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Florencia Bertotti starring as Florencia 'Flor' Fazzarino-Santillán Valente in the Argentine soap opera Floricienta.
Florencia Bertotti starring as Florencia 'Flor' Fazzarino-Santillán Valente in the Argentine soap opera Floricienta.
Created by Cris Morena
Starring See Cast and characters below
Opening theme Floricienta (1)
Corazones al Viento (2)
Florencia Bertotti
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 361
Running time 45 min
Original run 15 March 2004 – 2 December 2005
Followed by Patito Feo
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Floricienta (known in English as Cinderella) is an Argentine family friendly telenovela based on the Cinderella story. It originally aired from 2004 to 2005, but continues to be broadcast in almost 70 countries. Some international channels airing Floricienta are TVE International, Disney Channel Latino, and Disney Channel Europe. It is also available in the United Kingdom on the BSKYB satellite line-up.

The lead roles were portrayed by two-time Martin Fierro-Award winning actress Florencia Bertotti, and Juan Gil Navarro, Isabel Macedo and Benjamin Rojas. The show was created by Cris Morena and was produced by Cris Morena Group in association with RGB Entertainment.

The series become a global phenomenon for children and teens throughout Latin America, Israel and various parts of Europe. Floricienta has been compared with Hannah Montana since both were huge crossover acts, having enormously popular shows on television and selling out stadiums.

The telenovela spawned over 200 licensed products. The tour was attended by over 1 million people in Latin America and Israel including over 100 concerts in Teatro Gran Rex, ten shows in Luna Park stadium and four at Estádio Velez, all in Buenos Aires.

The show was adapted by Bandeirantes in Brazil (Floribella), SIC in Portugal, TVN in Chile, RCN Televisión in Colombia and Televisa in Mexico. In an interview with Radio 10, Cris Morena announced she sold the American rights for Disney.


When it seemed Cris Morena couldn't top her previous hits, she surprised again with Floricienta, which was her biggest hit since Chiquititas '98 in Argentina and her biggest international hit alongside Rebelde. The title, Floricienta, is a mix of Flor (the main character, Florencia, nickname) with Cenicienta (Cinderella).

Floricienta was a modern re-telling of Cinderella. The story was especially developed by Cris as a starring-vehicle for Florencia Bertotti which was cherry-picked by the producer.[1]

There are a few similarities between the show and another Cinderella modern re-telling, the movie A Cinderella Story such as the Converse sneakers instead of the glass slipper but the movie and the show were in production at the same time (Floricienta premiered on Canal 13 in May 2004 while the movie debuted in the USA in July).

Floricienta was critically acclaimed for its fun storyline and dialogues, creative editing and post-production and the charisma of the main actress, Florencia Bertotti, and became the biggest licensing brand in Argentina in 2004 and 2005. Over 300 licensed products were available during the shows two-years run and even Floricienta branded apples were put on market.[2]

Floricienta started with 14 points in its first episode and by the first season finale the show achieved ratings of over 30 points with the death of Federico at the end of the first season, being the biggest Cris Morena produced hit in history, even topping Chiquititas 98 ratings. The first season was the highest-rated afternoon-slot show in Canal 13 history.[3]

After the huge twist in the end of the first season, many fans of Federico didn't liked how the story turned out after his death and drifted away from the show. The ratings for the second season suffered because of that but the show continued to be huge and won its time-slot. The TV show ended with Floricienta marriage in front of a huge live audience and the finale was also a hit, with 25 points.

Floricienta, as most Cris Morena productions, had huge Broadway style live musical in Teatro Gran Rex during the Winter vacations. Demand for tickets were extremely high with some concerts selling out in less than five minutes. In 2004, to satisfy the demand, the cast played two concerts at Estádio Velez Sarsifield with over 80.000 people attending.

In 2005, another musical was done and it was also a huge success with tickets selling out in minutes. Because of this, eight extra shows were played in Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires. After the show ended, the complete cast (with the exception of Fabio DiTomassio who pulled out after disagreements with the production company) waved goodbye in front of 40.000 people at another sold out concert at Vélez Sársfield stadium. The musical was also presented in Rosario, La Plata and Mar del Plata.

The two Floricienta albums were also very successful, with the first album being the third best-selling album in 2004 and the 10th best-selling album in 2005 and with the album from the second season being the biggest seller in 2005 according to CAPIF.

