James Furman Kemp

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James Furman Kemp
JamesFurmanKemp 1897.jpg
Born 1859
New York City
Died 1926
Citizenship American
Fields Geology
Institutions Columbia University, US Geological Survey, New York Botanical Gardens
Alma mater Amherst College, Columbia School of Mines

James Furman Kemp, Sc.D., LL.D (1859–1926) was an American geologist.


He was born in New York City and graduated from Amherst in 1881 and from the Columbia School of Mines in 1884. Amherst gave him an honorary Sc.D. in 1906 and McGill an LL.D. in 1913. Professor Kemp taught at Columbia and served as geologist of the United States and New York State geological surveys of the Adirondack Mountains. He served as manager and scientific director of the New York Botanical Gardens (after 1898), and lectured on geology at Johns Hopkins, MIT, and McGill. Besides numerous articles, reports, and monographs, he published Ore Deposits of the United States and Canada (1893; third edition, rewritten, 1900) and Handbook of Rocks (1896; fifth edition, 1911). Kemp was president of the Geological Society of America in 1921.[1]


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