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Disney Channel
Launched April 5, 2001
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
Picture format 480i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Broadcast area Brazil
Headquarters California, United States
With studios on:[1]
São Paulo, Brazil
Formerly called Disney Weekend (1997–2001)
Sister channel(s) Disney XD
Disney Junior
ESPN Brasil
Website Official Website
SKY Brazil channel 94, 294 (HD)
Vivo TV (satellite) channel 319, 872 (HD)
Claro TV channel 98, 598 (HD)

channel 90, 590 (HD)

channel 114, 119 (HD) - novo satelite SES6
GVT TV channel 22
NET channel 102, 602 (HD)
Vivo TV (cable/fiber) channel 27, 327 (HD)

Disney Channel is an cable television channel and is an edition of the The Walt Disney Company-owned Disney Channel, broadcasting to Brazil. It is marketed to mostly children; however, in recent years the diversity of viewers has increased with an older audience. Disney Channel Latin America is operated by Disney & ESPN Media Networks Latin America and The Walt Disney Company Latin America Inc., which are owned by The Walt Disney Company (NYSEDIS). It started broadcasting in 2001 as a premium channel and it became a basic cable channel in 2004.

Chris Ross, president of Disney Channel Worldwide has stated that the channel might be launched on Digital Terrestrial Television someday soon.[2]


Series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and Disney Channel Original Series takes most of the schedule. Some non-original series are also aired, as January 2009 the non-original productions aired are Mortified, Life with Derek and The Fairly OddParents,e Floribella, A Kind of Magic, George of the Jungle and Um menino muito maluquinho. The Disney Junior no Disney Channel block airs daily from very early in the morning until 8:30am. On weekends, it ends at 10:00am. After the Disney Junior block, the cartoon block is aired, with cartoon series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation (as House of Mouse) and Disney Channel Original Series (as Lilo & Stitch: The Series, American Dragon: Jake Long, Kim Possible, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, The Replacements, The Emperor's New School, and Phineas and Ferb).

Once the cartoon block has ended, the Zapping Zone starts. It's an original production of Disney Channel Latin America, an its programming, hosts and schedules varies depending of the feed. The Zapping Zone can be consider the primetime of the channel. In the commercial pauses, some video clips from Disney Channel stars are aired.

Programming blocks[edit]

Zapping Zone[edit]

Disney Channel Brazil produces an original show called Zapping Zone where different hosts interact with the viewers with games and trivia. It is aired only on weekdays. They also give news about Disney Channel, the channel's series, upcoming Walt Disney Pictures films and new Disney Channel Original Movies. It's transmission is not live, and the viewers can call to participate in different games, all of them containing questions and trivia about Disney's films and series. Only for participating they can win T-shirts and caps, however if they win the awards include DVDs, soundtracks and video games of different Disney films and characters. It was first aired on July 27, 2000, and ended on October 26, 2012.

The hosts of the Zapping Zone present the series, Disney Channel Original Series that are aired in the block as a primetime. New episodes of animated and live-action series are often aired every weekday. New music videos or trailers also premiere in this block, introduced by the hosts. There are also blocks such as Contratempo, Metidas de Pata (Bloopers), and Sextas Xtremas (Xtreme Friday).


O Maravilhoso Mundo de Disney (Wonderful World of Disney) is the block after the Zapping Zone where different Walt Disney Pictures are aired. The block airs on weekdays. The early-afternoon weekday film block is named Cool After School. On weekends it's replaced with a Disney Cinemagic block. Movies are occasionally aired in Disney Junior.

It is followed by Filme Disney Channel (Disney Channel Movies), but this one airs Disney Channel Original Movies. It airs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays after Zapping Zone and sometimes any other weekday after Wonderful World of Disney. Some of the movies air on Rede Telecine before Disney Channel.


The summer special begins in December and ends in late February. It includes premieres of new films and television series episodes. For Halloween and Christmas the channel airs themed films and episodes of the shows.

The channel airs an original production. Viewers vote on the website for their favorite movies, episodes, and specials. The most voted ones are aired December 31. It is hosted by the cast of "Zapping Zone". There is a countdown and previews of new programs in the next year. It replaced the previous block "Popcorn".

Mouse, Câmera, Ação![edit]

Mouse, Câmera, Ação! (Mouse, Camera, Action!) its an event aired once a month where viewers can vote between three different movies, and the winner is aired at the end of the month. Viewers vote via the website, on mobile services, or on social media.

Other services[edit]


In July 2008 Disney updated "Disney Mobile" to Disney Mobile Studios where different services are available in the whole country. The users can download content from Disney Channel, Disney XD, Playhouse Disney Channel, Radio Disney and content from movies.


In 2009, Disney Channel was launched in HD. The schedule is the same as the original. However, there are no ads and all programs are shown in widescreen.[3]

Sister channels[edit]

Disney XD[edit]

Main article: Disney XD (Brazil)

Disney XD is a children's television channel brand owned by The Walt Disney Company broadcast in Brazil. It was previously known as Fox Kids and Jetix. The website launched on May 15, 2009 and the channel did on July 3, 2009.

Disney Junior[edit]

Disney Junior is a cable television channel and is a version of The Walt Disney Company-owned Disney Junior, broadcasting in Brazil. It is marketed to preschoolers. Disney Junior is operated by Disney & ESPN Media Networks Latin America and The Walt Disney Company Latin America, both of The Walt Disney Company. It was launched on June 1, 2008 as Playhouse Disney. On April 1, 2011 it was rebranded as Disney Junior.

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