Bitter Suites to Succubi

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Bitter Suites to Succubi
Cover art by John Coulthart
EP by Cradle of Filth
Released 22 May 2001
Recorded New Rising Studios, Peldon, England, February–April 2001
Genre Extreme metal
Length 49:34
Label Abracadaver (Europe)
Spitfire (US)
Producer Doug Cook
Cradle of Filth chronology
Bitter Suites to Succubi
Lovecraft & Witch Hearts
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2.5/5 stars[1]
Chronicles of Chaos 7.5/10[2]
Exclaim! favourable[3]

Bitter Suites to Succubi is an EP by English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. It was released on 22 May 2001, through the band's own Abracadaver label. This would be the last studio release to feature guitarist Gian Pyres and long-term bassist Robin Eaglestone.


According to frontman Dani Filth, Bitter Suites to Succubi is a "transitional mini album; essentially an EP",[4] bridging the gap between Midian and Damnation and a Day while the band negotiated their label change from Music for Nations to Sony Records. It features six new compositions (two of which are instrumentals), but is bolstered to album-length with three reworkings of songs from The Principle of Evil Made Flesh ("The Principle of Evil Made Flesh", "Summer Dying Fast" and "The Black Goddess Rises") and a cover of The Sisters of Mercy's "No Time to Cry". It was the band's first release on their own Abracadaver label.

Uniquely in the band's canon, it features exactly the same band members as the previous album.

"Dinner at Deviant's Palace" features a recording of Paul Allender's son reading The Lord's Prayer played backwards.


The Special Edition features a teaser for the video for "Born in a Burial Gown" as ROM content, along with a trailer for Cradle of Fear and a "Gallery of the Grotesque" (containing the sleeve art).

The special edition's track listing misspells "Scorched Earth Erotica" as "Scorched Earth Erotics". Early copies of the CD subtitled "The Black Goddess Rises II" with "Ebon Nemesis".

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Dani Filth, all music composed by Cradle of Filth (Filth, Gian Pyres, Paul Allender, Robin Eaglestone, Martin Powell, Adrian Erlandsson), except "No Time to Cry" written by Andrew Eldritch, Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams and Gary Marx.

No. Title Length
1. "Sin Deep My Wicked Angel"   2:23
2. "All Hope in Eclipse"   6:39
3. "Born in a Burial Gown"   4:46
4. "Summer Dying Fast"   5:21
5. "No Time to Cry" (The Sisters of Mercy cover) 3:22
6. "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh"   4:49
7. "Suicide and Other Comforts"   6:57
8. "Dinner at Deviant's Palace"   2:59
9. "The Black Goddess Rises II"   7:22
10. "Scorched Earth Erotica"   4:56


Cradle of Filth[edit]

Guest/session musicians[edit]

  • Kian Rulten-Allender – voice
  • Libitina Grimm – cello


  • Doug Cook - producer, engineer, mixing
  • Ray Staff - mastering


Year Chart Position
2001 Top Independent Albums (USA)[5] 11
Finnish Albums Chart[6] 17
Heatseekers Albums (USA)[5] 18
Austrian Albums Chart[7] 36
German Albums Chart[8] 45
UK Albums Chart[9] 63
GfK Dutch Chart[10] 73
French Albums Chart[11] 89