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Oakland Fire Department (OFD)
Operational Area
Country United States
State  California
City Oakland
Agency Overview
Established March 13, 1869
Annual calls 55,555 (2013)
Employees ~420
Staffing Career
Fire chief Teresa Deloach Reed[1]
Facilities & Equipment
Divisions 1
Battalions 3
Stations 25
Engines 24
Trucks 7
Rescues 1
EMS Level ALS First Responder
Airport crash 3

The Oakland Fire Department (OFD) provides fire protection and first responder Emergency Medical Services to the city of Oakland, California, United States. Organized in 1869,[2] the Oakland Fire Department responds to approximately 96,000 emergency calls annually, on average, with over 80% being emergency medical services calls. The Oakland Fire Department is also an accredited local fire academy.[3]

Thirteen firefighters throughout the history of the OFD have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Oakland Fire Department has also partnered with State Farm Insurance to replace fixed security bars on windows with models incorporating a release (lessening entrapment deaths in fires).[4]


The proud men and women of the Oakland Fire Department are committed to providing the highest quality and highest level of courteous and responsive services to the citizens of Oakland. This is accomplished by implementing comprehensive strategies and training in fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical services, and all risk mitigation, including: human-caused and natural disasters, emergency preparedness, 9-1-1 services and community-based fire services.[5]


The Oakland Fire Department is currently organized into 5 divisions of operations: Fiscal and Administration Services Division, Emergency Management Services Division, Medical Services Division, Fire Prevention and Support Services Bureau, and the Field Operations Division.[6]

Fiscal and Administration Services[edit]

The Oakland Fire Department, Fiscal and Administration Services Division provides administrative support and leadership for the entire department. All payroll, policy, human resource, budgeting and administrative functions are conducted at Fire Administration. This division is commanded by the Chief of Staff, Cynthia Perkins.[7]

Medical Services[edit]

The Oakland Fire Department, Medical Services Division is an integral component of critical pre-hospital care in the community. Almost 80% of the emergency calls that the Oakland Fire Department responds to are medical in nature. That is why all members of the Oakland Fire Department are certified Emergency Medical Technicians and there is a full complement of Paramedics at each station. Together with other emergency care providers, the Oakland Fire Department is committed to providing fast, reliable, and professional medical care in every situation presented.[8]

Fire Prevention and Support Services[edit]

The Fire Prevention Bureau is primarily responsible for fire safety education, fire cause determination, inspection of high hazard occupancies, fire code enforcement, hazardous materials regulation, and vegetation management. The Bureau provides plan checking services that assure the incorporation of proper life safety standards, as well as code compliance, in all new construction in the city. The Administration Unit of the Oakland Fire Prevention Bureau provides support services to all FPB units as well as customer service for the following program areas. Within this bureau are also the Public Education Division, the Training and Support Services Division, and the Fire Communications and Information Technology Division.[9]


It is the goal and purpose of Training and Support Services to provide premium quality training programs and opportunities to the members of the Oakland Fire Department and to the Fire Service Community. By being proactive in the areas of firefighter safety, utilizing modern training techniques and maintaining the highest level of ethical and professional standards, the Oakland Fire Department will be known as a leader in Public Safety. This division is commanded by a Battalion Chief.[10]

Fire Communications and Information Technology[edit]

The Oakland Fire Department Dispatch Center (FDC) is located in downtown Oakland and is a critical component of emergency coordination and response. The FDC receives approximately 60,000 emergency calls for service annually, 47,000 of which are medical emergencies. All Dispatchers are trained Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) and may be required to give callers CPR or other emergency medical instructions. Dispatchers answer a total of 175,000 telephone calls per year. EMDs also dispatch for the Public Works Agency after hours and on weekends.[11]

Special Operations[edit]

The City of Oakland contains a diverse set of building types, commercial facilities, industrial uses and special hazards. Oakland has a busy international port and airport, sports complexes, high rises, interstate freeways, tunnels, and a rapid transit system to name a few. In order to respond to any and all emergencies that may arise within the City of Oakland, the Oakland Fire Department has a diverse set of special operations resources prepared to respond.[12]


