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Joost Posthuma rides the 2008 Paris-Roubaix, one of the classic cycle races.

The classic cycle races are one-day professional cycling road races in the international calendar. Most of the events, all run in western Europe, have been fixtures on the professional calendar for decades and the oldest ones date back to the 19th century. They are normally held at roughly the same time each year. In the last few years, the five most revered races are sometimes described as the 'Monuments'.

For the 2005 to 2007 seasons, the Classics formed part of the UCI ProTour run by the Union Cycliste Internationale. This event series also included various stage races including the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a España, Paris–Nice and the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré, and various non-Classic one-day events. The ProTour replaced the UCI Road World Cup series which contained only one-day races. Many of the Classics, and all the Grand Tours, were not part of the ProTour for the 2008 season because of disputes between the UCI and the ASO, which organizes the Tour de France and several other major races.

The Classics[edit]

Professional races commonly regarded by the UCI as Classics:[citation needed]

Spring classics[edit]

  • Milan – San Remo (Italy) – the first true Classic of the year, its Italian name is La Primavera (the spring), this race is normally held on the Sunday closest to the first day of spring. First run in 1907.
Cobbled classics
  • Gent–Wevelgem (Belgium) – the first of the "Spring Classics", first held in 1934.
  • E3 Harelbeke (Belgium) – first held in 1958.
  • Tour of Flanders (Belgium) – Vlaanderens mooiste ("Flanders's most beautiful") is normally raced in early April. First held in 1913. Known in English as the "Tour of Flanders" and in Flemish/Dutch as "de Ronde van Vlaanderen".
  • Paris–Roubaix (France) – La Reine ("Queen of the Classics") or l'Enfer du Nord ("Hell of the North") is traditionally one week after the Tour of Flanders, and was first raced in 1896.
Ardennes classics
  • Amstel Gold Race (the Netherlands) – normally held in mid-April. First run in 1966, it is one of the three "Ardennes Classics."
  • La Flèche Wallonne (Belgium) – first run in 1936, Walloon Arrow is traditionally held mid-week between the Amstel Gold and Liège–Bastogne–Liège. Second "Ardennes Classic."
  • Liège–Bastogne–Liège (Belgium) – held in late April. La Doyenne, the oldest Classic, was first held in 1892. It is the third "Ardennes Classic."

Together, Milan – San Remo, the Cobbled classics and the Ardennes classics form the "Spring Classics", all held in March and April.

Summer classics[edit]

Fall/autumn classics[edit]

Season openers[edit]

Past Classics[edit]

Some past Classics are no longer run. These include:

The 'Monuments'[edit]

The Five Monuments of Cycling are generally considered to be the oldest and most-prestigious one-day events on the calendar.[1][2][3]

  • Milan – San Remo (Italy) – the first true Classic of the year, its Italian name is La Primavera (the spring), this race is held in late March. First run in 1907. Notable for being the sprinter's classic, this race is particularly long though mostly flat enabling sprinters to compete.
  • Tour of Flanders (Belgium) – also known as the Ronde van Vlaanderen, the first of the 'Spring Classics', is raced in early April. First held in 1913. Notable for the narrow cobbled hills (hellingen) which force the best riders to continually fight for space at the front.
  • Paris–Roubaix (France) – the "Queen of the Classics" or l'Enfer du Nord ("Hell of the North") is traditionally one week after the Tour of Flanders, and was first raced in 1896. Notable for its many long sections of pavé (cobblestones) making it the most unpleasant one day race.
  • Liège–Bastogne–Liège (Belgium) – late April. La Doyenne, the oldest Classic, was first held in 1892 as an amateur event; a professional edition followed in 1894. Notable for its many short sharp hills and so favouring climbers and even grand tour specialsts.
  • Giro di Lombardia (Italy) – also known as the "Race of the Falling Leaves", is held in October. Initially called the Milano–Milano in 1905, it became the Giro di Lombardia in 1907 and Il Lombardia in 2012 along with a new, earlier date at the end of September. It is notable as a climber's classic with a varied course and flat finish.

