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iproute2 is a collection of utilities for controlling TCP and UDP IP networking and traffic control in Linux, in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. As of December 2013, it is maintained by Stephen Hemminger. The original author, Alexey Kuznetsov, was responsible for the QoS implementation in the Linux kernel.[1]

iproute2 is intended to replace an entire suite of standard Unix networking tools (often called net-tools) that were previously used for the tasks of configuring network interfaces, routing tables, and managing the ARP table.[2]

Tools replaced by iproute2
Purpose Legacy net-tools iproute2
Address and link configuration ifconfig ip addr, ip link
Routing tables route ip route
Neighbors arp ip neigh
VLAN vconfig ip link
Tunnels iptunnel ip tunnel
Multicast ipmaddr ip maddr
Statistics netstat ss

iproute2 unifies the syntax for these various commands, which evolved over many years of Unix development.

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