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Cast of JAG

This is an overview of the regular and recurring characters of long-running series JAG.

Note: All ranks are those shown and/or stated by the end of the series.


Regular cast[edit]

Captain Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr., USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by David James Elliott.

A Naval aviator who became a JAG lawyer after being diagnosed with night blindness. His father was shot down over Vietnam and was listed as MIA, with Harm's attempts to find him forming the plots of several episodes. He became strong friends with Mackenzie, and through the seasons their relationship grew through the years. Towards the end of the series the pair acknowledged that they were in love with each other. By the series finale, Harm and Mac became engaged to be married and would continue to live in either San Diego or London, based on who won a coin flip based on where they had been promoted to. He was promoted three times during the series' run, being first introduced in the pilot episode as a Lieutenant to ending with the rank of Captain in the series finale. Rabb was a Lieutenant Commander and Commander for most of the series' run.

Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, USMC (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Catherine Bell.

A Marine lawyer, who later became Chief of Staff under Chegwidden and Cresswell, partnered with "Harm" and became his best friend and constantly dealt with "whatever" it was between the two officers. "Mac" had the gift of gab and great tenacity in the courtroom for justice but somehow always had trouble with the men in her life. She had a terrible childhood with her abusive alcoholic father and a mother who abandoned her on her 15th birthday. Suffered from alcoholism but sobered up and joined the Marine Corps at age 19. She dealt with her past in Season 4's episodes, "Mr. Rabb Goes To Washington" and "People v. Mac" and "Second Sight." For three seasons, Mac was a Major. She was promoted once in the series' run from Major to Lieutenant Colonel. She was also promoted from JAG Lawyer to JAG Chief of Staff, the second in command under Chegwidden and later Cresswell, despite the fact that Rabb was the senior JAG officer. She was a Lt.Col. most of the series.

Lieutenant Commander Budrick "Bud" Roberts Jr., USN (JAGC)[citation needed][edit]

Played by Patrick Labyorteaux.

Originally an Ensign in charge of Public Affairs at USS Seahawk, who later became a JAG lawyer.

He had a younger brother, Mikey (Michael Bellisario) who had aspirations of being an artist before being accepted into the Naval Academy, and eventually became a radar and gunnery technician. They had a complex relationship with their father, "Big Bud" Sr. (Jeff MacKay), a retired Master Chief, who was borderline abusive when they were children, perhaps due to the strain of having to raise them himself after the death of their mother. Mentioned having a sister named "Winnifred" or "Winnie" in Season 2 but she was never shown. He lost his right leg when he accidentally stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, but went through rehabilitation and was not only allowed to remain the Navy, but given a promotion at the end of Season 9. Bud was promoted three times during the series' run, first from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade; secondly from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant; and lastly from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander. Both Harm and Mac thought the world of Bud, and in the series finale both of them all but begged Bud to join them in their new commands; Bud politely turned them both down because his wife wanted him and their family to stay in the D.C. area. Bud was a Lieutenant most of the series.

Lieutenant Harriet Simms, USN[edit]

Played by Karri Turner.

She replaced her future husband, Bud, as official in charge of Public Affairs at USS Seahawk and later became part of the administrative staff at JAG HQ. She comes from a wealthy family that did not approve of her joining the Navy. Harriet is happy go-lucky and gets along with almost everyone, especially Harm and Mac. She was a vital part in the JAG "family." Harriet gave birth to A.J. in 1999, but lost her daughter, Sarah, during her delivery in 2000. Since then, Harriet has given birth to a boy (James Kirk Roberts) and then to twins, giving her and Bud four children. Harriet was promoted twice during the series' run, firstly from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and lastly from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant.

Commander Peter Ulysses "Sturgis" Turner, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Scott Lawrence.

A good friend and former Naval Academy classmate of Harm, and a great rival in the courts. He served on submarines before becoming a lawyer. Son of a Baptist Navy Chaplain. Sturgis and Harm play hoops and fix cars together. Categorically refused to get involved in 'the soap opera' of Harm and Mac's relationship/or lack thereof. Had an on-and-off relationship with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham, and later found love with Varese Chestnut, a jazz singer. Fell into a funk that impaired his relationships with the JAG personnel in Season 8, and his friendship with Harm suffered when he was interim head of JAG after ADM Chegwidden's retirement.

Major General Gordon "Biff" Cresswell, USMC (JAGC)[edit]

Played by David Andrews. Season 10, 17 episodes.

The last JAG in the series, he succeeded RADM A.J. Chegwidden upon his retirement in 2004. He was a very tough leader who also showed a low-key sense of humor and eventually won over the JAG officers.

Legalman First Class Jennifer "Jen" Coates, USN[edit]

Played by Zoe McLellan. Seasons 7-10, 63 episodes.

