Crescent Falls

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Crescent Falls
Crescent Falls 2007-06.jpg
Crescent Falls
Location Clearwater County, Alberta
Type Tiered
Total height 27 m (89 ft)
Number of drops 1
Longest drop 27 m (89 ft)

Crescent Falls are a series of two waterfalls located on the Bighorn River in west-central Alberta, Canada.

The falls are located a few kilometres upstream of the river's confluence with the North Saskatchewan River. A 4.5 kilometer (3 mi) long trail leads north from David Thompson Highway (between Abraham Lake and Nordegg) to the falls. The Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area is established immediately up-river from the falls.[1]

The waterfall is two-tiered and has a height of 25 metres (82 ft).[2]


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Coordinates: 52°23′14″N 116°21′15″W / 52.38722°N 116.35417°W / 52.38722; -116.35417 (Crescent Falls)