Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Original author(s), Inc.
Initial release September 25, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-09-25)
Development status Active
Operating system
Available in English
Type Virtual Private Server
License Proprietary software
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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a commercial cloud computing service that provides a virtual private cloud, allowing enterprise customers to access the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud over an IPsec based virtual private network.[1][2] For Amazon it is "an endorsement of the hybrid approach, but it's also meant to combat the growing interest in private clouds".[3]

Unlike traditional EC2 instances which are allocated internal and external IP numbers by Amazon, the customer can assign IP numbers of their choosing from one or more subnets.[4] By giving the user the option of selecting which AWS resources are public facing and which are not, VPC provides much more granular control over security.

AWS VPC is free. Users will only pay for the consumption of EC2 resources. However, if choosing to access VPC via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this has a charge. As with standard EC2 instances, users are able to purchase Reserved Instances, however VPC EC2 Reserved Instance discounts will not be applied to standard EC2 instances, as opposed to standard EC2 Reserved Instances which do apply to VPC instances.[citation needed]

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