A girl with a conflicted past, Coates came from an unhappy home with a very strict and unforgiving father; it was implied her father was physically abusive to her. Originally a client of Rabb's and a Electronics technician (United States Navy), she was accused of abandoning her position, for which she was up for court martial. After spending a Christmas Day with the JAG officers.[1] Coates decided to "straighten up." She served her time in the brig, then changed her rating to that of a legalman. She was assigned to the USS Seahawk shortly before LT Roberts was assigned to the ship as JAG officer; t.[2] She was later reassigned to JAG Headquarters, continuing as a legalman and as Admiral Chegwidden's personal assistant. She became a valued member of the team. One of her old "friends" nearly framed her for murder before Harm and the D.C. police proved she was innocent.

When Harm becomes the foster dad to Mattie Grace, and needs a larger apartment for them to live in, he persuades Coates to move into the two-bedroom apartment next door so that Mattie can live there with her. (Coates had difficulties with her 4-5 female roommates; Harm inveigled Coates to be Mattie's roommate by paying Mattie's expenses – though his original offer was to pay all costs for both Coates and Mattie. Harm wanted Coates for Mattie's roommate as he felt that Mattie, being a teenager, would need a female role model.

Rear Admiral Albert Jethro "A.J." Chegwidden, USN, Retired (JAGC)[edit]

Played by John M. Jackson, Season 1-9, 193 episodes.

He was a no-nonsense, gruff CO and former Navy SEAL but always had his "people's" back. When he announced his retirement, the JAG staffers were legitimately sad to be losing his leadership and friendship. In Season 3, he showed slight romantic interest in Mac but their friendship and UCMJ implications caused them to nip it in the bud. A.J. became the father figure for many of the JAG staff. He had an Italian ex-wife and daughter who were featured in a kidnapping plot in the Season 4 episode "Going After Francesca." He loved baseball and once mentioned he was drafted by the Cleveland Indians, but declined a contract in order to serve his country during wartime. He was nominated for a seat on a high-level civilian court but turned it down after being confronted with the unethical positions of the Congressman who nominated him.

Lieutenant, Junior Grade Megan "Meg" Austin, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Tracey Needham. Season 1.

Austin was the second partner to LT Harmon Rabb, replacing LT JG Caitlin Pike. By the middle of the first season, Meg is promoted to Lieutenant, but her promotion ceremony is never seen. NBC cancelled the series then when CBS picked it back up she was replaced by Lt.Col. Sarah MacKenzie.

Main Recurring Characters[edit]

Commander Caitlin "Kate" Pike, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Andrea Parker. Seasons 1,5. 6 episodes.

She appeared in the following episodes: 1-2 "Pilot", 8 "Brig Break" & 21 "Ares" and season 6 episode 10 "Touch and Go".

Harm's first partner. She was reassigned but she later returned as a guest star in three episodes (actress Andrea Parker left the series to star in The Pretender). She and Harm were kind of attracted to each other, and had a "weekend" together, but it fell apart when they realized it was just a thoughtless fling. She turned up in Season 6 when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a high-ranking officer; the officer admitted he had tried to kiss her and apologized for doing so, and she forgave him but felt bad that his career was ruined. She also confronted LT Singer about leaking the information on the case, saying Singer did NOT have her forgiveness. Pike is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Law School.[3]

Rear Admiral Albert "Al" Brovo, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Kevin Dunn. Pilot episode.

The first Judge Advocate General of the Navy in the series, with a weird sense of humor. His aide, CDR Theodore Lindsey, was often the butt of his jokes.

Commander Theodore "Teddy" Lindsey, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by W. K. Stratton. Seasons 1, 7-8, 13 episodes.

He was ADM Brovo's assistant (and often the butt of his jokes) and briefly served as acting Judge Advocate General in between ADM Brovo and the arrival of Admiral Chegwidden. He was not kept on the staff at JAG headquarters by ADM Chegwidden and was appointed as an aide to the Secretary of the Navy, Alexander Nelson. It was later revealed that the Admiral had no confidence in his abilities, and A.J. in fact made a point of denying Lindsey a promotion at a Season 6 Review Board. Nelson's successor, Edward Sheffield, appointed Lindsey to audit JAG headquarters, and he came with the aim of revenge, not only of the JAG personnel but against ADM Chegwidden, who had prevented him from reaching his rank of Captain.

Lindsey recommended that most of the senior staff be reassigned.[4] However, when his bias was revealed, his report was disregarded by SECNAV as a "hatchet job" and he was fired from the staff, forcing him to resign in disgrace.

Before he was deployed to USS Seahawk (to replace LT Roberts as JAG officer), CDR Lindsey had engaged in an extramarital affair with LT Loren Singer, who attempted to blackmail him when she became pregnant. After receiving $5,000 from Lindsey, Singer slipped on ice and hit her head on a roadway bridge railing. CDR Lindsey thought about calling for an ambulance but then decided to throw her over the bridge into the river and attempted to frame CDR Harmon Rabb for the crime. Rabb was subsequently charged with murder but was cleared when NCIS Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo and Vivian Blackadder found the real culprit. It was revealed during the interrogation of Lindsey that he was not the father of LT Singer's baby. CDR Lindsey pleaded out to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in Fort Leavenworth.[5]

Captain (later Rear Admiral) Thomas "CAG" Boone, USN, Retired[edit]

Played by Terry O'Quinn. Seasons 1-8, 10 episodes.

