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Flag of Ljubuški
Coat of arms of Ljubuški
Coat of arms
Location of Ljubuški within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Location of Ljubuški within Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Coordinates: 43°12′N 17°33′E / 43.200°N 17.550°E / 43.200; 17.550
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
 • Municipality president Nevenko Barbarić (HDZ BiH)
 • Total 292,7 km2 (1,130 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 29,521
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Area code(s) +387 39
Website http://www.ljubuski.ba

Ljubuški is a town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the western part of Herzegovina.



28.269 total


In the 1991 census, the municipality of Ljubuški had a population of 28,340, of which 26,127 were Croats (92.1%), 1,592 Bosniaks (5.6%), 227 Yugoslavs (0.8%), 65 Serbs (0.2%), and 329 others (1.1%). The town of Ljubuški had 7,407 residents: 75% Croats, 20% Bosniaks, 3% Yugoslavs, 1% Serbs and 1% others.


The town was first time mentioned in 1444. The name Ljubuški originates from an ancient Slavic name Libusa who used to be the first wife of the then ruler of Herzegovina Herzeg Stjepan.

Yugoslav Wars[edit]

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During the Bosnian War, Ljubuški served as the headquarters of the Croatian Defence Forces.

Branimir Glavaš, a Croatian Major General during the Croatian war of independence was found guilty of torture and murder of Serbian civilians in Osijek, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, Vladimir Šišljagić, the leader of HDSSB, the political party Glavaš founded when he left HDZ, showed up in court instead of him and stated that he was "in a safe place". Glavaš fled the country, reportedly to Ljubuški, and it is suspected he had procured citizenship in Bosnia-Herzegovina. His supporters also distributed a 5-minute video he recorded, explaining his decision to flee.


The town is home to the successful handball club HRK Izviđač and two football clubs NK Sloga Ljubuški and NK Bigeste Ljubuški

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Coordinates: 43°12′N 17°33′E / 43.200°N 17.550°E / 43.200; 17.550