Curtis Bay, Baltimore

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Curtis Bay
Curtis Bay is located in Baltimore
Curtis Bay
Curtis Bay
Coordinates: 39°13′35″N 76°35′16″W / 39.2265°N 76.587778°W / 39.2265; -76.587778Coordinates: 39°13′35″N 76°35′16″W / 39.2265°N 76.587778°W / 39.2265; -76.587778
Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore

Curtis Bay is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The neighborhood is located in a highly industrialized waterfront area in the southern part of the city, and receives its name from the body of water in which it sits. Curtis Bay also offers a variety of housing, townhouses, rowhouses, individual homes, and corner bars.

Curtis Bay is home to the United States Coast Guard Yard.

There is a large Polish American community in Curtis Bay. The city hall, fire station, and meeting hall for Curtis Bay was constructed in 1905. In 1925, the United Polish Societies purchased the building and named it Polish Home Hall and it became central to the Polish experience in Curtis Bay, functioning as a social, educational, and political center for Curtis Bay's Polish community into the 1970s.[1]


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