Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

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Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas
Established 1982[1]
Director David Millman
Curator Barbara Adams, Curator of Natural History; Dennis McBride, Curator of Collections & History; Crystal Van Dee, Curator of Manuscripts

The Nevada State Museum, located at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of 6 Nevada State Museums operated by the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs. It is also known as Nevada State Museum & Historical Society.[2] The museum houses items from the development of Las Vegas as well as the natural history of the area.[3]


The Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.[2]

First location[edit]

The 1982 museum was located in Lorenzi Park but was moved into a new building in the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, where it opened on October 28, 2011.[4] [5]

Second location[edit]

The museum opened on October 29, in a building completed in 2009 Las Vegas Springs Preserve.[4] The building remained unused for two years as a result of state budget constraints from the 2000 economic slowdown. The new building offeres twice the exhibit space that was available in the old building.[4]


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