Friend and colleague of Harm's father whom Rabb saves from court martial several times. He was on the mission where Harm's father was shot down. His first appearance on the show was as the CAG aboard the USS Seahawk. ADM Thomas Boone had a long and distinguished career in the United States Navy, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral and was considered for promotion to Vice Admiral. However, due to allegations of war crimes he committed in Vietnam in 1968, he was subsequently court-martialed. Although he was acquitted of the charges, he requested retirement from the U.S. Navy and was never promoted to Vice Admiral. He later returned to active service briefly after 9/11 as an advisor to the Secretary of the Navy during a crisis involving a U.S. plane that had made an emergency landing in China, retiring for the second and final time around Christmas of 2002.

Commander Alison Krennick, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Andrea Thompson. Seasons 1 & 9, 7 episodes.

Harm's direct superior in the first season and Admiral Chegwidden's second-in-command after his introduction.

Her first appearance was as the Navy prosecutor in the first court-martial against CAPT Thomas Boone, after he shot down a Serbian Mil Mi-24 Hind without authorization. She came back in the following episode as deputy to the newly appointed JAG, RADM A.J. Chegwidden. Through the end of Season 1, she played a seduction game with Harm (a clear violation of military protocols, since she was his direct superior).

She returned as a guest star in season 9, in which an alternate version of Krennick had risen to the rank of Rear Admiral and was now Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

SecNav Alexander Nelson[edit]

Played by Paul Collins. Seasons 1-8, 32 episodes.

Secretary of the Navy. Often clashed with ADM Chegwidden and his staff over political issues, but often came across as a decent man under unbearable stress levels. Was forced to resign in the aftermath of the near-catastrophic Al-Qaeda attack against the USS Seahawk (thwarted by Harm, Mac, Sturgis, Bud, LT Singer, and ADM Chegwidden).

Petty Officer First Class Jason Tiner, USN[edit]

Played by Chuck Carrington. Seasons 2-9, 102 episodes.

Chegwidden's Yeoman, described by Adm. Chegwidden as the best assistant he'd ever had. He has a half-brother, Edward Proxy, a gay man who once accused GySGT Galindez of gay-bashing.[6] Tiner was often part of comic relief in JAG HQ. He left early in season 9 after graduating from law school and being accepted into OCS.

Special Agent Clayton Webb[edit]

Played by Steven Culp. Seasons 2-10, 41 Episodes.

A CIA agent who initially claimed to be from the State Department. He also claimed to have served in the Adjutant General's Corps during the First Persian Gulf War. He later became a rival and sometimes an ally of JAG, achieving the position of Deputy Director Counter Intelligence. Webb was often intimidated by an angry ADM Chegwidden when his operations got Harm and/or Mac in a jam. He and Mac were briefly married under cover. His real relationship with Mac ended when he faked his own death (not for the first time) and Mac decided she could not deal with the deceptions involved in his work anymore.

Lieutenant Loren Singer, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Nanci Chambers. Seasons 5-8, 40 episodes.

An ambitious JAG advocate. Singer was consumed by her continual efforts to further her career at the expense of those around her. She often clashed with the other characters; Harm did not trust her, Mac was aghast at having to prosecute a case on which Singer was lead attorney and Turner said he would never work with her again after she falsely claimed to be Jewish in order to influence a case involving a Marine who converted to Judaism and then went AWOL to serve in the Israeli army. However, she assisted Harm successfully in the trial of Admiral Tom Boone. Especially praised was an episode in which Singer attacked Harriet by using the death of Harriet's baby Sarah to discredit her testimony in court. In a later episode, however, Harriet got her revenge by punching out Singer.[7] It was strongly implied that Singer had been abused when she was a child.

That may be the reason for her only possible recorded moment of compassion. In the episode "Redemption" an abusive father was granted joint custody of his daughter. However the child's mother went missing with her. The father then stormed into JAG saying that his ex-wife had been seen leaving her home in the company of a "blonde female officer". At first it was thought Harriet was the one, but later suspicions fell on Singer. She did not confirm it but did not deny it either, leaving the certainty ambiguous.

She had affairs with Rabb's half-brother Sergei Zhukov, CDR Theodore Lindsey and a third unidentified man who was the father of her baby. Shortly after, Singer was murdered,[8] with suspicion falling on Rabb, who was eventually cleared (the two-part story detailing the investigation into Singer's murder was used as the pilot for the spin-off series NCIS). Her real murderer was later revealed to be Lindsey, who had framed Rabb for the murder.

Actress Nanci Chambers, the real life wife of series star David James Elliott, also played the assassin in Season 2's "Washington Holiday" and the USO entertainer, Jojo, in the Season 5 episode, "Ghosts of Christmas Past".

Midshipman Third Class Michael "Mikey" Roberts, USNA[edit]

Played by Michael Bellisario. Seasons 3-10, 29 episodes.

