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BMW M54 engine
BMW M54B25 002.jpg
Manufacturer BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
Production 2000–2006
Combustion chamber
Configuration Straight-6
Predecessor BMW M52
Successor BMW N52/N54

The BMW M54 is a straight-6 DOHC piston engine which replaced the M52 and was produced from 2000 to 2006. Compared with its M52 predecessor, the M54 features electronic throttle control.[1] The M54 uses an aluminium block and aluminium cylinder head with cast iron cylinder liners and like the technical updates variants of the M52, the M54 features variable valve timing for intake and exhaust valves.[2]

The E46 M3 is powered by the S54 engine series, which is an evolution of the S50B32, itself being based on the M50. It still features an iron block as opposed to the aluminum M54.


Engine Displacement Power Torque Redline Year Stroke Bore Compression
M54B22 2,171 cc (132 cu in) 125 kW (168 hp) @ 6100 rpm 210 N·m (155 lb·ft) @ 3500 6500 2000 72.0 mm (2.83 in) 80 mm (3.1 in) 10.8:1
M54B25 2,494 cc (152 cu in) 143 kW (192 hp) @ 6000 rpm 237 N·m (175 lb·ft) @ 3500 6500 2000 75.0 mm (2.95 in) 84 mm (3.3 in) 10.5:1
M54B30 2,979 cc (182 cu in) 170 kW (228 hp) @ 5900 rpm 300 N·m (221 lb·ft) @ 3500 6500 2000 89.6 mm (3.53 in) 84 mm (3.3 in) 10.2:1
S54B32 3,246 cc (198 cu in) 256 kW (343 hp) @ 7900 rpm 365 N·m (269 lb·ft) @ 4900 8000 2001 91.0 mm (3.58 in) 87 mm (3.4 in) 11.5:1


The 2,171 cc (132 cu in) M54B22 produces 125 kW (168 hp) at 6100 rpm and 210 N·m (150 lb·ft) of torque at 3500 rpm.[3]



The M54B25 is a 2,494 cc (152 cu in) engine with an 84 mm (3.3 in) bore and 75 mm (3.0 in) stroke. Output is 143 kW (192 hp) at 6000 rpm and 237 N·m (175 lb·ft) of torque at 3500 rpm.[4]



At 2,979 cc (182 cu in), the M54B30 is the largest M54 engine. The extra capacity is achieved using an increased stroke of 89.6 mm (3.5 in). Power is 170 kW (230 hp) at 5,900 rpm and torque is 300 newton metres (220 lb·ft) at 3,500 rpm.[5] There was also a slightly more powerful version of the M54B30 that could be ordered as part of the M Performance package in Canada or the Performance package in the USA. This engine used different camshafts and reprogrammed engine management to develop 175 kW (235 hp) at 5,900 rpm and 301 newton metres (222 lb·ft) at 3500 rpm and have a slightly higher redline of 6800 RPM(although the Canadian cars still show the limiter at 6500 rpm on the tachometer)[6][7]

The M54B30 was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list through 2001-2003.[8]



BMW S54 engine

The S54 is the high performance version of the M50 and was used in the E46 M3, Z3 M Coupé / Roadster, and the E85 Z4 M Roadster / E86 M Coupe.

The S54 is technically an evolution of the iron-block S50B32. It shares few major components with the S50 and differences include:[citation needed]

  • Increased cylinder bore to 87 mm (from 86.4 mm) for a new total displacement of 3,246 cc (from 3,201 cc)
  • Modified camshafts
  • High pressure Double VANOS continuously variable valve timing system with faster operation at high rpm
  • Increased compression to 11.5:1 (from 11.3:1)
  • More advanced BMW/Siemens MSS 54 engine management control
  • Finger-type rocker arms for reduced reciprocating mass and friction
  • One-piece aluminum head casting for lighter weight
  • Scavenging oil pump to maintain pressure during heavy cornering



S54 B32HP[edit]

The upgraded S54 engine used in the E46 M3 CSL, officially designated S54 B32HP, has a high flow carbon fiber air intake, modified valve and camshaft timing, and a retuned DME using a MAP sensor instead of the MAF sensor found in a standard M3.[1] However, the engine is further modified in order to reduce weight – it features a lightweight exhaust manifold (made standard on late models of the normal M3) and thinner exhaust piping. Additionally, the intake and exhaust manifolds are slightly straightened to improve engine responsiveness.[10]

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