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This article is about Children's Hospital Oakland. For other similarly named hospitals, see Children's Hospital (disambiguation).
Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland
Location Oakland, California, United States
Coordinates 37°50′15″N 122°16′03″W / 37.837492°N 122.267484°W / 37.837492; -122.267484
Care system All
Emergency department Level I trauma center
Beds 191
Founded 1912
Lists Hospitals in California

Children's Hospital Oakland, full name Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, is a children's hospital in Oakland, California. It is the only independent children’s hospital in the northern part of the state and is designated a Level I pediatric trauma center.[1] It has an affiliated research organization, the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, or CHORI, and is involved in research and treatment for a variety of children's health issues, such as pediatric obesity, cancers, sickle cell disease, AIDS/HIV, hemophilia and cystic fibrosis.[2]


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