Only three riders have won all five 'Monument' one-day races during their careers: Roger De Vlaeminck, Rik Van Looy and Eddy Merckx, all three Belgians, and only Eddy Merckx won each of them more than once. With victories in all the other Monuments, Sean Kelly almost joined this group, finishing second in the Tour of Flanders on three occasions (1984, 1986 and 1987). Dutch rider Hennie Kuiper won each Monument, except Liège–Bastogne–Liège in which he finished second in 1980. The great French rider, Louison Bobet, also won all but the Liège–Bastogne–Liège. Belgian rider Fred De Bruyne also came close, finishing second in the Giro di Lombardia in 1955 and winning the other four races during his career. Germain Derycke also won four races, all except the Giro di Lombardia.

Most 'Monuments' wins[edit]

Cyclist Nationality First
M–S ToF P–R L–B–L GdL Total
Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx  Belgium 1966 1976 7 2 3 5 2 19
De Vlaeminck, RogerRoger De Vlaeminck  Belgium 1970 1979 3 1 4 1 2 11
Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo  Italy 1918 1928 6 3 9
Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi  Italy 1946 1954 3 1 5 9
Kelly, SeanSean Kelly  Ireland 1983 1992 2 2 2 3 9
Van Looy, RikRik Van Looy  Belgium 1958 1965 1 2 3 1 1 8
Bartali, GinoGino Bartali  Italy 1939 1950 4 3 7
Boonen, TomTom Boonen  Belgium 2005 2012 3 4 7
Cancellara, FabianFabian Cancellara   Switzerland 2006 2014 1 3 3 7
Pelissier, HenriHenri Pélissier  France 1911 1921 1 2 3 6
Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda  Italy 1925 1931 2 4 6
De Bruyne, FredFred De Bruyne  Belgium 1956 1959 1 1 1 3 6
Moser, FrancescoFrancesco Moser  Italy 1975 1984 1 3 2 6
Argentin, MorenoMoreno Argentin  Italy 1985 1991 1 4 1 6
Museeuw, JohanJohan Museeuw  Belgium 1993 2002 3 3 6
Belloni, GaetanoGaetano Belloni  Italy 1915 1928 2 3 5
Van Steenbergen, RikRik Van Steenbergen  Belgium 1944 1954 1 2 2 5
Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault  France 1977 1984 1 2 2 5
Bartoli, MicheleMichele Bartoli  Italy 1996 2003 1 2 2 5
Bettini, PaoloPaolo Bettini  Italy 2000 2006 1 2 2 5

Riders in blue are still active. Number of wins in gold indicates the current record holder(s).

List of 'Monuments' winners[edit]