Bud's younger brother. Throughout Season 3 he was repeatedly pressured to join the Navy by his father and Bud often stood up to their father regarding Mikey's future. Although initially conflicted over his career path, he enlisted and later entered the Naval Academy. He was charged with dereliction of duty after a CIWS gun malfunction on the USS Wake Island, and Bud led the review team that cleared him of any wrongdoing. He briefly dated Gunnery Sergeant Galindez's younger sister, Valerie, much to the Gunny's displeasure. By the end of the series, he was dating Cammie, General Gordon Cresswell's daughter. Mikey later told Bud that he was genuinely in love with Cammie and aimed to make the relationship permanent.

Bellasario also played a man in a boat in Season 1's "Pilot" and a pizza delivery boy in Season 3's "Ghost Ship" and had a brief recurring role as lab assistant Charles "Chip" Sterling in JAG spin-off NCIS.

Congresswoman Roberta "Bobbi" Latham[edit]

Played by Anne-Marie Johnson. Seasons 3-7, 17 episodes.

A Congresswoman with interest on women's rights and occasional romantic interest of Harm. She later dated CDR Turner for a while despite a disastrous beginning.[9] She tended to take a hard and often critical line towards the military, especially on cases involving the V-22 Osprey and an ambush in Sierra Leone, but was also shown to be fair-minded.

She is mentioned to have grown up on the "streets of Detroit" and graduated from Yale Law School first in her class.[10]

Lieutenant Commander Michael "Mic" Brumby, CSC, RAN[edit]

Played by Trevor Goddard. Seasons 4-7, 42 episodes.

A Royal Australian Navy officer who came to JAG in an exchange program. Mic was frequently called "Bugme" by Harm. In Australia, he and Rabb even came to blows over Mac. This was later cleared up by ADM Chegwidden and Brumby's commanding officer in a "non-judicial punishment," after Brumby and Harm were responsible for breaking Bud's jaw in two places. Neither Mic nor Harm were allowed to leave the warehouse that the Admiral placed them in until they were both in the same amount of pain they inflicted on Bud. Mac and Mic later became engaged and he decided to go into private practice, which often made him go against JAG in court. He finally left for Australia when he realized Mac was in love with Harm. He was last seen in Dulles Airport with one last look at Mac as she tried to stop him from leaving. Brumby was later reported to have returned to his naval career.

Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez, USMC[edit]

"We wanted another character who was not an officer and we also wanted a Hispanic. There are a lot of Hispanics in the Marines and Navy. It was time they were represented."

Donald P. Bellisario on creating the character.[11]

Played by Randy Vasquez. Seasons 5-9.

A Gunnery Sergeant ("Gunny") who Mac recruited for JAG.

Prior to serving with JAG, he served as an infantry Marine before he decided to leave the military for civilian life. He was then sheriff's deputy in his home state of New Mexico until he was injured and fell into alcohol abuse. His friend Manny saved him and Gunny later reenlisted. Gunny once intervened to separate Manny from another man in a fight and he found himself accused of gay-bashing, but it was later made clear that he did not support Manny's homophobic views. The gay man, Edward Proxy, was the half-brother of PO Tiner, who was a key witness of the defense. He was absolved by a military judge, but an ambitious prosecutor tried him in a civilian court. RADM Chegwidden defended him and he was absolved in that case as well.[6]

Following the events of 9/11, he was moved from JAG Headquarters at his own request to take a more active role in the War on Terror. His next appearance came late in season 7, when Mac, Harm, and Webb again worked with him in the episodes leading up to the attack on the USS Seahawk. He stated that he had been placed with a forward operating unit because they wanted someone with investigative experience to help "hunt down Bin Laden and Company." He fell in love with a woman that his unit had been using as a contact inside local fundamentalist circles, and was devastated when she was killed in a U.S. airstrike. He became a key figure in Harm's rescue of Mac and Webb in Paraguay.

He and Tiner were often put at odds with each other, most notably when both were vying for the attention of ADM Chegwidden, when they, along with Bud, were attempting to get tickets for a Limp Bizkit concert. Gunny won out, having received comp tickets, while Tiner lost out to Bud in an online auction (Bud ended up paying $300 for the tickets). Another time was during the JAGathon, when Gunny and Tiner had both placed a "friendly" wager to see who would cross the finish line first; unfortunately, neither one crossed, Tiner breaking two ribs, and Gunny spraining his ankle. However, when push came to shove, they would have each other's backs. When Gunny was ordered to appear in court for several unpaid parking tickets, Tiner defended him, getting him off by having him pay for only the current one.

Sergeant Sergei Zhukov (Russian Army)[edit]

Played by Jade Carter. Seasons 6-8, 10 episodes.