The OFD operates out of 25 Fire Stations, located throughout the city and the airport.[13]

The Operations Division of the Oakland Fire Department responds to any and all needs of the Oakland community with professionalism, expertise, and dynamic training.[14]

Fire Apparatus Profile (2014)[edit]

Frontline Fire Companies[edit]

  • 24 Engine Companies (E1, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E10, E12, E13, E15, E16, E17, E18, E19, E20, E21, E23, E24, E25, E26, E27, E28, E29)
  • 7 Truck Companies (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7)
  • 1 Heavy Rescue Company (HR1)

Command Units and Chiefs[edit]

  • 3 Battalion Chief's Units (B2, B3, B4)

Special and Support Units[edit]

  • 1 Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat.) Unit (HM4)
  • 7 Brush Patrol Units (P6, P7, P21, P23, P25, P26, P28)
  • 1 Fire Investigation Unit (FIU1)
  • 1 Foam Unit (FU1)
  • 1 Air Van (AV1)
  • 3 Marine Rescue Boats (MB1, MB2, MB3)

Spare and Reserve Units[edit]

  • 2 Spare Engines (E317, E326)

Fire Station Locations and Apparatus[edit]

Below is a complete listing of all OFD Fire Station and Company locations according to Battalion.

Engine Company Truck Company Special Unit Chief Battalion Address Neighborhood
Engine 1 Truck 1 Heavy Rescue Unit 1 Battalion 2 2 1603 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Uptown
Engine 3 Truck 3 Fire Investigation Unit 1, Haz-Mat. Unit 4, Foam Unit 1 2 1445 14th St. Prescott
Engine 4 Truck 2 4 1235 International Blvd. East Lake
Engine 5 2 934 34th St.
Engine 6 Patrol 6 4 6080 Colton Blvd. Montclair
Engine 7 Patrol 7 2 1006 Amito Dr. Claremont
Engine 8 Truck 5 4 463 51st St. Temescal
Engine 10 2 172 Santa Clara Ave. Grand Lake
Engine 12 Water Rescue Unit 1, Marine Boat 1, Marine Boat 2, Marine Boat 3 2 822 Alice St. Chinatown
Engine 13 4 1225 Derby Ave. Hawthorne
Engine 15 Truck 4 2 455 27th St.
Engine 16 4 3600 13th Ave. Glenview/Lower Hills
Engine 17 Engine 317(Spare) Battalion 4 4 3344 High St. Maxwell Park
Engine 18 Truck 6 3 1700 50th Ave. Fremont
Engine 19 Air Van 1 4 5766 Miles Ave. Rockridge
Engine 20 Truck 7 Battalion 3 3 1401 98th Ave. East Oakland/Elmhurst
Engine 21 Patrol 21 3 13150 Skyline Blvd. Skyline/Hillcrest
ARFF Crash Rescue Units 3 751 Air Cargo Rd. Airport
Engine 23 Patrol 23 3 7100 Foothill Blvd.
Engine 24 4 5900 Shepherd Canyon Rd. Montclair/Shepherd Canyon
Engine 25 Patrol 25 4 2795 Butters Dr.
Engine 26 Patrol 26, Engine 326(Spare) 3 2611 98th Ave. Toler Heights
Engine 27 3 8501 Pardee Dr.
Engine 28 Patrol 28 3 4615 Grass Valley Rd. Chabot
Engine 29 3 1016 66th Ave. Coliseum

Other Facilities[edit]

Fire Headquarters is also located in the 2nd Battalion, at 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

The OFD's EMS Division is also located in the 2nd Battalion, at 100 Jack London Sq., the former quarters of Engine 2 and the Fireboat.

Closed/Disbanded Fire Companies/Budget Cuts[edit]

The Seawolf, OFD's fireboat, was placed out of service in 2004 and Station 2 was closed as a fire station amid budget cuts. It currently houses the department's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division at the dock next to the USS Potomac (AG-25).


Structure Fire Response Guidelines[edit]

  • 1st/Box Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines(1 for R.I.C.)
    • 1 Truck
    • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 2nd Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Truck
    • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 3rd Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Truck
    • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 4th Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Truck
  • 5th Alarm Assignment:
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Truck


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