Floricienta was also a huge phenomenon in most of Latin-America where it was aired by broadcast channels and at the Disney Channel, where it was as popular as the American shows such as Hannah Montana and That's So Raven. While Rebelde was, without a doubt, Cris' biggest hit in Latin America, Floricienta was the first original CMG production that achieved phenomenal success on the continent (since Rebelde was a remake by Televisa co-produced with CMG). The cast sold out huge stadiums all over Latin America, including Mexico, where no Argentine show had ever achieved such a huge success (even though the show had only aired on cable). The show cast also sold out concerts in Tel-Aviv, Israel although the success didn't reach Rebelde Way-level of hysteria in the country. Over 1 million people attended Floricienta tour in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay among many other territories.[4]

Floricienta, alongside Rebelde, was the biggest youth-oriented show in Latin America in 2004-2005 being aired in every single country and selling out stadiums in Central America, South America and North America.

In 2004, a Brazilian version was produced, named Floribella. It doubled the ratings of Rede Bandeirantes at its timeslot, over 40 products were released and the two CDs achieved platinum certifications. In 2005, a Portuguese version was also aired at SIC and was a massive hit. The first CD was one of most CDs solds on the Portugal´s story and over 150 products were released at the country. Because of the massive success of the show, SIC bought the rights to other three Cris Morena shows: Alma Pirata, Rebelde Way (currently on air) and Chiquititas (aired in 2007).

A version from Chile (also called Floribella) was also produced with great acceptance and the Mexican version (Lola...Érase una vez) also did well. There was also a Colombian version and the rights were bought for Greece, Russia, among other countries.

In an interview with Radio 10 in February 2009, Cris revealed Disney had bought the rights for an American remake.[5]


Floricienta is loosely adapted from the story of Cinderella (Cenicienta, in Spanish-speaking countries) and also presents some comparisons to the film The Sound of Music. The plot revolves around Florencia (Flor), a poor but dreamer, rash, vivacious, cheerful and happy Italian Argentine girl whose life changes when she meets Federico Fritzenwalden, the older son of a very rich German Argentine family whose parents died in an accident. Federico is the head of the family and has 5 younger siblings (Nico, Franco, Maia, Martín, Tomás) living with him in a big house. Fede has a bitter, cold, strict, rigid and lonely personality until he falls in love with Flor upon meeting her. But Fede has a girlfriend, Delfina (the witch), who wants Federico's money. Federico's brothers hate Delfina, but when Flor comes to the Fritzenwaldens' residence, hired by Fede as the nanny, everybody loves her.

Floricienta was influenced by the original Cinderella story in many ways:

  • Fede is referred to as "Flor's Prince Charming."
  • Flor's trademark is her shoes (in the pilot, she loses one of her shoes at Fede's house when she is initially hired as a singer for a party, and Fede searches for her).
  • Flor is helped by her godmother, Titina, throughout the series.
  • One plot twist is that the villain, Malala, is revealed to be Flor's stepmother, making her rival, Delfina, her half-sisters, and Sofía her other half-sister.
  • Flor claims to see fairies throughout the series.
  • The fact that Flor is a maid, who marries into wealth and nobility.

At the end of the first season, the show has a big twist.

Federico, after realizing that his girlfriend Delfina was lying to him all the time, leaves her at the church during their wedding and goes to Flor. Then after a while he dies in an accident, saving Maximo Calderon de la Hoya who then gives his Body to Federico's soul. In the second season Flor falls in love with Maximo and they get married in the end. They also have 3 children and a very strong love that came from the part of Fede inside Max.


Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

First season worldwide broadcasts[edit]

Country TV Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule Notes Latest Episode
Argentina Argentina Canal 13
March 15, 2004
March 1, 2012
6:00 PM 5.30 PM
18:30 PM / 7 PM
Monday to Friday December 2, 2005
December 21, 2012
Guatemala Guatemala Canal 13 (Guatemala) weekends 10 am - 12 am.
Italy Italy Cartoon Network April 7, 2008 17.30 PM Changed name - "Flor, speciale come te" May 5, 2009
  Latin America, Spain Disney Channel December 2004 - January 2005 1:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:30, 10:00 PM September 2007
Israel Israe Jetix