Harm's Russian half-brother, the son of Harmon Rabb, Sr. and a Siberian peasant woman. A Sergeant in the Russian Army, he first met Harm when he was accused of selling weapons to Chechen separatists. Later he fell prisoner in Chechnya but was saved by Clayton Webb, who exchanged two trucks of wheat for him, and brought him to the U.S. on Christmas Eve. During his stay in the U.S. he had an affair with LT Loren Singer. His citizenship application was held up because the DNA tests were inconclusive, and he returned to Russia. He later returned for 48 hours to introduce Harm to his fiancée, Galina Borkova, and said (accurately as it turned out) that he believed Singer's claim that he wasn't her child's father.[12]

SecNav Edward Sheffield[edit]

Played by Dean Stockwell. Seasons 8-10, 11 episodes.

The second United States Secretary of the Navy in the series. Sheffield was formerly a U.S. Senator, as depicted in another of Donald Bellisario's TV series, First Monday. He assigned CDR Lindsey to audit the JAG due to political pressure.[4] He was forced to study Lindsey's report due to its harshness and told ADM Chegwidden to study the report and defend himself. He finally rejects the accusations, in great part due to the glowing report of LCDR Tracy Manetti, whom he placed undercover to be his eyes and ears in the JAG HQ.[12] He agreed to go on trial in the Season 9 episode "People v. SECNAV" when a U.S. attack on terrorists in Iraq caused civilian fatalities and led to war crimes charges at The Hague; he was found not guilty of those crimes, but the U.S. was ordered to pay $20 million in compensation for damages.

Dean Stockwell appeared in two of Donald Bellisario's other TV series, First Monday (in which he played the same Sheffield character, but as a U.S. Senator) and Quantum Leap (in which he played Navy Admiral Al Calavicci).

Professor Meredith Cavanaugh[edit]

Played by Isabella Hofmann. Seasons 7-9, 18 episodes.

Meredith Cavanaugh was the last romantic interest of Admiral A. J. Chegwidden in the series. They met when she went to JAG headquarters to meet with Col. MacKenzie, but he thought she was another attempt at matchmaking from his subordinates. He later learned that Col. MacKenzie wanted to speak with her about a course she wanted her "little sister" Chloe to attend and he apologized. They bonded over their common interest for Shakespeare.[13] They got engaged, but after Meredith cheated on the admiral, he ended the engagement and her character disappeared from the show.

Matilda "Mattie" Grace Johnson[edit]

Played by Hallee Hirsh. Seasons 9-10, 17 episodes.

"Owner" of crop-dusting business who briefly employed the then unemployed Rabb, between his stint with the CIA and his return to JAG. Estranged from her alcoholic father, who was driving the night her mother died in a car accident, she became a foster daughter to Rabb until reuniting with her father. She later learned that her father was not drunk during the accident, because he was not arrested afterwards and under Virginia law he would have been automatically sent to jail if he'd been legally intoxicated. A biplane accident left her possibly paralyzed for life and her father relapsed into alcoholism. In the series finale, she insists that Harm take his assignment in London, as Harm awaits the ruling of the custody hearing. The two insist on sticking together and Harm promised to help her rehabilitate from her injuries.

Other Recurring Characters[edit]

Commander Beth O'Neil, USN (Later CIA)[edit]

Played by Mary Page Keller. Season 8-9, 3 episodes.

A former Naval Aviator accused of sexual harassment, whom Harm and Manetti were assigned to defend in Season 8. Upon her revelation that she is a lesbian, Harm's doubts about her innocence were set aside and she was found innocent of the charges. She later joined the CIA and was Harm's partner during his stint with the agency.

Stuart Dunston (ZNN Reporter)[edit]

Played by John D'Aquino. Season 6-10, 11 episodes.

A war reporter whose tendency to get into the heart of the action often got him in trouble. He both helped and hindered the main cast in various episodes, most notably when he kept ADM Chegwidden from being courtmartialed with some info he was able to dig up. However, he also found himself often the brunt of a JAG investigation, example: During a mission, in which he was brought along as an observer, he inadvertently caused the SEAL team he was with to walk into an ambush that was set up by his aide back in Washington. Dunston later changed his plea from not guilty, to guilty, when he found out what actually happened. He would then make a formal apology to every member of the SEAL team, and made a public apology to the world. He also once reported on the injury of Bud even before Bud's wife Harriet was informed of the full details, causing ADM Chegwidden to slightly lose his cool.

Commander John Flagler, USN[edit]

Played by Tom Amandes. Seasons 4, 6-7. 3 episodes.

A Navy submarine captain who reluctantly helps Harm and Mac with investigations involving a boat he commanded.

Special Agent Vivian Blackadder, NCIS[edit]

Played by Robyn Lively. Season 8, 2 episodes.

A former FBI Agent who appeared in the two-part NCIS pilot that was aired as two JAG episodes, Viv joined NCIS solely for the purpose of exacting revenge against those responsible for the USS Cole bombing, which killed her brother, Rex. Her constant desire for revenge and obsession with getting on the kill team that would go after the group often drew Gibbs's ire who insisted that NCIS would not be used as Viv's own personal instrument of revenge. In the second episode, "Meltdown", she and DiNozzo, having solved the case of who had killed LT Singer although Viv had originally been convinced that Harmon "Harm" Rabb was truly guilty until DiNozzo proved otherwise, joined Gibbs on an anti-terrorist operation that took place in Rota, Spain, but Viv's recklessness and inability to obey orders blew the operation, although all the terrorists were either killed or arrested. Her final fate is not known but it's implied that Blackadder either returned to the FBI of her own accord or was fired from NCIS for good.

