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This is a list of schools in Luton, in the English county of Bedfordshire.

State-funded schools[edit]

Nursery schools[edit]

  • Chapel Street Nursery School
  • Gill Blowers Nursery School (Mossdale site)
  • Gill Blowers Nursery School (Leabank site)
  • Grasmere Nursery School
  • Hart Hill Nursery School
  • Pastures Way Nursery School
  • Rothesay Nursery School
  • Beech Hill Pre School

Primary schools[edit]

  • Barnfield Moorlands Free School
  • Beech Hill Primary School
  • Beechwood Primary School
  • Bramingham Primary School
  • Bushmead Primary School
  • Chantry Primary School
  • Cheynes Infant School
  • Crawley Green Infant School
  • Dallow Primary School
  • Denbigh Infant School
  • Denbigh Junior School
  • Downside Primary School
  • Farley Junior School
  • Ferrars Infant School
  • Ferrars Junior School
  • Foxdell Infant School
  • Foxdell Junior School
  • Hart Hill Primary School
  • Hillborough Infant School
  • Hillborough Junior School
  • Icknield Primary School
  • Leagrave Primary School
  • Maidenhall Infant School
  • Maidenhall Primary School
  • Norton Road Primary School
  • Pirton Hill Infant School
  • Pirton Hill Junior School
  • Putteridge Infant School
  • Putteridge Junior School
  • Ramridge Primary School
  • River Bank Primary School
  • Rothesay Nursery School
  • Sacred Heart VA (RC) Primary School
  • St Joseph's VA (RC) Infant School
  • St Joseph's VA (RC) Junior School
  • St Margaret of Scotland VA (RC) Primary School
  • St Martin de Porres VA (RC) Primary School
  • Someries Infant School
  • Someries Junior School
  • Southfield Infant School
  • Southfield Junior School
  • Stopsley Community Primary School
  • St Matthew's Primary School
  • Sundon Park Junior School
  • Surrey Street Primary School
  • Tennyson Road Primary School
  • The Meads Primary School
  • Warden Hill Infant School
  • Warden Hill Junior School
  • Waulud Primary School
  • Wenlock VA (CE) Junior School
  • Whipperley Infant School
  • Whitefield Infant School
  • Whitefield Junior School
  • Wigmore Primary School
  • William Austin Infant School
  • William Austin Junior School

Secondary schools[edit]

Special schools[edit]

Independent schools[edit]

Further education[edit]

Higher education[edit]

Other educational institutes[edit]

  • Avenue Centre for Education (ACE)
  • Dell Farm Residential Outdoor Education
  • elearning@luton (City Learning Centre)
  • Emperia College
  • The Orchard Centre


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