Fox Kids || || 7:00 PM || First season - Fox Kids

Second season - Jetix|| August 31, 2006

Spain Spain TVE1 / TVE2, Disney Channel, Sony Entertainment Television en VEO The first season is available on official DVD's
  Europe, Asia, Africa TVE Internacional 4:40 PM August 2007
Venezuela Venezuela La Tele 7:00 PM 2nd season on RCTV
Peru Peru ATV
Greece Greece ET1,
Star Channel
2013 2014
July 9, 2012
02:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00
Star Channel earned the rights to reair the series November 2007, still on air
Hungary Hungary RTL Klub February 1, 2005 3:40 PM Monday-Friday Reruns on Hálózat TV, Sorozat+ and Poén!
Ecuador Ecuador Ecuavisa 2nd season on Teleamazonas
Bolivia Bolivia Red Uno
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Antena Latina - Canal 7
Lithuania Lithuania BTV Changed name - "Pelenės istorija"
Costa Rica Costa Rica Repretel Canal 6
Panama Panama TVN
Paraguay Paraguay Telefuturo
El Salvador El Salvador TCS Canal 4
Mexico Mexico Disney Channel 7:00 PM weekends
Canada Canada Nuevo Mundo Television
Cyprus Cyprus ANT1 Cyprus July 2007 Season 1: Weekdays 19:00, Season 2: Monday-Friday 14:00
Kosovo Kosovo KTV January 2007 17:30 p.m.Monday-Friday
Portugal Portugal SIC, Disney Channel, SIC K 23:30 p.m Monday-Friday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina OBN January 2008 4:00 PM Monday-Friday
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico United States United States CaribeVisión, March 31, 2008 6:00 PM Monday-Friday
  French Speaking Europe & Africa Cartoon Network April 7 & 14, 2008 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM October 14, 2010
Ukraine Ukraine Novy TV February 2005, 2006 approx. 16:30 PM Monday - Friday
Albania Albania Shijak TV November 2009 Monday - Friday
Chile Chile Disney Channel March 2006 Monday - Friday 19:00 PM October 4, 2007
Romania Romania Kanal D November 2011


===1ª temporada (First season)=== * Chaval Chulito by Flor * Pobres los Ricos by the cast of Floricienta * Ven a Mí by Franco and Flor, it has an acoustic version too * Mi Vestido Azul by Flor, it has an acoustic version too * Kikiriki by Facha and Flor * Por Qué by Flor, it has an acoustic version too * Quereme Sólo a Mí by Delfina and Flor * Y Así Será by Flor and Federico * Floricienta by the cast of Floricienta, opening song * Y La Vida by Flor and Federico * Tic-Tac by Flor * Los Niños No Mueren by Flor

===2ª temporada (Second season)=== * Corazones al Viento (by Flor) (Opening song) * Cosas que Odio de Vos (By Flor and Maximo) * Flores Amarillas (By Flor) * Que Esconde el Conde (By Flor) * Desde Que Te Vi (By Franco) * Ding Dong (By Flor) * Un Enorme Dragón (By Flor) * Caprichos (By Delfina) * Vos Podés (By Flor) * Te Siento (By Flor) * A Bailar (Cast Floricienta) * Hay un Cuento (By Flor) Also performed in the series's episodes but instead found in the Theater 2005 CD are: * Algo de Tí (by Lorenzo) * Contigo amigo (by Tasos) *  (by Flor and Maximo) * Close cover (by Wim Mertens) 

