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Geronimo Stilton
Directed by Guy Vasilovich
Voices of Brian Drummond
Sarah Edmondson
Richard Ian Cox
Erin Mathews
Moneca Stori
Patricia Drake
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 78
Executive producer(s) Caterina Vacchi
Claudia Mazzucco
Christopne Di Sabatino
Pietro Marietti
Nicolas Atlan
Liz Young
Running time 24 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) Moonscoop Group
Rai Fiction
Original channel Rai 2
Rai Italia
Original airing September 15, 2009 - present

Geronimo Stilton is a 2009 television series based on the books of the same name. It is produced by Atlantyca Ent. and MoonScoop Group.[1]

It first premiered on September 15, 2009 on Rai 2 in Italy.

On April 15, 2015, Atlantyca Entertainment and MoonScoop announced they would continue the series with a second season of twenty-six episodes, which premiered in Italy on October 24, 2011.[2] A third season is still in production with France-based studio Superprod.[3][4]


Atlantyca Entertainment, the owner of the rights, has decided to develop and produce the animated series. 26 episodes of 22 minutes have been produced for the first two seasons.[5] In 14 October 2014, Atlantyca Entertainment took advantage of the MIPCOM event to announce its deal with France-based studio Superprod to produce The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton, with the participation of Italy’s Rai. The brand new cartoon will feature faster moving stories of internationally renowned mouse-journalist Geronimo Stilton.[4] According Italy news from website, Atlantyca Entertainment has announced the 1st episode of third season to be aired by 15 September 2015 on Rai 2.[6]


Main characters[edit]

Geronimo Stilton: The main protagonist of the Geronimo Stilton TV series. He is not only the publisher of the humble The Rodent's Gazette, but also the president of the Stilton Media Group. His love of knowledge is his main strength in the cartoon, as well as his sense of ethics and morals. He is still a bit of a klutz, and this will no doubt be the main source of humor for the series. It is revealed that he actually leads of the most successful Publications Groups in the world. Also note that Geronimo doesn't wear his signature glasses as in the book series. Voiced by Brian Drummond.

Thea Stilton: Thea is Geronimo's younger sister, and is the complete opposite of Geronimo when it comes to adventure. In the books she doesn't really notice or help Geronimo when he is in trouble but in the TV series she usually helps him. She loves it almost as much as she loves riding her motorcycle or flying her plane. A special correspondent for The Rodent's Gazette, Thea is always on call to transport the team to new adventures, and is always ready to jump into action. Voiced by Sarah Edmondson.

Trap Stilton: Trap is Geronimo's cousin. Trap doesn't work for The Rodent's Gazette, but travels along with Geronimo when he is called on. Trap is a bit of a joker and loves to play tricks on people, especially Geronimo, who he considers to be gullible. Trap has a big heart and he doesn't play jokes to be mean. Geronimo thinks Trap should join the real world while Trap thinks Geronimo should lighten up. Voiced by Richard Cox.

Benjamin Stilton: Benjamin is the 12-year-old nephew of Geronimo in the cartoon (9-year-old in the books) , and is described as a "near-genius" at computers and electronics. He is dynamic and perk (though a little impatient at times) and loves skateboarding and sports as much as he loves computers. He works with his father at The Rodent's Gazette, running a computer news blog after school. He likes to come up with funky sayings such as "We're on the crazy train to Cheese Town!". Very different from the book. Voiced by Erin Mathews.

Pandora Woz: Known as Bugsy Wugsy in the book series, Pandora is Benjamin's best friend. Pandora is very enthusiastic about the adventures that Geronimo travels on, and she often comes along for the ride. She likes Thea, because they share a similar, high-spirited enthusiasm for life. Pandora also likes to play jokes on Geronimo, so she and Trap get along really well. Pandora has a tendency to get distracted easily, which can lead her into danger. Pandora also has a hamster known as "Mr. Nibbles". Pandora was later found out to be Geronimo's niece. Voiced by Moneca Stori.

Sally Ratmousen: Sally Ratmousen is the main antagonist in the cartoon. She is the publisher of The Daily Rat, which is the Stilton Media Group's competitor. Sally appears as the primary cause of trouble for the Stilton crew when they are in New Mouse City, and she has a personal grudge against Geronimo Stilton. Voiced by Patricia Drake.

Simon Squealer: Simon works for The Daily Rat as the personal assistant of Sally Ratmousen. Simon would do any dirty business for Sally, not because of dedication to the story, the company or to Sally. Simon protects his job at all costs, and is known to go to great lengths to dig up dirt on some famous mouse in New Mouse City. Voiced by Brian Drummond.