Year Milan – San Remo Tour of Flanders Paris–Roubaix Liège–Bastogne–Liège Giro di Lombardia
1892 Not contested Not contested Not contested  Léon Houa (BEL) (1/3) Not contested
1893  Léon Houa (BEL) (2/3)
1894  Léon Houa (BEL) (3/3)
1895 Not contested
1896  Josef Fischer (GER)
1897  Maurice Garin (FRA) (1/2)
1898  Maurice Garin (FRA) (2/2)
1899  Albert Champion (FRA)
1900  Emile Bouhours (FRA)
1901  Lucien Lesna (FRA) (1/2)
1902  Lucien Lesna (FRA) (2/2)
1903  Hippolyte Aucouturier (FRA) (1/2)
1904  Hippolyte Aucouturier (FRA) (2/2)
1905  Louis Trousselier (FRA)  Giovanni Gerbi (ITA)
1906  Henri Cornet (FRA)  Giuseppe Brambilla (ITA)
1907  Lucien Petit-Breton (FRA)  Georges Passerieu (FRA)  Gustave Garrigou (FRA) (1/2)
1908  Cyrille van Hauwaert (BEL) (1/2)  Cyrille van Hauwaert (BEL) (2/2)  André Trousselier (FRA)  François Faber (LUX) (1/2)
1909  Luigi Ganna (ITA)  Octave Lapize (FRA) (1/3)  Victor Fastre (BEL)  Giovanni Cuniolo (ITA)
1910  Eugène Christophe (FRA)  Octave Lapize (FRA) (2/3) Not contested  Giovanni Michelotto (ITA)
1911  Gustave Garrigou (FRA) (2/2)  Octave Lapize (FRA) (3/3)  Joseph Van Daele (BEL)  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (1/6)
1912  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (2/6)  Charles Crupelandt (FRA) (1/2)  Omer Verschoore (BEL)  Carlo Oriani (ITA)
1913  Odile Defraye (BEL)  Paul Deman (BEL) (1/2)  François Faber (LUX) (2/2)  Maurits Moritz (BEL)  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (3/6)
1914  Ugo Agostoni (ITA)  Marcel Buysse (BEL)  Charles Crupelandt (FRA) (2/2) Not contested  Lauro Bordin (ITA)
1915  Ezio Corlaita (ITA) Not contested Not contested  Gaetano Belloni (ITA) (1/5)
1916 Not contested  Leopoldo Torricelli (ITA)
1917  Gaetano Belloni (ITA) (2/5)  Philippe Thys (BEL)
1918  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (1/9)  Gaetano Belloni (ITA) (3/5)
1919  Angelo Gremo (ITA)  Henri van Lerberghe (BEL)  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (4/6)  Leon Devos (BEL) (1/2)  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (2/9)
1920  Gaetano Belloni (ITA) (4/5)  Jules Van Hevel (BEL) (1/2)  Paul Deman (BEL) (2/2)  Léon Scieur (BEL)  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (5/6)
1921  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (3/9)  René Vermandel (BEL) (1/3)  Henri Pélissier (FRA) (6/6)  Louis Mottiat (BEL) (1/2)  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (4/9)
1922  Giovanni Brunero (ITA) (1/3)  Léon De Vos (BEL) (2/2)  Albert Dejonghe (BEL)  Louis Mottiat (BEL) (2/2)  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (5/9)
1923  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (6/9)  Heiri Suter (SUI) (1/2)  Heiri Suter (SUI) (2/2)  René Vermandel (BEL) (2/3)  Giovanni Brunero (ITA) (2/3)
1924  Pietro Linari (ITA)  Gérard Debaets (BEL) (1/2)  Jules Van Hevel (BEL) (2/2)  René Vermandel (BEL) (3/3)  Giovanni Brunero (ITA) (3/3)
1925  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (7/9)  Julien Delbecque (BEL) (1/2)  Félix Sellier (BEL)  Georges Ronsse (BEL) (1/2)  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (1/6)
1926  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (8/9)  Denis Verschueren (BEL)  Julien Delbecque (BEL) (2/2)  Dieudonné Smets (BEL)  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (2/6)
1927  Pietro Chesi (ITA)  Gérard Debaets (BEL) (2/2)  Georges Ronsse (BEL) (2/2)  Maurice Raes (BEL)  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (3/6)
1928  Costante Girardengo (ITA) (9/9)  Jan Mertens (BEL)  André Leducq (FRA)  Ernest Mottard (BEL)  Gaetano Belloni (ITA) (5/5)
1929  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (4/6)  Jef Dervaes (BEL)  Charles Meunier (BEL)  Alfons Schepers (BEL) (1/4)  Piero Fossati (ITA)
1930  Michele Mara (ITA) (1/2)  Frans Bonduel (BEL)  Julien Vervaecke (BEL)  Hermann Buse (GER)  Michele Mara (ITA) (2/2)
1931  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (5/6)  Romain Gijssels (BEL) (1/3)  Gaston Rebry (BEL) (1/4)  Alfons Schepers (BEL) (2/4)  Alfredo Binda (ITA) (6/6)
