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David Doak (born 11 November 1967) is a Northern Irish video game designer. Originally from Belfast,[1][2] he later moved to England, where he studied at Oxford University on biochemistry specialty[3] and worked as a research scientist.[4] Doak began his video game career working with Rare where he provided network support for Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and helped develop the critically acclaimed GoldenEye 007[5] and Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64. His facial likeness and name were used for a non-player character in Goldeneye 007, a scientist named 'Dr. Doak'.

Doak later left Rare with video game composer Graeme Norgate to help start Free Radical Design. From there he worked on the hugely successful video game series TimeSplitters[6] and two other video games called Haze[7] and Second Sight.

Doak left Free Radical (which now is known as Crytek UK) in 2009 and set his own Nottingham-based studio Zinkyzonk, which would develop games for Facebook.[8] The company evolved from his defunct studio Pumpkin Beach.[9] Zinkyzonk released their first game, Gangsta Zombies, at 11 July 2010 in partnership with Jolt Online Gaming. The company was dissolved in April 2013.[10]