La Verdad Oculta

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La Verdad Oculta
Nadie debe conocerla
Created by José Rendón
Starring Galilea Montijo
Alejandra Barros
Gabriel Soto
Eduardo Yáñez
Opening theme Si te Perdiera by Luis Miguel
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 120
Executive producer(s) Emilio Larrosa
Producer(s) Arturo Pedraza L.
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Original run February 27, 2006 – August 11, 2006
Preceded by Alborada
Followed by Mundo de Fieras (Mexican version)

La Verdad Oculta (The Hidden Truth) is a Mexican telenovela, fusion and remake of two telenovelas, one of which is El Camino Secreto (The Secret Path); the other is Al Final del Arco Iris, a novela produced by Ernesto Alonso in 1982, written by María Zarattini and José Rendón.[1] Probably because the telenovela is a fusion, there are two sets of protagonists: The actors playing the protagonists of La Verdad Oculta are Galilea Montijo, Gabriel Soto, Alejandra Barros and Eduardo Yáñez, and one of the antagonists is played by Julio Alemán. The telenovela was under the production of Emilio Larrosa. Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas aired the telenovela from February 27, 2006 to August 11, 2006. Univision aired it from August 31, 2010 to March 7, 2011 at 12am central.

The story is distinctive in that three artifacts are practically characters in their own right and have their own stories: 1) a piece of paper with writing on it, 2) diamonds (at one point hidden in shoes), and 3) a pair of cuff links. The story of these artifacts gets quite complicated.


This is an exciting story of love, intrigue and secrets that focuses around two couples. The first couple is David Genovés and Gabriela Guillén. Gabriela is an intelligent, modest (and beautiful) girl that works as a waitress in the restaurant that David administers which belongs to his father, Mario Genovés.

The second couple is Juan Jose, who spent 11 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit, and Alejandra, a young architect whose social class is well above that of Juan Jose, however, she falls in love with him at first sight and will fight to gain his heart. When Gabriela and her sister Julieta start working at the restaurant, David feels immediately attracted to Gabriela, however, his partner Carlos is also impressed by her beauty. A great rivalry arises between them to conquer her heart.

Although Gabriela is in love with David, multiple conflicts arise and she doubts her true feelings, more so when Leonardo appears in her life. Leonardo is a commander of the police who becomes her protector, but who has to hide the love that feels for her. Gabriela spends considerable time and anguish (this is a novela, after all) before she accepting that in fact she loves David, who is sincere. Nevertheless, her relation will be difficult and conflicting due to the intrigue of Carlos and the jealousy of David.

Gabriela does not know that her father, Faustus and Mario Genovés knew each other many years ago and share a terrible and painful secret. Now, the re-encounter of these two men coincides with a great tragedy: Mario finds out that he has an inoperable tumor and has just a short time left to live. In order to protect the inheritance of his son, knowing that his partner Adolfo is an individual without scruples that would seize his fortune, Mario convinces Faustus to disguise himself and to take his place until the term of his business contract with Adolfo finishes. For this purpose, he constructs a secret tunnel to allow access between his mansion and the house directly behind it.

There, Faustus will have his workshop of make-up products to be able to supplant Mario. And Alejandra and Juan Jose? They will share the secret of her uncle Mario and she will be in charge of the construction of the tunnel, and Juan Jose will see himself suddenly inheriting a fabulous fortune that will allow him not only to fight for the love of Alejandra, but to be united to Mario and Faustus in their audacious plan, since he also has a score to settle with the evildoer Adolfo. Additionally, the Commander Leonardo Faidella will have an important role when investigating and discovering the illicit businesses of Adolfo. The confrontation that they will have with him will be a fundamental piece in the final outcome of this exciting and romantic story.