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This is a list of women's wrestling promotions in the United States, sorted by founding date, and lists both active and defunct women's promotions from the 1980s through the present.


Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling[edit]

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as GLOW or G.L.O.W., was founded by David McLane and began in 1986 (the pilot was filmed in December 1985) and continued in various forms after it left television in 1990. The television series combined women's wrestling with comedic skits and raps. The promotion was revived in 2001 by Riviera Hotel & Casino.

Powerful Women of Wrestling[edit]

Powerful Women of Wrestling (also known as POWW) was founded by David McLane in 1987 after he left Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The promotion lasted until 1990. Unlike GLOW, POWW focused more on women's wrestling than comedic skits. During its existence, POWW was aligned with World Wrestling Alliance in Indianapolis and the American Wrestling Association.

Delta Tiger Lilies[edit]

Delta Tiger Lilies
Founded 1988
Defunct 1988
Style American Wrestling

Delta Tiger Lilies was an all-female wrestling company that operated in 1988 and produced direct-to-video matches.


Unlike most other organizations, the Delta Tiger Lilies did not have an official championship. Instead, they recognized the existing champions from other national promotions, including AWA World Women's Champion Madusa Miceli and NWA United States Women's Champion Misty Blue Simmes.

During one of the events, Simmes challenged Miceli to a title unification match (NWA United States Women's Title and AWA World Women's Title), but the match never happened.[1] At another event, former NWA World Women's Champion Debbie Combs challenged Simmes for the NWA United States Women's Championship, but Simmes was unable to accept due to an arm injury she had sustained.



Other on-air talent[edit]



  • Jim Burns

Ladies Major League Wrestling[edit]

Ladies Major League Wrestling (LMLW) was an all-female wrestling company founded in 1989 by Howard Brody and operated in the late 1980s through the early 1990s. Their matches, which were aired promoted under the "Wild Women of Wrestling" (WWOW) banner, were featured on the Universal Wresting Federation television series and sold on home video.[2]

Ladies Professional Wrestling Association[edit]

Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) was an all-female wrestling promotion founded in 1989 by Tor Berg and operated from 1989 through 1992. The LPWA produced two television series, The Super Ladies of Wrestling and Ladies Championship Wrestling from 1990-1992. Many of their matches were also distributed and sold on VHS tapes. They held their first and only pay-per-view, Super Ladies Showdown, on February 23, 1992 before closing down operations shortly after.

Fabulous Ladies in International Rings[edit]

Fabulous Ladies in International Rings
Acronym FLAIR
Founded 1990
Defunct 1990
Style American Wrestling

Fabulous Ladies in International Rings (FLAIR) was founded in 1990 shortly after the closing of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Powerful Women of Wrestling. In addition to filming all-women's wrestling events for video distribution, the short-lived company also promoted women's matches on various men's wrestling events.


Katie Kincaid was recognized as the FLAIR Champion. She later lost the title to Dream Maker (Lori Weathers).


Ladies Sports Club[edit]

Ladies Sports Club
Acronym LSC
Founded 1990
Defunct 1991
Style American Wrestling
Founder(s) David McLane
Owner(s) David McLane

Ladies Sports Club (LSC) was founded in 1990 by David McLane.[3] It was the third female wrestling promotion created by McLane, who also created Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) and Powerful Women of Wrestling (POWW). Shortly after the closing of POWW (which had a working agreement with the American Wrestling Association to co-promote matches), McLane formed LSC. The LSC roster consisted of many of the women that were then part of the AWA roster, as well as former POWW wrestlers. Most of the LSC matches were aired on the AWA television series. The company closed in 1991.


Tina Moretti was recognized as the LSC Champion and Trudy the Farmer's Daughter was recognized as the LSC Television Champion.


Professional Girl Wrestling Association[edit]

Professional Girl Wrestling Association (PGWA) was founded in 1992 by Randy Powell. The organization promotes matches, which typically run from 15–30 minutes in length and are more "old school" in style, throughout the United States, Mexico, and United Kingdom.

Women's Pro Wrestling[edit]

Women's Pro Wrestling
Acronym WPW
Founded 1992
Defunct 1993
Style American Wrestling
Founder(s) Debbie Combs

Women's Pro Wrestling (WPW) was founded in 1992 by Debbie Combs. The organization operated from 1992–1993 and produced direct-to-video matches.[4]


The Female Wrestling Channel[edit]

The Female Wrestling Channel
Acronym FWC
Founded 2012
Style Real Competitive Female Wrestling
Founder(s) Johnny Ringo

The Female Wrestling Channel (FWC) was founded in 2012 by Johnny Ringo. The goal is to provide the female wrestling in storyline format, but unlike the stuff on TV, the outcomes of the matches are not real. Thus, the FWC never knows where the story will go, nor do the fans, since the outcome is not scripted. The FWC allows for ladies from anywhere in the world to come and challenge their ladies through the use of Fan's Choice match options. The organization introduced the first ever female wrestling "competitive" belt in 2013.


