Evgeny Lebedev

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Evgeny Lebedev
Born (1980-05-08) May 8, 1980 (age 34)
Moscow, Russia
Residence London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity Russian British
Citizenship British
Parent(s) Alexander Lebedev (father)

Evgeny Alexandrovich Lebedev[needs IPA] (born 8 May 1980) is the Russian-born British chairman and owner of both Evening Standard ltd,[1] publisher of the Evening Standard, which he bought in January 2009,[2] and of Independent Print Ltd, publisher of the Independent, the i and the Independent on Sunday, which he bought in March 2010.[3]

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Russia, Evgeny Lebedev moved to London at the age of eight, as his father, Alexander Lebedev, took a job at the Soviet embassy in the city.[4] Lebedev received British citizenship in October 2010.[citation needed]

Evening Standard[edit]

Under Lebedev's tenure, the Evening Standard became the first large-circulation newspaper in Britain to be distributed free, its circulation tripling to 600,000 copies.[5]

Other business interests[edit]

Lebedev's other business interests include the Sake no Hana Japanese restaurant in St James’s Street, London,[6] designed by Kengo Kuma, and the Palazzo Terra Nova boutique hotel in Umbria, Italy.[7] He is also credited as being the designer and co-owner with Jamie Barber of the Hush restaurant in Mayfair, and the co-owner, along with Ian McKellen and Sean Mathias, of the Grapes[8] pub in London.

Arts and culture[edit]

Lebedev is a supporter of the Arts and chairman of the Evening Standard Theatre Awards.[9]