===Theater 2004=== * Solo mio (By Delfina) * Laberinto (By Franco, Fede and Flor) ===Theater 2005=== * Yo creo en milagros (By Flor) (Same music of "Los niños no mueren") * Miau miau (By Franco) (Same music of "Kikiriki") * Princesa de la terraza (By Lorenzo) ===Floricienta's products and live shows=== The producers, CMG/RGB Entertainment, have launched CDs, DVDs, and a huge range of products trademark, and licensed merchandise. Τραγούδια == == === 1ª Temporada (Πρώτη σεζόν) === * Chaval Chulito '»από Flor *' Pobres los Ricos από το cast της Floricienta * Ven ένα mí 'από Franco και Flor, έχει μια ακουστική εκδοχή πάρα πολύ *' "Mi Vestido Azul '» από Flor, έχει μια ακουστική εκδοχή πάρα πολύ *' 'Kikiriki »' από Facha και Flor * 'Porqué '»από Flor, έχει μια ακουστική εκδοχή πάρα πολύ *' 'Quereme Sólo mio' 'από Delfina και Flor *' Y ASI Sera» 'από Flor και Federico *' Floricienta '» από το cast της Floricienta, ανοίγοντας τραγούδι * Y La Vida "'από Flor και Federico *' Tic-Tac από Flor * 'Los Niños no Mueren'» από Flor === 2ª Temporada (Δεύτερη σεζόν) === * Corazones al Viento '»(από Flor) (τραγούδι έναρξης) *' 'Cosas que Ωδείο de Vos' (Με Flor και Max) * Flores Amarillas '(Με Flor) *' 'Que Esconde el Conde' (Με Flor) * Desde Que Te Vi '(Με Franco) *' 'Ding Dong' (Με Flor ) * Un Enorme dragon »'(Με Flor) *' 'Caprichos' (Με Delfina) * Vos πόδες '(Με Flor) *' Te Siento '( Με Flor) * A Bailar '»(Cast Floricienta) *' 'Hay un Cuento' (Με Flor) Επίσης πραγματοποιούνται σε επεισόδια της σειράς, αλλά αντ 'αυτού βρέθηκε στο CD Θέατρο 2005 είναι: *"' Algo de Tí '»(από τον Lorenzo) *' 'Contigo amigo'» (Τάσος) * tu '»(από Flor και Maximo) *'" Κλείστε το κάλυμμα "" "(του Wim Mertens ) === Θέατρο 2004 === * Solo mio (Με Delfina) * Laberinto (Με Franco, Fede και η Flor) === Θέατρο 2005 === * Yo creo en milagros (Με Flor) (Ίδια μουσική του "Los niños Δεν mueren ") * Miau miau (Με Franco) (Ίδια μουσική του" Kikiriki ») * Princesa de la terraza (Με Lorenzo) === προϊόντα Floricienta και ζωντανές παραστάσεις === Οι παραγωγοί, CMG / RGB Entertainment, έχουν ξεκινήσει CDs , DVDs, και μια τεράστια ποικιλία των προϊόντων εμπορικό σήμα, και άδεια εμπόρευμα. They also produced live shows presenting the main actors of the TV show in a musical-play related to the program's plot. Παρήγαγαν επίσης συναυλίες παρουσιάζονται οι βασικοί παράγοντες της τηλεοπτικής εκπομπής σε ένα μουσικό-play που σχετίζονται με την πλοκή του προγράμματος. Floricienta, the live show got a high rate of acceptance and massive audience going to each live show in tour in Argentina, all of them got sold-out in minutes, and moreover, due to the high rates of audience at international levels, they launched the tour by visiting other countries overseas as well. Floricienta, το live show πήρε ένα υψηλό ποσοστό αποδοχής και τεράστιο κοινό που πηγαίνει σε κάθε live show σε περιοδεία στην Αργεντινή, όλα αυτά πήρε sold-out μέσα σε λίγα λεπτά, και επιπλέον, λόγω των υψηλών ποσοστών του κοινού σε διεθνές επίπεδο, που ξεκίνησε η περιοδεία με την επίσκεψη σε άλλες χώρες του εξωτερικού, καθώς και. ===Tour=== Floricienta and her music band transcended TV screens and offered live performances in theater play- format (in Argentina) and concerts-musicals format including almost all the cast in many Latin American countries and in Israel. === Tour === Floricienta και μουσική μπάντα της ξεπέρασε οθόνες τηλεόρασης και προσφέρει ζωντανές παραστάσεις σε μορφή θεάτρου παιδικές (Αργεντινή) και τη μορφή συναυλίες, μιούζικαλ, συμπεριλαμβανομένων όλων σχεδόν των καστ σε πολλές χώρες της Λατινικής Αμερικής και στο Ισραήλ. During these successful tours, actors could meet their fans face to face, gave interviews, TV and radio reports, press conferences, awards for records delivering, etc. ====2004-2005==== During these years Floricienta presented successful live shows in Argentina. Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτών επιτυχημένες περιοδείες, ηθοποιοί θα μπορούσαν να ικανοποιήσουν τους οπαδούς τους πρόσωπο με πρόσωπο, έδωσε συνεντεύξεις, τηλεοπτικές και ραδιοφωνικές αναφορές, συνεντεύξεις τύπου, τα βραβεία για τα αρχεία παράδοση, κλπ ==== 2004-2005 ==== Κατά τη διάρκεια αυτών των ετών Floricienta παρουσίασε τις άκρως επιτυχημένες live Εκθέσεις Αργεντινή. ====2005==== Floricienta was successful in Israel in 2004-2005 ====2006==== The Tour of Dreams 2006 visited many countries with sold out records in the most important cities of these countries: * Guatemala: Guatemala City * El Salvador: San Salvador * Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo * Panama: Panama City * Peru: Lima * Venezuela: Maracaibo, Valencia, Caracas * Ecuador: Quito, Guayaquil ====2007==== Two and a half years after this soap opera ended, Floricienta:The Tour of Dreams 2007 visited Mexico for the first time. ==== 2005 ==== Floricienta ήταν επιτυχής στο Ισραήλ κατά την περίοδο 2004-2005 ==== 2006 ==== Το Tour of Dreams 2006 επισκέφθηκε πολλές χώρες, με sold out εγγραφών στις πιο σημαντικές πόλεις των χωρών αυτών: * Γουατεμάλα : Γουατεμάλα Σίτι * Ελ Σαλβαδόρ: San Salvador * Δομινικανή Δημοκρατία: Santo Domingo * Παναμά: Πόλη του Παναμά * Περού: Λίμα * Βενεζουέλα: Μαρακαΐμπο, Βαλένθια, Καράκας * Ισημερινός: Quito, Guayaquil ==== 2007 ==== Δύο και ένα δυόμισι χρόνια μετά την σαπουνόπερα τελείωσε, Floricienta: Το Tour of Dreams 2007 επισκέφθηκε το Μεξικό για πρώτη φορά. Even though the time distance, it had such a great success and acceptation of the Mexican audience, Floricienta: The tour of Dreams in Mexico, was absolutely profitable to stir up Floricienta's feelings fans. Ακόμα κι αν η απόσταση του χρόνου, θα είχε τόσο μεγάλη επιτυχία και αποδοχή του Μεξικού κοινό, Floricienta: Η περιοδεία των ονείρων στο Μεξικό, ήταν απολύτως κερδοφόρα για να ξεσηκώσει τα συναισθήματα τους οπαδούς Floricienta του. This tour was presented in these important Mexican cities: * Guadalajara * México DF * Monterrey * Puebla * Querétaro * San Luis Potosí * Veracruz ===CDs=== Floricienta has so far 7 CDs. Αυτή η περιοδεία παρουσιάζονται σε αυτές τις σημαντικές πόλεις του Μεξικού: * Guadalajara * México DF * Monterrey * Puebla * Querétaro * Σαν Λουίς Ποτοσί * Veracruz === CDs === Floricienta έχει μέχρι στιγμής 7 CDs. These are: * Floricienta y su banda [2004] * Floricienta y su banda karaoke [2004] * Floricienta [2005] * Floricienta karaoke [2005] * Floricienta especial navidad- Christmas special edition [2007] * Floricienta princesa de la terazza- the balcony princess [2006] * Floricienta grandes éxitos- greatest hits- [2007] ===DVDs=== * Floricienta en el Teatro-Floricienta at the theater * Floricienta 2: Gran Rex 2005 Princesa de la Terraza- Floricienta at Gran Rex Venue- The princess of the balcony * Floricienta Temporada 1: First season episodes in 6 DVDs packs (Is a brief version and it is only available in Spain) * Floricienta Temporada 1: Dubbed into Greek, targeted to all Balkan region countries. Αυτά είναι: * Floricienta y su Μπάντα [2004] * Floricienta y su μπάντα καραόκε [2004] * Floricienta [2005] * Floricienta karaoke [2005] * Floricienta ιδιαίτερη navidad- Χριστούγεννα ειδική έκδοση [2007] * Floricienta Princesa de la terazza- η μπαλκόνι πριγκίπισσα [2006] * Floricienta grandes éxitos- μεγαλύτερο hits- [2007] === DVDs === * Floricienta en el Teatro-Floricienta στο θέατρο * Floricienta 2: Gran Rex 2005 Princesa de la Terraza- Floricienta στο Gran Rex Venue- Η πριγκίπισσα του μπαλκονιού * Floricienta Temporada 1: επεισόδια Πρώτη εποχή σε 6 DVDs συσκευασίες (Είναι μια σύντομη έκδοση και είναι διαθέσιμη μόνο σε Ισπανία) * Floricienta Temporada 1: Μεταγλωττισμένο στα ελληνικά, απευθύνονται σε όλες τις χώρες της περιοχής των Βαλκανίων. Available in Greece. Διαθέσιμο στην Ελλάδα. ===Music