Dangerous Women of Wrestling[edit]

Dangerous Women of Wrestling
Acronym DWOW
Founded 1999
Style American Wrestling
Founder(s) Dan Kowal
Formerly Gorgeous Ladies of Outrageous Wrestling (GLOOW)

Dangerous Women of Wrestling (DWOW) was founded in 1999 by then-Extreme Championship Wrestling promoter Dan Kowal. The organization was originally known as Gorgeous Ladies of Outrageous Wrestling (GLOOW), but changed the name to DWOW in 2003 to avoid confusion with Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.[5] The company features a mixture of extreme wrestling along with some nudity and oil wrestling.[6][7]

Note that the Beautiful Babes of Wrestling (BBOW) promotion is separate from DWOW/GLOOW. Although they used a similar roster, BBOW was composed mainly of women from Maryland Championship Wrestling and women from DWOW/GLOOW.[8] DWOW/GLOOW is also separate from Women's Extreme Wrestling, which was founded in 2002 by Dave Milan, Dan Kowal, Steve Karel and Greg Bagarozy and used a similar talent roster. Whereas WEW ran pay-per-view events, DWOW focused on television and served as a developmental territory for WEW.[5]

DWOW aired a television series in the local Pennsylvania and Northeastern Atlantic markets until the company want on an intermittent hiatus in 2004. They announced a new television deal in 2010. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling Underground television series debuted on August 28, 2010, on The Fight Network.


The roster of wrestlers includes female wrestlers, male wrestlers, and midget wrestlers.


Other on-air talent[edit]



  • Rughead


  • Ginger
  • Isis
  • Just Joe
  • Mimi
  • Nurse A
  • Nurse T

Women of Wrestling[edit]

Main article: Women of Wrestling

Women of Wrestling (WOW) was a professional wrestling promotion founded in 2000 by David McLane. WOW produced a syndicated television series that ran from 2000-2001. They held their first and only pay-per-view, WOW Unleashed, on February 4, 2001 before closing down operations shortly after. Shirley store Oleg

Women's Extreme Wrestling[edit]

Women's Extreme Wrestling (WEW), also known as Women's Erotic Wrestling, was founded in 2002 by Dave Milan, Dan Kowal, Steve Karel and Greg Bagarozy. Their storylines usually are filled with erotic and sexual themes. Due to the shows having adult sexual content, audience members that attend live shows must be age 21 years of age or older. Although the promotion continues to offer previously taped matches on DVD and digital download, they have not promoted a live event since 2008.


Founded 2002
Defunct 2003
Style American Wrestling
Founder(s) Johnny Cafarella

CRUSH was founded in 2002 by former Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling host Johnny Cafarella. Cafarella developed an idea for a new television series that was loosely based on the original concept for GLOW and later used for Women of Wrestling (WOW). Along with Steve Blance, Jimmy Hart, and the Flying Farley Brothers (brothers of late comedian Chris Farley), he filmed matches for the pilot episode of a proposed all-women's wrestling/sketch comedy television series called CRUSH in February 2003.

Although Hart stated in radio interviews that the series would debut on the Comedy Central network in fall 2003 and that Tom Arnold would be involved in the series, the pilot was not sold to any networks or distributors.[9] In 2008, Cafarella and Hart partnered with Jonathan Vargas, who won a Powerball jackpot of $35.3 million the same year. Reusing many of the characters (although portrayed by different wrestlers and models/actresses) from CRUSH, they filmed matches for the pilot of Wrestlicious during the summer.


