Geeta and Sanjay Chopra kidnapping case

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The Geeta and Sanjay Chopra kidnapping case was a notorious crime in New Delhi in 1978. Two children, Geeta and Sanjay Chopra, were kidnapped by two young men, Ranga Khus (Kuljeet Singh) and Billa (Jasbir Singh), who planned to demand ransom from their parents. On finding that their father was a naval officer, they dropped the idea. To eliminate evidence, they subsequently murdered Sanjay, raped Geeta and then killed her as well. They then fled the city.[1] They were arrested on a train a few months later, tried and hanged for the crime in 1982.[2]

The kidnapping[edit]

The children were reported missing on 26 August 1978 and their bodies discovered on 29 August 1978.[3] Medical examination confirmed that Geeta was raped. It later transpired that they had been kidnapped while hitching a ride from Ridge Road near Dhaula Kuan to go to the All India Radio station near Connaught Place to participate in a radio show. They were seen struggling in the car driven by the accused by witnesses, including one who chased them for some distance on his scooter, before losing sight of the car, a mustard coloured fiat,[4] with Haryana number plates HRK 8930, the car was later found abandoned and was found to be a stolen car, blood stains in the car was part of the forensic evidence used in the case.[5]

The trial[edit]

Both culprits were found guilty and sentenced to death. Both were then hanged.


In 1978, the Indian Council for Child Welfare instituted two bravery awards for children under the age of 16, the Sanjay Chopra Award and the Geeta Chopra Award, given each year along with the National Bravery Award.[6][7] There is a school in Ghaziabad in their memory Geeta-Sanjay Public School.

Film and literature[edit]

The story was depicted in an episode of Bhanwar on Sony Entertainment Television. Raanga was portrayed by Mohan Gokhale while Geeta's father was played by Anang Desai.

The story was also depicted in an episode of Savdhaan India @ 11.

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