Christianity in the Comoros

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Christianity in the Comoros is a minority religion. Roman Catholics in the Comoros are about 4,300 (0.5% of the population). Protestants are about 1,678 persons (0.25% of the population). In 2006 four persons were detained in the town of Moroni in the Comoros. The constitution guarantees religious liberty. Christians are not allowed to witness publicly. They are subject to the denial of many civil rights. Christians are subject to societal disadvantage. There are foreign religious groups, that give humanitarian action. They do not engage in prozeliytizing however. Religious groups do not have the duty to register.

A law states that who preaches another religion to Muslims, is subject to both a prison sentence and a fine. On Ngazidja Christian liberty is greater than in other parts of the Comoros. There is a Roman Catholic church in Moroni, on the island of Ngazidja. Another Roman Catholic church is in Mutsamudu. There is a Protestant church in Moroni. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (2nd edition), Volume 1, p. 208 there is at least one congregation of both Seventh Day Adventists and the reformed Eglise de Jésus Christ aux Comores.[verification needed]

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