Recurring characters[edit]

William Shortpaws: William is Geronimo's grandfather, and he started his newspaper empire by selling newspapers as a child. Now he oversees Geronimo's operation of his company, and knows exactly the way he wants things to be. Every now and then (when Geronimo least expects it), he will drop into The Rodent's Gazette to check on how Geronimo is doing.


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 September 24, 2009 (2009-09-24) March 18, 2010 (2010-03-18)
2 26 October 24, 2011 (2011-10-24) April 16, 2012 (2012-04-16)
3 26 September 15, 2015 (2015-09-15) 2016 (2016)

Differences from the books and TV series[edit]

(Including, but not limited to.)

  • Geronimo does not wear glasses.
  • Many of the characters in the TV series had changed almost completely from their book counterparts, and are very stereotypical. Some of their characteristics are even switched around. For example, Geronimo is much braver in the show than he was in the books, while Trap is more easily frightened as opposed to being the one to convince Geronimo not to be afraid.
  • In the book Trap was not the smartest but he had some sense of reason, in the show, he's just stupid.
  • In the books Geronimo's family usually don't help Geronimo when he is in trouble unless he "really" needs it and tell him to deal with it by himself however in the TV series they usually help him more often.
  • In the TV series Geronimo's grandfather William Shortpaws usually doesn't say to go back to work after a bestselling story instead he gives a very good comment to him. In the books he usually is very impatient with Geronimo and always sent him to work right after a bestselling story.
  • Benjamin is 12 years old. In the books, he is 9 years old.
  • In the TV series, Benjamin is shown as a hip, super genius that likes skateboarding. When in the book, he is shown to be a very polite young mouse who would rather watch and learn from his uncle, and write down things he finds than do any sport related things. His character is completely changed.

Online games[edit] is the Online World of Geronimo Stilton. They can create an avatar to play.


The series is being released on DVD in English and French by Imavision in Canada.

Name Release Date Episodes Region Additional Information
Geronimo Stilton Volume 1[7] August 24, 2010 (2010-08-24)[7] 13 1 There are separate English and French DVD releases
Geronimo Stilton Volume 2[8] March 29, 2011 (2011-03-29)[8] 13 1 There are separate English and French DVD releases
Geronimo Stilton Volume 3[9] August 21, 2012 (2012-08-21)[9] 13 1 There are separate English and French DVD releases
Geronimo Stilton Volume 4[10] December 7, 2012 (2012-12-07)[10] 13 1 Imavision Exclusive. There are separate English and French DVD releases
Geronimo Stilton Volume 4[11] March 12, 2013 (2013-03-12)[11] 13 1 Retail release. There are separate English and French DVD releases


Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2010 Cartoons On the Bay, Pulcinella Awards[12] TV Series for Kids[12] Geronimo Stilton[12] Pending[12]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Channel Year
 Italy Rai 2[13]
Rai Gulp
September 15, 2009 -
 Belgium Nickelodeon (Flanders) [14] September 21, 2009 -
 Netherlands Nickelodeon (Netherlands) [15] September 21, 2009 -
 Spain [16]
Canal Super3
Cartoon Network
September 2010 - September 2013
 Portugal RTP 2[16]
Canal Panda
November 2009 -
 Canada SRC[17]
Imavision (DVD release)[18]
August 24, 2010 -
 France M6[19] 2010 -
 Sweden Nickelodeon (Sweden)[16]
2010 -
 Finland MTV 3 [16]
2010 -
 Norway TV2 Norway[16]
2010 -
 Denmark Nickelodeon (Europe)[16]
2010 -
 Hungary Minimax [16]
2010 -
 Macedonia Minimax [16]
2010 -
 Romania Minimax [16]
2010 -
 Serbia Minimax[16]
2010 -
 Croatia Minimax [16]
2010 -
 India Chutti TV, Kochu TV [20] 2011 -
 Latvia LTV [18]
2010 -
 Poland TVN Style,[18] TVN, Nickelodeon July 3, 2010 -
 Singapore MediaCorp, okto [18]
2010 -
 Thailand True Vision [18]
2010 -
 Israel Logi [21]
2010 -
 Hungary CANTABRAVA (DVD release) [16]
2010 -
 South Korea KBSN(Kids) August 23, 2010 -
 Malaysia NTV7 October 2011 -
 Qatar JeemTV January 2010 -
 Russia Carousel Summer 2013 -
 Australia Eleven July 13, 2014 -

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