1932  Alfredo Bovet (ITA)  Romain Gijssels (BEL) (2/3)  Romain Gijssels (BEL) (3/3)  Marcel Houyoux (BEL)  Antonio Negrini (ITA)
1933  Learco Guerra (ITA) (1/2)  Alfons Schepers (BEL) (3/4)  Sylvère Maes (BEL)  François Gardier (BEL)  Domenico Piemontesi (ITA)
1934  Jef Demuysere (BEL)  Gaston Rebry (BEL) (2/4)  Gaston Rebry (BEL) (3/4)  Theo Herckenrath (BEL)  Learco Guerra (ITA) (2/2)
1935  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA) (1/2)  Louis Duerloo (BEL)  Gaston Rebry (BEL) (4/4)  Alfons Schepers (BEL) (4/4)  Enrico Mollo (ITA)
1936  Angelo Varetto (ITA)  Louis Hardiquest (BEL)  Georges Speicher (FRA)  Albert Beckaert (BEL)  Gino Bartali (ITA) (1/7)
1937  Cesare Del Cancia (ITA)  Michel D'Hooghe (BEL)  Jules Rossi (ITA)  Eloi Meulenberg (BEL)  Aldo Bini (ITA) (1/2)
1938  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA) (2/2)  Edgard de Caluwé (BEL)  Lucien Storme (BEL)  Alfons Deloor (BEL)  Cino Cinelli (ITA) (1/2)
1939  Gino Bartali (ITA) (2/7)  Karel Kaers (BEL)  Émile Masson Jr. (BEL)  Albert Ritserveldt (BEL)  Gino Bartali (ITA) (3/7)
1940  Gino Bartali (ITA) (4/7)  Achiel Buysse (BEL) (1/3) Not contested Not contested  Gino Bartali (ITA) (5/7)
1941  Pierino Favalli (ITA)  Achiel Buysse (BEL) (2/3)  Mario Ricci (ITA) (1/2)
1942  Adolfo Leoni (ITA)  Briek Schotte (BEL) (1/2)  Aldo Bini (ITA) (2/2)
1943  Cino Cinelli (ITA) (2/2)  Achiel Buysse (BEL) (3/3)  Marcel Kint (BEL)  Richard Depoorter (BEL) (1/2) Not contested
1944 Not contested  Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL) (1/5)  Maurice Desimpelaere (BEL) Not contested
1945  Sylvain Grysolle (BEL)  Paul Maye (FRA)  Jean Engels (BEL)  Mario Ricci (ITA) (2/2)
1946  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (1/9)  Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL) (2/5)  Georges Claes (BEL) (1/2)  Prosper Depredomme (BEL) (1/2)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (2/9)
1947  Gino Bartali (ITA) (6/7)  Emiel Faignaert (BEL)  Georges Claes (BEL) (2/2)  Richard Depoorter (BEL) (2/2)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (3/9)
1948  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (4/9)  Briek Schotte (BEL) (2/2)  Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL) (3/5)  Maurice Mollin (BEL)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (5/9)
1949  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (6/9)  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA) (1/3)  Serse Coppi (ITA)
 André Mahé (FRA)[4]
 Camille Danguillaume (FRA)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (7/9)
1950  Gino Bartali (ITA) (7/7)  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA) (2/3)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (8/9)  Prosper Depredomme (BEL) (2/2)  Renzo Soldani (ITA)
1951  Louison Bobet (FRA) (1/4)  Fiorenzo Magni (ITA) (3/3)  Antonio Bevilacqua (ITA)  Ferdinand Kübler (SUI) (1/2)  Louison Bobet (FRA) (2/4)
1952  Loretto Petrucci (ITA) (1/2)  Roger Decock (BEL)  Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL) (4/5)  Ferdinand Kübler (SUI) (2/2)  Giuseppe Minardi (ITA)
1953  Loretto Petrucci (ITA) (2/2)  Wim van Est (NED)  Germain Derijcke (BEL) (1/4)  Alois De Hertog (BEL)  Bruno Landi (ITA)
1954  Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL) (5/5)  Raymond Impanis (BEL) (1/2)  Raymond Impanis (BEL) (2/2)  Marcel Ernzer (LUX)  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (9/9)
1955  Germain Derijcke (BEL) (2/4)  Louison Bobet (FRA) (3/4)  Jean Forestier (FRA) (1/2)  Stan Ockers (BEL)  Cleto Maule (ITA)
1956  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (1/6)  Jean Forestier (FRA) (2/2)  Louison Bobet (FRA) (4/4)  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (2/6)  André Darrigade (FRA)
1957  Miguel Poblet (ESP) (1/2)  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (3/6)  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (4/6)  Germain Derijcke (BEL) (3/4)
