Handball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Handball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the top handball league in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The league is composed of 12 teams. The champion is seeded into the Champions League. Second team is seeded into EHF Cup, while third and fourth teams go to Challenge Cup. The winner of the league cup is seeded into the Cup Winner's Cup.

The league is operated by the Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Premier handball league for men[edit]

Champions by year[edit]

United Premier league exists from 2002. Till that year, in Bosnia there were three separated federations and championships. EHF recognized only that of official Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina based in Sarajevo.

In years 1998 and 1999 playoffs were held, with teams competing from Federation based in Sarajevo, and Handball Federation of Herzeg-Bosnia. In 2000 clubs from Republika Srpska and their Federation participated, and for the first time after Bosnian War, clubs from all of Bosnia and Herzegovina were competing with each other. Sadly, next year, in 2001 clubs from Republika Srpska refused to play, and therefore playoffs were not played. Only in 2002 was this drama of Bosnian handball ended. In 2002 united Premier league of Bosnia and Herzegovina started, which was a turning point for better quality of teams in years to come.

Regional championships[edit]

Year Handball Federation B&H Republika Srpska Herzeg-Bosnia Play-off
1994 Sloboda Solana Tuzla Borac Banja Luka - -
1995 Sloboda Solana Tuzla Borac Banja Luka Izviđač Ljubuški -
1996 Sloboda Solana Tuzla Borac Banja Luka Izviđač Ljubuški -
1997 Bosna Visoko Borac Banja Luka Izviđač Ljubuški -
1998 Borac Travnik  ? Izviđač Ljubuški  ?
1999 Bosna Visoko  ? Izviđač Ljubuški Bosna Visoko
2000  ? Borac Banja Luka Izviđač Ljubuški Izviđač Ljubuški
2001 Gračanica  ? Izviđač Ljubuški Not played

Note: Till united league, only Handball Federation of B&H was officially recognized by European Handball Federation, and also International Handball Federation. Bolded teams are declared as official winners of Premier league of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Premier league[edit]

Champions of united Premier league of Bosnia and Herzegovina which started from 2002.

Club Titles Years
RK Bosna Sarajevo
2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
HRK Izviđač
1996, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005
RK Borac Banja Luka
1995, 2013
HC Bosna Visoko
1997, 1999
RK Sloboda
RK Sloga Doboj
RK Gračanica
RK Borac Travnik

EHF Ranking[edit]

As of 28 November 2012[1]
Movement Last Season
League Coefficient
12 Substituted in (15) Republic of Macedonia Super League 23.58
13 (13) Sweden Elitserien 23.08
14 Steady (14) Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier League 22.33
15 Substituted in (18) Serbia Superleague 21.17
16 (16) Poland Ekstraklasa 19.83

Premier handball league for women[edit]

Play off champions
Season Champion
1998 Interinvest, Mostar
1999 Interinvest, Mostar
2000 Interinvest, Mostar
Premier league champions
Season Champion
2001-2002 Zrinjski, Mostar
2002-2003 Ljubuški HO, Ljubuški
2003-2004 Galeb, Mostar
2004-2005 Zrinjski, Mostar
2005-2006 Zrinjski, Mostar
2006-2007 Borac, Banja Luka

Note: Interinvest Mostar merged with Zrinjski

Champions of regional leagues[edit]

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Season Women's champion
1993-1994 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
1994-1995 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
1995-1996 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
1996-1997 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
1997-1998 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
1998-1999 Zmaj od Bosne, Tuzla
1999-2000 Jedinstvo, Tuzla
2000-2001 Gorica Iskra, Bugojno


Season Women's champion
1994  ?
1994-1995  ?
1995-1996  ?
1996-1997  ?
1997-1998 Interinvest, Mostar
1998-1999 Interinvest, Mostar
1999-2000 Interinvest, Mostar
2000-2001  ?


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