  • Ana Rocha (Ariel) as "Faith"
  • Ashley Xavier as "Thelma Throttle"
  • Barb Endres as "Sister Mary"
  • Bonnie Maxon (Rain) as "Hope"
  • Cathy Corino (Allison Danger) as "Lt. Desiree Storm"
  • Cheryl Rusa (formerly Lightning from GLOW) as "Zap Lightning"
  • Crystal Carmichael as "Diva Las Vegas"
  • Elizabeth Miklosi (Lizzy Valentine) as "Jersey Jean"
  • Erica D'Erico as "Sunset Flipp"
  • Erica Porter (formerly Jungle Grrl of WOW) as "X-Terminator"
  • Heather Lee-Millard (formerly Terri Gold of WOW) as "Awesome Ariel"
  • Jazmynn Viktoria as "Rampage"
  • Jeanne Basone (formerly Hollywood of GLOW) as "Holly M. Wood"
  • Jeannie Kim (formerly Lotus of WOW) as "Tsunami"
  • Jennifer Lane (Looney Lane) as Officer Miranda
  • Jennifer Lee Chan (formerly Jade of WOW) as "Chica"
  • Jessica Kresa (ODB) as "Mekka the Warrior"
  • Kat Heiss as "Rage"
  • Lacey as "Shauna-Na"
  • Lana Kinnear (formerly Lana Star of WOW) as "Beverly Hills"
  • Lynn Braxton (formerly Big Bad Mama of GLOW) as "Voodoo Mama"
  • Melina Perez as "Melanie Little Deer"
  • Melinda Padovano (Alicia) as "Charity"
  • Melissa Anderson (Cheerleader Melissa) as "Felony"
  • Nadia Nyce as "Innocence"
  • Sasha Bryant (Savvy Sasha) as "Peachy the Southern Belle"
  • Shawna Doyle as "Dot Matrix"
  • Stacy Hunter as "Mighty O'Reilly"
  • Tracy Brookshaw (Traci Brooks) as "Glory"
  • Violet Devine as "Draculetta"
  • Violet Flame as "Annabelle the Cannibal"

The roster also included former WOW wrestler Patti Pizzazz/Patti Pep as "Cousin Haley", Allied Powers Wrestling Federation's NYX as "Griselda", World League Wrestling's Miss Natural as "Kickstart Katie", All-Star Championship Wrestling's Kendra as "Leena from Fargo", independent wrestler Luxurious Lynne as "Shyly O'Reilly", independent wrestler Celeste as "Smiley O'Reilly", former WOW wrestler Slam Dunk as "South Side Slick", and Minnesota Independent Wrestling's Candy as "Tyranny".[10][11][12]

CRUSH Championship Crown[edit]

X-Terminator won the CRUSH Championship Crown at the initial and only television taping.

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
X-Terminator (Erica Porter) 1 February 3, 2003 Minneapolis, Minnesota Defeated Felony to become the initial champion[13]
The title was abandoned after CRUSH was not picked up for television.

Naked Women's Wrestling League[edit]

The Naked Women's Wrestling League (NWWL) was founded in 2004 by Howard Mann. The organization promotes pay-per-views featuring female wrestlers wrestling in both clothed and nude matches.

Slammin Ladies[edit]

Slammin Ladies
Founded July 2, 2004
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Florida
Founder(s) Lexie Fyfe

Slammin Ladies was founded on July 2, 2004 by Lexie Fyfe and films custom matches that customers may design the match type (including frequent intergender matches) and book the talent.


Female wrestlers[edit]

Male wrestlers[edit]


Main article: ChickFight

ChickFight was founded in 2004 by Jason Deadrich. The promotion originally began as an eight-woman tournament that was held from 2004-2008. Since 2008, ChickFight has promoted several matches on cards for other wrestling promotions, particularly the California-based Pro Wrestling Revolution. In 2010, ChickFight announced a partnership with the website to co-promote matches in 2011.

Hottest Ladies of Wrestling[edit]

Hottest Ladies of Wrestling
Acronym HLOW
Founded 2005
Defunct 2005
Style American Wrestling

Hottest Ladies of Wrestling (HLOW) was founded in 2005 and filmed direct-to-DVD matches. The promotion utilized women wrestlers formerly from World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and the independent circuit.


Christie Ricci was crowned the first HLOW Champion after winning a battle royal that included Amy Lee, Bobcat (with Gorgeous George), Casey, Claudia, Jazz, Lollipop, ODB (with Francine), Passion, and Venus. Ricci continued to defend the title outside of HLOW after the organization closed in 2005.



Other on-air talent[edit]



Shimmer Women Athletes[edit]

Shimmer Women Athletes (stylized as SHIMMER Women Athletes and often referred to simply as SHIMMER) was founded in 2005 by Dave Prazak and Allison Danger. The company films direct-to-DVD matches that are sold as single volumes initially through Ring of Honor's online store before being nationally distributed through retail outlets.

World Women's Wrestling[edit]

World Women's Wrestling (WWW or Triple W) was founded in 2006 by Sheldon Goldberg. Their matches were promoted on numerous New England Championship Wrestling cards until the closure of WWW and NECW on November 6, 2010.

Women Superstars Uncensored[edit]

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) was founded in 2007 and works closely with National Wrestling Superstars. WSU films direct-to-DVD matches, as well as internet pay-per-view events. They also launched a television series, UNCENSORED, in 2010.