 Frans Schoubben (BEL)[5]
 Diego Ronchini (ITA)
1958  Rik van Looy (BEL) (1/8)  Germain Derijcke (BEL) (4/4)  Leon Vandaele (BEL)  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (5/6)  Nino Defilippis (ITA)
1959  Miguel Poblet (ESP) (2/2)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (2/8)  Noël Foré (BEL) (1/2)  Fred De Bruyne (BEL) (6/6)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (3/8)
1960  René Privat (FRA)  Arthur De Cabooter (BEL)  Pino Cerami (BEL)  Albertus Geldermans (NED)  Emile Daems (BEL) (1/3)
1961  Raymond Poulidor (FRA)  Tom Simpson (GBR) (1/3)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (4/8)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (5/8)  Vito Taccone (ITA)
1962  Emile Daems (BEL) (2/3)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (6/8)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (7/8)  Jef Planckaert (BEL)  Jo de Roo (NED) (1/3)
1963  Joseph Groussard (FRA)  Noel Foré (BEL) (2/2)  Emile Daems (BEL) (3/3)  Frans Melckenbeeck (BEL)  Jo de Roo (NED) (2/3)
1964  Tom Simpson (GBR) (2/3)  Rudi Altig (GER) (1/2)  Peter Post (NED)  Willy Blocklandt (BEL)  Gianni Motta (ITA)
1965  Arie den Hartog (NED)  Jo De Roo (NED) (3/3)  Rik van Looy (BEL) (8/8)  Carmine Preziosi (ITA)  Tom Simpson (GBR) (3/3)
1966  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (1/19)  Edward Sels (BEL)  Felice Gimondi (ITA) (1/4)  Jacques Anquetil (FRA)  Felice Gimondi (ITA) (2/4)
1967  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (2/19)  Dino Zandegù (ITA)  Jan Janssen (NED)  Walter Godefroot (BEL) (1/4)  Franco Bitossi (ITA) (1/2)
1968  Rudi Altig (GER) (2/2)  Walter Godefroot (BEL) (2/4)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (3/19)  Walter Van Sweefelt (BEL)  Herman van Springel (BEL)
1969  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (4/19)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (5/19)  Walter Godefroot (BEL) (3/4)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (6/19)  Jean-Pierre Monseré (BEL)
1970  Michele Dancelli (ITA)  Eric Leman (BEL) (1/3)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (7/19)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (1/11)  Franco Bitossi (ITA) (2/2)
1971  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (8/19)  Evert Dolman (NED)  Roger Rosiers (BEL)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (9/19)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (10/19)
1972  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (11/19)  Eric Leman (BEL) (2/3)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (2/11)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (12/19)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (13/19)
1973  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (3/11)  Eric Leman (BEL) (3/3)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (14/19)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (15/19)  Felice Gimondi (ITA) (3/4)
1974  Felice Gimondi (ITA) (4/4)  Cees Bal (NED)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (4/11)  Georges Pintens (BEL)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (5/11)
1975  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (16/19)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (17/19)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (6/11)  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (18/19)  Francesco Moser (ITA) (1/6)
1976  Eddy Merckx (BEL) (19/19)  Walter Planckaert (BEL)  Marc Demeyer (BEL)  Joseph Bruyère (BEL) (1/2)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (7/11)
1977  Jan Raas (NED) (1/4)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (8/11)  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (9/11)  Bernard Hinault (FRA) (1/5)  Gianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) (1/2)
1978  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (10/11)  Walter Godefroot (BEL) (4/4)  Francesco Moser (ITA) (2/6)  Joseph Bruyère (BEL) (2/2)  Francesco Moser (ITA) (3/6)