Due to an overwhelmingly negative reaction from test audiences, the Blackadder character was dropped from the series and as such, Robyn Lively was released from her contact. Lively was eventually replaced by Sasha Alexander who played former Secret Service-turned-NCIS-Special Agent Caitlin Todd when the show went into regular production.

Allen Blaisdell[edit]

Played by Dan Lauria. Seasons 2-8, 5 episodes.

Harm's direct supervisor while he was attached to the CIA, an easy-going guy who once flew for Air America during the 1960s and '70s, and seems to find working for the CIA well suited to his background. He very reluctantly fired Harm from the CIA after Harm was filmed by a TV crew (unbeknownst to him), which was against CIA regulations.

Dan Lauria also appeared as "Boy's father" in the Season 1 episode "Survivors".

Dalton Lowne, Attorney at Law[edit]

Played by Larry Poindexter. Season 3, 7 episodes.

Mac's boyfriend, who convinced her to quit JAG and join his law firm. Mac ended both their professional and personal relationships when he used information from her files during a military case. Harm often referred to him as "Lowne as in Clown." He was later shot and killed when it was thought he was stalking Mac, though it was revealed that an obsessive police officer had framed him as a stalker and then murdered him.

Master Chief Petty Officer Budrick J. 'Big Bud' Roberts, Sr., USN, Retd.[edit]

Played by Jeff MacKay. Seasons 3-10, 10 episodes.

Bud and Mikey's father. Though he genuinely loved his sons, he had a strained relationship with them, due to his being sometimes abusive towards them when they were children, perhaps on account of the stress of having to raise them by himself after their mother's death. He lived alone in a trailer park and was not above the occasional money-making scheme, getting into trouble in one episode and having to be defended in court by Bud Jr. He came out of retirement when the Navy began recalling retired officers to deal with a personnel shortage. After trying to weasel his way out of service, Big Bud pleasantly surprised Bud by agreeing to an assignment in Georgia to help train naval supply personnel for the war in Iraq. There were at least two occasions in which he helped Harm or Bud Jr. on cases, most notably when Mikey was charged with murder in Mexico. Big Bud helped by pretending to be shot by a "robber" (the robber being Gunny Galindez), so Harm could get information out of a witness.

Commander Amy Helfman, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Jennifer Savidge. Seasons 6-8, 21 episodes.

Amy Helfman is a member of the JAG corps, assigned to the judiciary (as a judge). She is a fair-minded individual who often winds up listening to Harm's legal arguments on many occasions and tries to make sure that both sides present proper arguments, and is interested in making sure that justice and truth prevail when she presides on the bench.

Lieutenant Commander Tracy Manetti, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Tamlyn Tomita. Season 8, 7 episodes.

She was assigned to JAG by request of SecNav Edward Sheffield and she was Harm's partner for seven episodes in season eight. As it turned out, she was Sheffield's eyes and ears in the JAG and her glowing report made him reject CDR Lindsey's accusations against the JAG. She took a class on profiling and was assigned to join Harm on an investigation of murders in Europe that were connected to the Navy. She was reassigned two weeks later.[12] Manetti's Asian/Italian heritage threw Rabb at first, believing that she was divorced, however, after working with her in Naples, he comes to find out that Manetti is fluent in Italian, meaning that she was never married. Her past is summed up in her first meeting with Harm that she grew up on a tobacco farm in Virginia, and that her brothers, all lawyers, aren't exactly greeted warmly when they come home, because they are involved in lawsuits against the tobacco companies.

Lieutenant Commander Teresa Coulter, M.D. USNR (MC)[edit]

Played by Trisha Yearwood. Seasons 3-7, 7 episodes.

A Navy coroner and forensic specialist who aids JAG on several cases. She developed feelings for Rabb which were not returned. She was furious with Harm when he reopened the case of her mom's death, which had been ruled a homicide by her violent father, but forgave him when the evidence showed that her mom had committed suicide.

Midshipman 4th Class Cameron 'Cammie' Cresswell, USNA[edit]

Played by Danneel Harris. Season 10, 2 episodes.

Daughter of Maj.Gen. Gordon Cresswell; had a flirtatious relationship with Mike Roberts.

Dora Cresswell[edit]

Played by Mel Harris. Season 10, 2 episodes.

The wife of General Cresswell.

Lieutenant Elizabeth 'Skates' Hawkes, USN[edit]

Played by Sibel Galindez. Seasons 2-7, 9 episodes.

F-14 Radar Intercept Officer who has flown with Harmon Rabb, Jr. on many occasions, and has had her life saved by Harm in the episode "Crossing the Line". She brought F-14 flight manuals to Harm thus assisting him to transition from JAG to that of a Naval Aviator. In episode, "Adrift II" she helped Harm regain his consciousness by "jumping his bones". In a previous episode, when she was brought up on Dereliction of Duty charges, she threatened to resign her commission. However, she was eventually cleared of the charges. She also flew as his RIO when they provided CAP over the Super Bowl.