videos=== * Por Qué (Why) * Ven a mí (Come to me) *(You) * Enorme dragón (Enormous dragon) * Mi vestido azul (My blue dress) * Flores amarillas (Yellow Flowers) (broadcast in MTV channels) * Apertura de la primera temporada - Tema: Floricienta -Overture of first season. === Music videos === * «« Por Qué '»(Γιατί) *' Ven ΜΙ '(Έλα σε μένα) *' Tú '» (You) *' Enorme Δράκος '(Τεράστια δράκος ) * 'Mi vestido azul' (μπλε φόρεμα μου) * 'Flores amarillas' (κίτρινα λουλούδια) (μεταδίδονται στο MTV κανάλια) * Apertura de la primera Temporada - Tema: «'Floricienta' -Overture της πρώτης σεζόν . * Apertura de la segunda temporada - Tema: Corazones al viento (hearts flying) overture of second season. * Apertura de la segunda Temporada - Tema: «'Corazones al viento' (καρδιές που φέρουν) overture της δεύτερης περιόδου. ===Television specials === * Floricienta: El tour de los Sueños Latinoamérica- Tour of Dreams Latin America * Floricienta: El tour de los Sueños en México- Tour of Dreams, México * 200 Flores (especial 200 programas) - 200Flowers. === Τηλεόραση αφιερώματα === * Floricienta: El tour de los Sueños Latinoamérica - Tour of Dreams Λατινική Αμερική * Floricienta: El tour de los Sueños en México - Tour of Dreams, México * 200 Φλόρες (especial 200 programas) - 200Flowers. Special celebrating 200 episodes. Ειδικά γιορτάζει 200 επεισόδια. * Flori 100 ta: (especial 100 programas primera temporada) - Special celebrating 100 episodes. * Flori 100 ta: (especial 100 programas primera Temporada) - Ειδικές γιορτάζει 100 επεισόδια. * Especial 300 programas (especial 300 programas de la segunda temporada) -Special celebrating 300 episodes (Second season). * Especial 300 programas (especial 300 programas de la Temporada segunda) -Ειδική γιορτάζει 300 επεισόδια (Β 'περίοδος). * Floricienta&The Count's wedding:Thousands of Floricienta's fans attended to this fiction wedding show, where they could see their favorite actors for real in the same place and time. * Floricienta & Ο Κόμης του γάμου: Χιλιάδες θαυμαστές Floricienta παρακολούθησαν σε αυτό το γάμο επίδειξη φαντασίας, όπου μπορούσαν να δουν τα αγαπημένα τους φορείς για την πραγματική στον ίδιο τόπο και χρόνο. The "ceremony" seems so real due to the fact it was the first time a soap opera included fans on a wedding ceremony as audience in a real set, which was a famous stadium located in Buenos Aires City. Η "τελετή" φαίνεται τόσο πραγματικό, λόγω του γεγονότος ότι ήταν η πρώτη φορά που μια σαπουνόπερα που περιλαμβάνονται οπαδούς σε μια γαμήλια τελετή και το κοινό σε ένα πραγματικό σύνολο, το οποίο ήταν ένα διάσημο στάδιο βρίσκεται στη Μπουένος Άιρες. Thousands of excited fans witnessed the famous happy ending fairy tale's style final episode shoot in a super production with a crowded live show including all Floricienta's cast, lively recorded and broadcast in the final episode. Χιλιάδες ενθουσιασμένοι οπαδοί μάρτυρες ύφος βλαστών τελευταίο επεισόδιο του διάσημου ευτυχής κατάληξη παραμύθι σε μια υπερπαραγωγή με ένα γεμάτο live show συμπεριλαμβανομένων καστ όλα Floricienta, η ζωντανή καταγραφή και μετάδοση στο τελευταίο επεισόδιο. * The kisses corner:TV program regarding Floricienta. * Η γωνιά φιλιά: τηλεοπτικό πρόγραμμα σχετικά με Floricienta. It was weekly broadcast in Venezuela. Ήταν εβδομαδιαία εκπομπή στη Βενεζουέλα. The program presented reports and other items regarding the plot in its first season, characters, actor's biographies, contests, etc. "The kisses corner" was attended by Floricienta's fans, making this show an interactive program. Οι εκθέσεις του προγράμματος παρουσιάζονται και άλλα στοιχεία σχετικά με το οικόπεδο στην πρώτη εποχή του, χαρακτήρες, βιογραφίες ηθοποιού, διαγωνισμούς, κ.α. "Η γωνιά φιλιά" παρακολούθησαν από τους οπαδούς Floricienta, καθιστώντας αυτό το δείξει ένα διαδραστικό πρόγραμμα.


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