Isabella of France, Queen of Navarre

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Isabella of France
Isabella of France (1242-1271).jpg
Queen consort of Navarre
Countess consort of Champagne
Tenure 1258–1270
Spouse Theobald II of Navarre
House House of Capet
Father Louis IX of France
Mother Margaret of Provence
Born 2 March 1241
Died 17 April 1271 (aged 30)
Burial Provins, France

Isabella of France (2 March 1241 – 17 April 1271) was a daughter of Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence. She was married to Theobald II of Navarre, eldest son of Theobald I of Navarre and Margaret of Navarre on 6 April 1255. Isabelle became Queen consort of Navarre.


Louis IX wanted to make peace with Navarre so he married Isabella off to Theobald. Some written parental directives of Louis IX for his daughter survive, an unusual feature since the preparation of royal ladies for marriage was usually entrusted to their mothers, not their fathers. The Archbishop of Rouen celebrated the marriage between Isabella and Theobald II, King of Navarre and Count of Champagne, on 6 April 1255 in Melun. The bridegroom was 18 and the bride 13 years old. They are usually said to have remained childless, but a contemporary Spanish chronicle states that Isabella and Theobald produced and lost a child around 1258, and a rather later Spanish chronicler says that Isabella died in 1271, shortly after Theobald's death, "siendo prenada," presumably meaning that she died in childbirth. Contemporary reports of the couple's extreme modesty had it that they refused to disrobe completely when retiring for the night, and that as she lay dying, Isabella ordered her attendants to see that her corpse was well shrouded so that nothing of it should become visible when it was boiled to remove the flesh from her bones. It seems likely, however, that the couple did not have a chaste or "white" marriage.

Isabella receiving a messenger from her father

Together with her husband and her father, the very pious Isabella travelled to the Seventh Crusade in July 1270. Her father died there in August of the same year. Then, in December, Isabella's husband died of an epidemic while in Sicily. After the deaths of both her father and husband, Isabella returned to France and lived in Provence until her death only two months later in 1271.

Isabella is buried next to her husband in Provins.


French Monarchy
Direct Capetians
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Louis IX
   Isabella, Queen of Navarre
   Louis of France
   Philip III
   John Tristan, Count of Valois
   Peter, Count of Perche and Alençon
   Blanche, Infanta of Castile
   Marguerite, Duchess of Brabant
   Robert, Count of Clermont
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Isabella of France, Queen of Navarre
Born: 2 March 1241 Died: 17 April 1271
Royal titles
Preceded by
Margaret of Bourbon
Queen consort of Navarre
Countess consort of Champagne

Succeeded by
Blanche of Artois