Annie Pendry[edit]

Played by Daphne Ashbrook. Seasons 1-3, 5 episodes.

The wife of Harm's best friend, a pilot who died in a plane crash caused by systems error. She and Harm dated, but after Harm got her son (whom she adamantly did not want to be a pilot) onto a tiger cruise that was hijacked by terrorists, she broke up with him.

Renee Peterson[edit]

Played by Cindy Ambuehl. Seasons 5-8, 24 episodes.

A director of videos and documentaries who met Harm while filming a Navy recruitment commercial. She grew jealous of Harm and Mac's friendship (maybe more) and called Harm on it. She grew frustrated by his lack of answers; Harm's refusal to commit seriously to her and the return of Renee's great love of her life spelled the peaceful end of their time together. She later sent Harm a postcard revealing she was pregnant with twins (in real life, Cindy Ambuehl also gave birth to twins).

A.J. Roberts[edit]

Played by Jake Milkovich. Seasons 5-7, 10 episodes.

Also known as "Baby A.J." by the JAG staff, the Son of Harriet and Bud Roberts. Named after A.J. Chegwidden, who delivered the baby in his office. Unknown to Admiral Chegwidden, "Baby A.J." is just A.J., rather than Albert Jethro; Bud and Harriet wanted to honor the Admiral with their name choice, but blanched at what "A.J." spelled out.

Captain Johnson, USN[edit]

Played by Scott Paulin. Season 8, 7 episodes.

Captain of the USS Seahawk. Did not like LT Singer at all and tried to have her charged for conduct unbecoming after finding out she was pregnant. He later planned to resign his commission but was talked out of it by Harm. A hard-driving and fair leader.

CIA Deputy Director Harrison Kershaw[edit]

Played by Jameson Parker. Seasons 8-9, 4 episodes.

Hired Harm to work as a CIA pilot in Season 9 when Harm's Navy career was (at the time) absolutely over and done with.

Chloe Madison[edit]

Played by Mae Whitman. Seasons 4-7, 8 episodes.

Mac's "little sister". She was reunited with her real father thanks to Mac and the JAG staff.

Lieutenant Gregory Vukovic, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Chris Beetem. Season 10, 8 episodes.

Wise-ass young officer who joined the JAG staff later in the series and clashed with just about everyone. Did show a lot of intelligence and guile in his efforts. Continually tried to get Mac interested in him, much to her aggravation (and Harm's). Harm and Mac made it clear they would not be asking him to join them in their new posts, but Harm also said that the Lieutenant had the makings of a good officer once he grew up.

Lieutenant Tali Mayfield, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Meta Golding. Season 10, 3 episodes.

Lieutenant Alfred Aldridge, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by A.J. Tannen. Seasons 5-6, 8 episodes.

Seahawk JAG, assumed position from LT Bud Roberts. Date for LT Singer on many occasions.

Master Sergeant Tom Androvich, USMC[edit]

Played by Matt Sigloch. Seasons 1-10, 14 episodes.

Former Marine, served with Marine One Helicopter Unit. Extra in Man of Steel with Shaquille O'Neal, brief scene as man in coveralls at railroad tracks. Extra in Flintstones Movie dance sequence.

Chief Petty Officer Ned Bannon, USN[edit]

Played by Glenn Morshower. Seasons 1-6, 5 episodes.

Colonel Clifford Blakely, USMC (JAGC)[edit]

Played by John DeMita. Seasons 6-10, 14 episodes.

Recurring JAG officer assigned to the judiciary.

Patricia 'Trish' Burnett[edit]

Played by Christina Pickles. Seasons 3 & 6, 3 episodes.

Harm's Mother. Often asked him about Mac. Was both saddened and relieved when the full story of Harmon Rabb Sr.'s capture in Vietnam and later, brave death in defense of a Russian family was discovered by her son.

Captain Richard Carey, USN[edit]

Played by Richard McGonagle. Season 9, 6 episodes.

Recurring JAG officer assigned to the judiciary.

Admiral Drake, USN[edit]

Played by John Roselius. Seasons 1-7, 6 episodes.

Mark Falcon (aka Major Sokol) (Russian FSB/SVR)[edit]

Played by Rex Linn. Seasons 3-6, 8 episodes.

Russian KGB agent who had a thing for Mac. Helped Harm find his father.

Submarine Captain[edit]

Played by Rex Linn. Season 1, 5 episodes.

Lieutenant Colonel John Farrow, USMC[edit]

Played by Ben Murphy. Seasons 3-8, 4 episodes.

Former CO to Lt.Col. Mackenzie, revered in the Corps when he defied stupid orders and saved Marines who were being held captive and then being executed by a Haitian warlord. Had a brief affair with Mac, which was revealed in Season 4 episode "People v. Mac." He acknowledged he still held a flame for her, which Mac quickly squashed. However, the two are shown together in the alternative season 9 episode "What If?"

