Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

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For the drug with trade name Leblon, see Pirenzepine. For the 1898 French motor manufacturer, see Le Blon. For the pioneer driver and aviator, see Hubert Le Blon.
Leblon is located in Rio de Janeiro
Location in Rio de Janeiro
Coordinates: 22°59′00″S 43°13′33″W / 22.98333°S 43.22583°W / -22.98333; -43.22583Coordinates: 22°59′00″S 43°13′33″W / 22.98333°S 43.22583°W / -22.98333; -43.22583
Country  Brazil
State Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Municipality/City Rio de Janeiro
Zone South Zone
Leblon Beach

Leblon is the most affluent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Neighboring Ipanema is regarded as the second most affluent area in Rio de Janeiro. It is also the name of the local beach. The neighborhood is located in the south zone of the city, between Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Morro Dois Irmãos and the Jardim de Alá channel, bordering the Gávea, Ipanema, Lagoa and Vidigal neighborhoods. It is regarded as having the most expensive price per residential square meter in Latin America.[1]


Map of Leblon.

It is located west of Ipanema. In the north, it is bordered by Gávea and, in the west, by a towering hill called Dois Irmãos, which translates as "two brothers", because of its split peak.

Leblon is similar to Ipanema but even more exclusive, being the home of rich and famous people. The beach is quieter and more relaxed than the hip and trendy beach of Ipanema.

Leblon in Popular Culture[edit]

Leblon is known for being a very cosmopolitan neighbourhood, with a lively nightlife across its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Leblon has been either referenced or depicted in the following media:

In Television:

In Music:

Leblon has also been the subject of many songs such as

among many others. nos anos 70 la moravam Moraes Moreira, Patricia Rombauer, Dona Vava, Pedro Sayad, Claudia Laplan e Carlos van den Bosch