fi applications for metro and rural areas with deployments in more than 75 countries. This acquisition is part of Alvarion’s strategic plan for shifting its primary focus from WiMAX-based radio access network to becoming a multi-technology wireless broadband solution provider.[8]

In July 2013, Alvarion filed for bankruptcy.[9]

Alvarion (in Receivership and Liquidation) Announces Nullification of Creditors' Plan of Settlement - See more at:

Products and technology[edit]

Alvarion was one of the first companies to produce IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN equipment and made a major contribution to the development of the IEEE 802.11 standard. In collaboration with the Swedish Space Corporation and using its own BreezeNET DS.11 product, it also claims to hold a World record of longest Wireless LAN link ever achieved – 310 kilometers (190 mi) from ground to a weather balloon (although it had been heavily amplified, used a huge dish antenna, and had an automatic tracking system).[10][11] This record is not found in The Guinness Book of Records, however.

Alvarion is also active in the development of the new IEEE 802.16x WiMAX standards and is one of the first manufacturers to offer mobile WiMAX systems.[12]

Countries operating Alvarion equipment[edit]

Commercial development[edit]

In November 2010, Alvarion was chosen by the telecommunication company 4G Africa[18] to deploy 4G network in Cameroon.[19] 4G Africa has the main goal to reduce digital divide by providing selected Sub-Sahara countries with the newly established 4G technology to reduce digital divide.

Wireless communications company ArrayComm announced the commercial availability of base stations from Alvarion using ArrayComm advanced beamforming software. ArrayComm officials said "using this technology, operators are able to see substantial improvement in system capacity, throughput, and range-yielding greater revenue from the investment in wireless infrastructure.[20]"

Alvarion announced it will supply base stations and related services to India cell phone carrier Bharat Sanchar Nigam for a 4G wireless broadband network. Alvarion president and CEO Eran Gorev said "India has significant potential for wireless broadband, and this agreement further enhances our presence in the country." The project is worth an estimated $10 million.[21][22]

Municipal officials in Houston selected Alvarion to deploy a citywide 4G network. According to city authorities, the network will improve traffic safety and congestion through remote control of 2500 traffic intersections and 1500 school zone flashers. Alvaron's WiMax network will also remotely monitor 500,000 water meters, reducing costs and improving customer service.[23] The agreement includes free access to the 4G network for more than 300,000 residents in underserved, underprivileged communities.[24]

Alvarion CEO Eran Gorev said,

Over the years we’ve been following the needs of our municipal and government customers and our solutions in this field are state-of-the-art. We’ve learned how to help cities offer their residents fundamental and advanced services such as connectivity hotspots, personal security and online municipal services, while allowing them to control costs.[25]

In Oct 2010 Alvarion announced a 75 Million dollar deployment in Canada working with Xplornet Communications deploying 4Motion base stations, NMS and services to provide rural Broadband throughout the Country[26]

In May 2011, Alvarion launched 4G mobile networks in Mozambique and Uganda. The network will provide broadband connectivity to residential and business users as well as local municipalities. According to CEO Eran Gorev, Alvarion operates over 70 commercial 4G deployments in Africa.[27]

In June 2011, Winncom Technologies, a distributor of wireless broadband networking equipment and accessories, announced that it has extended its distribution agreement with Alvarion to cover the Eastern European, Russian, and CIS regions. Bernie Vaysenberg, director of Sales for Winncom, said "We are pleased to join forces with Alvarion to provide high-speed, reliable wireless broadband services to the Eastern European market."[28]

In June 2011, Dimension Data announced a partnership with Alvarion. Nicholas Shaw, general manager of Dimension's Advanced Infrastructure, described Alvarion's presence in Africa as "a strong support structure and services network on the continent." Shaw believes Alvarion will "bring connectivity to sites that fall outside of commercial networks or where fibre just isn't an option."[29]

In July 2011, Bandera Electric Cooperative announced it will deploy a 4G network from Alvarion to linemen and technical service personnel operating utility truck. The network will provide real-time information of the electric grid for BEC vehicles.[30]

In August 2011, Bloosurf, a broadband service provider in Maryland, chose Alvarion to deploy 4G wireless network that will serve the county and university campuses.[31][32]

In May 2012, a WiMAX network delivered by Alvarion to wireless broadband provider Skyline in Randers, Denmark, went bankrupt and was consequently closed down on June 30.[citation needed]


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