Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition

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Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Channel Edition cover art.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Keen Games
Publisher(s) Konami
Series Dance Dance Revolution
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution DVD-ROM

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition is a home version of Dance Dance Revolution released in the United States. It was released by Konami on January 8, 2008 for the PlayStation 2 video game console. Unlike other DDR games, it was developed by Keen Games and not directly by Konami. It is the 4th Disney themed DDR game.


The core gameplay is mostly unchanged from other games in the series. The player is required to step his/her feet corresponding with arrows that appear on the screen. Arrows scroll from the bottom to the top of screen and pass through stationary arrows known as the step zone. When the arrows hit the zone, the player must step on the corresponding arrows on the dance platform, after which the player is judged based on their accuracy from performing the steps, ranging from "Marvelous!!" to "Boo". The player's life bar, known as the dance meter starts halfway full at the start of the song and will raise if the player hits the arrows correctly, while failure in hitting arrows will drain it. The game ends if the dance meter is completely drained. Additional arrow type include freeze arrow, which is a long green arrow that must be held until the tail reaches the step zone. An O.K. is awarded if the player manages to hit freeze arrow, while failure will net an N.G. (Not Good). At the end of the stage, the player is shown the statistic of the playthrough, as well as a letter grade based on the player's performance and score ranging from AAA (awarded if the player attains a perfect score) to E (awarded if the player fails the stage).

Other than normal gameplay, the game features a variety of other modes, including Workout Mode, which measures how much calories the player burn during their playthrough; Advanced Mode, which features pre-determined courses and an "endless" playthrough; and a battle mode that pits the player against A.I. in tug-of-war dance battles. Battle mode is essential in unlocking each character's alternate outfit.


*Misspelled as Lily Truscott


The game features a total of 40 songs, divided between two categories which can be toggled in the song wheel. The first category features licensed songs taken from various Disney Channel films and shows, including Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Jump In!, and The Cheetah Girls; however, all of them are cover versions. The second category consists of Konami in-house music selected from various other DDR games. All Disney Channel songs and three Konami Originals are available by default; the rest of the Konami Originals can be unlocked by passing songs in different difficulties.


Series Song
High School Musical Bop to the Top
Get'cha Head in the Game
I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
We're All in This Together
Hannah Montana Nobody's Perfect
Best of Both Worlds
This Is the Life
Who Said
Jump In! It's My Turn Now
It's On
Jump to The Rhythm
Push It to the Limit
Kim Possible Call Me, Beep Me! (Kim Possible Theme Song)
That's So Raven That's So Raven Theme Song
The Cheetah Girls Cheetah Sisters
Girl Power
Step Up
The Party's Just Begun
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Here I Am (Suite Life Theme Song)

Konami Originals[edit]

Song Title Artist
B4U This song must be unlocked NAOKI
Baile Le Samba This song must be unlocked Big Idea
Bongo! WaveGroup feat. Scott D.
CANDY☆ This song must be unlocked Luv unlimited
Dança de Yuka This song must be unlocked Big Idea
DoLL This song must be unlocked TЁЯRA
exotic ethnic This song must be unlocked RevenG
HIGHER This song must be unlocked NM feat. SUNNY
La Cucaracha This song must be unlocked Big Idea
Moment 40 This song must be unlocked Moshic
Monkey Punk This song must be unlocked Big Idea
My Only Shining Star NAOKI feat. Becky Lucinda
MY SUMMER LOVE This song must be unlocked MITSU-O! with GEILA
P.N. MAX (PARANOiA MAX) This song must be unlocked 190
Rock-a-billy Willy This song must be unlocked Big Idea
Sockem This song must be unlocked Steve Porter
Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic This song must be unlocked jun
There 4 you Thuggie D.
TOE JAM This song must be unlocked Big Idea


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