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History Colorado Center.

The History Colorado Center is a museum in Denver, Colorado, USA dedicated to the history of the state of Colorado.[1] Construction on the $111 million building started on 19 August 2009.[2] The museum opened on 28 April 2012 at 1200 Broadway,[3] one block south of the site of its predecessor, the Colorado History Museum, which closed in 2010. The center is administered by History Colorado, formerly the Colorado Historical Society.[4]

Permanent Exhibits[edit]

The History Colorado Center features 6 permanent exhibits. These exhibits include Living West, Colorado Stories, Denver A-Z, Destination Colorado, Time Machine, and Denver Diorama. [5]

Living West[edit]

The Living West exhibit is a 7,000 square foot exhibit that explores the living dynamics between the people of Colorado and their state’s environment. The exhibit is divided into three areas which focus on different environmental regions at different times in Colorado's history. The importance of water is a theme that runs throughout each area of the exhibit. The three exhibit areas of Living West include Mesa Verde (western Colorado), the Dust Bowl (the plains), and the Mountains. [6]


Mesa Verde focuses on the daily lives of the Ancestral Puebloans and their ancestors.

Dust Bowl[edit]


Destination Colorado[edit]

Colorado Stories[edit]

Time Machine[edit]

Denver A-Z[edit]

The Denver Diorama[edit]

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