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Holiday was an American travel magazine published from 1946 to 1977. Originally published by the Curtis Publishing Company, Holiday's circulation grew to more than one million subscribers at its height, mainly through the genius of the former advertising man, Ted Patrick, who was famous for employing the world's best writers, such as Graham Greene, and photographers, and giving them a free hand (and a generous budget) to interpret the subject separately in whatever way they wished.

With the magazine circulation suffering in the 1970s, Curtis sold Holiday to the publisher of Travel, a competing magazine. The two publications merged[1] to form Travel Holiday.

Another magazine titled Holiday, published by the American Automobile Association, was unrelated to this publication.

Holiday is being relaunched in 2014 [2] by the Atelier Franck Durand, a Paris-based art direction studio, with Marc Beaugé as editor in chief and Franck Durand[3] as creative director.

In search of the spirit of 69, the n°373 issue of Holiday stays faithful to the original style of the magazine.[4]

Photographers Josh Olins,[5] Karim Sadli and Mark Peckmezian seek to revive its visual legacy, novelist Arthur Dreyfus explores the secrets of Ibiza, Inez and Vinoodh allow a rare glimpse into their New York loft, and the cover features a chosen fragment of Remed's painting "Leonogone".

Conceived in Paris, Holiday is printed in English and extended beyond its pages via a website, upcoming café [6] and clothing line.


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