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Anne Morrow Lindbergh's customized medal showing her flight route
Charles Lindbergh receives his medal from President Calvin Coolidge

The Hubbard Medal is awarded by the National Geographic Society for distinction in exploration, discovery, and research. The medal is named for Gardiner Greene Hubbard, first National Geographic Society president.


Year Name Profession Reason
1906 Robert Peary polar explorer   Farthest north travel by a human.
1907 Roald Amundsen polar explorer   First to transit the Northwest Passage.
1909 Robert Bartlett polar explorer  
1910 Sir Ernest Shackleton polar explorer  
1926 Richard E. Byrd polar explorer and aviator   First flight over the North Pole.
1927 Charles Lindbergh aviator   First solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean
1931 Roy Chapman Andrews Gobi Desert explorer  
1934 Anne Morrow Lindbergh aviator  
1935 Captain Orvil Arson Anderson[1] and Captain Albert William Stevens aeronauts [2] Record setting ascent in balloon Explorer II.
1954 British Mount Everest Expedition mountaineers (group award) [3] First ascent of Mount Everest.
1958 Paul Allen Siple polar explorer   Veteran of several Antarctic expeditions.
1962 John Glenn astronaut   First American to orbit Earth.
1962 Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey anthropologist  
1963 Norman Dyhrenfurth and his team mountaineers First Americans to climb to the summit of Mount Everest [4]
1970 Neil Armstrong
Edwin Aldrin
Michael Collins
astronauts   Awarded for first landing on the Moon.
1981 John Young
Robert Crippen
astronauts [5] Awarded for first Space Shuttle flight.
1969 Frank Borman
Jim Lovell
William Anders
astronauts [6] First flight to the Moon.
1994 Richard Leakey anthropologist  
1995 Jane Goodall environmentalist [7]
1996 Robert Ballard underwater explorer [8] Discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic
1999 Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones balloonists  
2000 Matthew Henson polar explorer Companion to first recipient Robert Peary.
Was not awarded at the time because of his race. Awarded posthumously. [9]
2010 Don Walsh oceanographer Bathyscaphe Trieste Dive  
2012 Jacques Piccard oceanographer First Mariana Trench expedition  
2013 Sylvia Earle
James Cameron
E. O. Wilson
film director/explorer
Marine exploration
Marine exploration
Biological research


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