1979  Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (11/11)  Jan Raas (NED) (2/4)  Francesco Moser (ITA) (4/6)  Dietrich Thurau (GER)  Bernard Hinault (FRA) (2/5)
1980  Pierino Gavazzi (ITA)  Michel Pollentier (BEL)  Francesco Moser (ITA) (5/6)  Bernard Hinault (FRA) (3/5)  Fons De Wolf (BEL) (1/2)
1981  Fons De Wolf (BEL) (2/2)  Hennie Kuiper (NED) (1/4)  Bernard Hinault (FRA) (4/5)  Josef Fuchs (SUI)  Hennie Kuiper (NED) (2/4)
1982  Marc Gomez (FRA)  René Martens (BEL)  Jan Raas (NED) (3/4)  Silvano Contini (ITA)  Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (1/2)
1983  Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (2/2)  Jan Raas (NED) (4/4)  Hennie Kuiper (NED) (3/4)  Steven Rooks (NED)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (1/9)
1984  Francesco Moser (ITA) (6/6)  Johan Lammerts (NED)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (2/9)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (3/9)  Bernard Hinault (FRA) (5/5)
1985  Hennie Kuiper (NED) (4/4)  Eric Vanderaerden (BEL) (1/2)  Marc Madiot (FRA) (1/2)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (1/6)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (4/9)
1986  Sean Kelly (IRL) (5/9)  Adri van der Poel (NED) (1/2)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (6/9)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (2/6)  Gianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) (2/2)
1987  Erich Mächler (SUI)  Claude Criquielion (BEL)  Eric Vanderaerden (BEL) (2/2)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (3/6)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (4/6)
1988  Laurent Fignon (FRA) (1/2)  Eddy Planckaert (BEL) (1/2)  Dirk Demol (BEL)  Adri van der Poel (NED) (2/2)  Charly Mottet (FRA)
1989  Laurent Fignon (FRA) (2/2)  Edwig van Hooydonck (BEL) (1/2)  Jean-Marie Wampers (BEL)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (7/9)  Tony Rominger (SUI) (1/2)
1990  Gianni Bugno (ITA) (1/2)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (5/6)  Eddy Planckaert (BEL) (2/2)  Eric van Lancker (BEL)  Gilles Delion (FRA)
1991  Claudio Chiappucci (ITA)  Edwig van Hooydonck (BEL) (2/2)  Marc Madiot (FRA) (2/2)  Moreno Argentin (ITA) (6/6)  Sean Kelly (IRL) (8/9)
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2006  Filippo Pozzato (ITA)  Tom Boonen (BEL) (3/7)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (1/7)  Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (1/2)  Paolo Bettini (ITA) (5/5)
2007  Óscar Freire (ESP) (2/3)  Alessandro Ballan (ITA)  Stuart O'Grady (AUS)  Danilo Di Luca (ITA) (2/2)  Damiano Cunego (ITA) (2/3)
2008  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (2/7)  Stijn Devolder (BEL) (1/2)  Tom Boonen (BEL) (4/7)  Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (2/2)  Damiano Cunego (ITA) (3/3)
2009  Mark Cavendish (GBR)  Stijn Devolder (BEL) (2/2)  Tom Boonen (BEL) (5/7)  Andy Schleck (LUX)  Philippe Gilbert (BEL) (1/3)
2010  Óscar Freire (ESP) (3/3)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (3/7)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (4/7)  Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ) (2/2)  Philippe Gilbert (BEL) (2/3)
2011  Matthew Goss (AUS)  Nick Nuyens (BEL)  Johan Vansummeren (BEL)  Philippe Gilbert (BEL) (3/3)  Oliver Zaugg (SUI)
2012  Simon Gerrans (AUS) (1/2)  Tom Boonen (BEL) (6/7)  Tom Boonen (BEL) (7/7)  Maxim Iglinsky (KAZ)  Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP) (1/2)
2013  Gerald Ciolek (GER)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (5/7)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (6/7)  Dan Martin (IRL) (1/2)  Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP) (2/2)
2014  Alexander Kristoff (NOR)  Fabian Cancellara (SUI) (7/7)  Niki Terpstra (NED)  Simon Gerrans (AUS) (2/2)  Dan Martin (IRL) (2/2)
2015  John Degenkolb (GER)

Only Eddy Merckx has been able to win three Monuments in a single year, but he did it four times:

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