Catherine Gale, CIA (Attorney At Law)[edit]

Played by Laura Putney Season 8-9, 5 episodes.

Agent who first crossed paths with the JAG folks over a 1968 case involving a lost submarine. Later told Harm where Mac was in Paraguay, in exchange for a fake wedding for her dying mother (who miraculously recovered later).

Commander Carolyn Imes, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Dana Sparks. Seasons 3-9, 9 episodes.

First appearing in "People v. Rabb", Imes was one of the regular background characters. She was a good lawyer for JAG, but never passed the bar exam, which was discovered in Season 9.

Captain Tobias Ingles, USN[edit]

Played by Gary Graham. Seasons 2-7, 6 episodes.

Captain of the USS Patrick Henry. Disliked Harm at first, but grew to respect him.

Gary Graham also played Harm's former mentor, CAPT Hochausen, in the season 3 episode "Blind Side"

Lieutenant Commander Alan Mattoni, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Rif Hutton. Seasons 3-6, 15 episodes.

A fellow JAG officer who commonly worked as opposing counsel to the main cast. Often appeared as smug and frequently was chaired with LT Singer.

Rear Admiral Stiles Morris, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Harrison Page. Seasons 3-8, 22 episodes.

Judge who had a silent grudge against Harm for shooting up his courtroom in Season 2.

Special Agent Clark Palmer[edit]

Played by Peter Murnik. Seasons 3-6, 7 episodes.

A former member of a shadowy D.O.D. group named D.S.D. (Defense Security Division), who became a rogue operative and Harm's bête noire, trying to kill him on numerous occasions. His last attempt to do so tacked on a huge amount of jail time to his already impressive sentence and he wasn't seen again on the series after that.

Francesca Paretti[edit]

Played by Giuliana Santini. Season 3-4, 5 episodes.

RADM Chegwidden's daughter. She spent time in Italy as a fashion writer, but had run-ins with the JAG crew on occasion. Showed apparent interest in Harm but he always changed the subject (due to her relation to the Admiral and his "thing" with Mac).

Lieutenant Commander Jordan Parker, M.D. USN (MC)[edit]

Played by Susan Haskell. Seasons 4-6, 8 episodes.

Jordan dated Harm for a year. She cornered Mac in MacMurphy's at a JAG wetdown and told her of her worries about her impact on their relationship. Broke up with Harm over his return to flying. Later killed in Season 6, leaving Harm, Mac, and LCDR Coulter to find the killer, who turned out to be the disturbed wife of a Marine.

Captain 'Skipper' Ross, USN[edit]

Played by Bill Bolender. Seasons 1-4, 5 episodes.

CAPT Ross is the Commanding Officer of USS Seahawk.

Captain Owen Sebring, USN (JAGC)[edit]

Played by Corbin Bernsen. Seasons 5-9, 8 episodes.

Tough but fair judge who served over the tribunal of an Al-Qaeda leader who plotted the 9/11 attacks. Later accused of accidentally killing a young mother's baby during a car crash, but Harm and Mac found out he was innocent and the case was dismissed. Although this was the finding, he retired after the trial.

Daniel 'Danny' Walden[edit]

Played by Sean Murray. Seasons 4-6, 6 episodes.

Son of Dr. Sydney Walden, RADM A.J. Chegwidden's girlfriend. Joined the Navy at A.J.'s insistence, instead of receiving probation for his many misdeeds.

Murray later appeared in the NCIS episode 1x07 "High Seas" as Agent Timothy McGee, and became a regular character from season 2 onwards, becoming one of the core team.

Dr. Sydney Walden, M.D.[edit]

Played by Cynthia Sikes. Seasons 5-6, 8 episodes.

Love interest of ADM A.J. Chegwidden. She had a grown-up son, Danny Walden. But she later broke up with Chegwidden following Danny's illicit use of the Admiral's car, because she never believed that her son did anything wrong despite Chegwidden's claims.

Mrs. Porter Webb (National Security Agency, retired)[edit]

Played by Claudette Nevins. Seasons 2-10, 7 episodes.

Mother of CIA Agent Clayton Webb. Saved Mac's life in Season 10 episode "Hail and Farewell Part II".

Chief Petty Officer Jeb Stuart Wildins, USN[edit]

Played by Guy Garner. Season 2, 5 episodes.

Lieutenant Catherine Graves[edit]

Played by Jordana Spiro. Season 10, 3 episodes.

Judge Laura Delany[edit]

Played by Meg Wittner. Season 2, 7 episodes.

Judge Delany was a love interest of ADM Chegwidden, and was often seen at his home. She was killed by a mine meant for the Admiral, causing him to hunt down the person responsible. Judge Delany was in the process of divorcing her husband when she and the Admiral started their love affair.

Captain Henry Delario (JAG judge)[edit]

Played by Kent McCord. Seasons 3 & 5, 3 episodes.

A rather middle-of-the-road judge, who often heard cases involving the main characters.

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