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Guy Stanton Ford (May 9, 1873 – December 29, 1962) was the sixth president of the University of Minnesota, serving from 1938 to 1941, professor of history and dean of the Graduate School since 1913. In November 1941 he became executive secretary of the American Historical Association in Washington, D.C. and Editor of American Historical Review (until 1953).

Ford's doctoral thesis (Columbia University, 1903) was entitled Hanover and Prussia, 1795–1803. A Study in Neutrality. Before he went to the University of Minnesota, he was faculty member of the Yale University and the University of Illinois.

The annual Guy Stanton Ford Memorial Lecture is a public lecture by a distinguished scholar in any of many different fields.


Preceded by
Lotus Coffman
President of the University of Minnesota
Succeeded by
Walter Coffey