Exotic Ladies of Wrestling[edit]

Exotic Ladies of Wrestling
Acronym ELOL
Founded 2007
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Trinity County, California
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Exotic Ladies of Wrestling was founded in 2007 and filmed direct-to-DVD matches. ELOF formerly was located in Trinity County, California in 2007. ELOF relocated Pembroke Pines, Florida after returning/





Other on-air talent[edit]


  • Krystal Frost

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling[edit]

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling
Founded 2007
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Memphis
Founder(s) Thomas Darnell
Formerly Memphis Ladies Wrestling

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling was founded in 2007 by Thomas Darnell and films custom matches that customers may design.


  • Aida Marie
  • Alere Little Feather
  • Allison Danger
  • Allysin Kay
  • Amber O'Neal
  • Amy Lee
  • Amy Love
  • Angel Dust
  • Angel Orsini
  • Angelina
  • Ann Brookstone
  • Arella Angel
  • Athena
  • Auburn Thunder
  • Barbi Hayden
  • BB "The Southern Belle"
  • The Black Widow
  • Blackwidow
  • Brandi Wine
  • Brittany Brown
  • Brittany Force
  • Brittany Love
  • Brittney Savage
  • Camron Star
  • Christi Whiplash
  • Christie Ricci
  • CJ Lane
  • Claudia Del Solis
  • Crystal Fire
  • December
  • Desiree Petersen
  • Destiny
  • Devon
  • Eliza
  • Fantasia
  • Fantasy
  • Fire
  • Genni Right
  • The Great Cheyenne
  • Hailey Rage
  • Heather Owens
  • Heather ZumHofe
  • Hellena Heavenly
  • Jazz
  • Jennifer Justice
  • Jessicka Havok
  • Jessie Belle
  • Jessika Haze
  • Jezabel
  • Josianne
  • Josie
  • Joyce Grable
  • Kassie Rains
  • Kayla McMahon
  • Kristin Flake
  • Kylie Pierce
  • Leva Bates
  • Lil Bit
  • Lillie Mae
  • Little Jeanne
  • Malia Hosaka
  • Maranda (Constance) Rights
  • Marti Belle
  • Mary Elizabeth Monroe
  • Mary Kelly
  • Melanie Cruise
  • Mercedes KV
  • Mia Svensson
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Miss Rachel
  • Misty Heat
  • Misty James
  • Morgan
  • MsChif
  • Mystik
  • Nemesis
  • Nikki 6
  • Nikki Lane
  • Nikki St. John
  • New York Knockout Nikki
  • Pandora
  • Persephone
  • Pink
  • Portia Perez
  • Rachel Summerlyn
  • Rebecca Lynn
  • Rebecca Raze
  • Robbie Rage
  • Rock N Roll Rock C
  • Sabrina
  • Santana G
  • Sara Del Rey
  • Sarah Lynn
  • Sassy Stephie
  • Sex Kitten Kathy
  • Simply Luscious
  • Sin D
  • Spitfire
  • Starr
  • Su Yung
  • Susan Morton
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Taryn Shay
  • Taylor Made
  • Tenille Tayla
  • Thunderkitty
  • Tiffany Roxx
  • Tina San Antonio
  • Veda Scott
  • Venus
  • Veronica Fairchild


Main article: Wrestlicious

Wrestlicious was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Vargas, along with partners Johnny Cafarella (former Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling host and producer ) and Jimmy Hart. Similar to GLOW, Wrestlicious combines women's wrestling with comedic skits. Cafarella filmed a pilot for the CRUSH series in 2003 using many of the same characters and gimmicks that were eventually reused in Wrestlicious. The promotion airs television series Wrestlicious TakeDown in the United States and Canada.

World Independent Ladies Division Wrestling[edit]

World Independent Ladies Division Wrestling
Acronym WILD Wrestling
Founded May 2010
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters California
Founder(s) Travis James Leland
Owner(s) Travis James Leland

World Independent Ladies Division (WILD) Wrestling was founded in May 2010 by Travis James Leland and filmes direct-to-DVD matches. Matches are held on cards promoted by various independent promotions in California and Nevada.


See WILD World Championship and WILD North American Championship.


Ring name Real name Notes
Aiden Riley Unknown
Allison Danger Corino, CathyCathy Corino Co-Runner of Shimmer Women Athletes
Amber O'Neil Davis, KimberlyKimberly Davis Also appears on Wrestlicious
Ashley Massaro Massaro, AshleyAshley Massaro Co-General Manager, April 2007 Playboy cover girl, Former WWE Diva, 2005 Diva Search winner, Posed for Playboy in 2004 and 2003
Becky Bayless Treston, RebeccaRebecca Treston Former TNA Knockout
Buggy Nova Osman, NatalieNatalie Osman Former NXT and FCW Diva
Candice LeRae Candice Dawson
Chloe Thomas, JenniferJennifer Thomas Former OVW and DSW Diva
Christina Von Eerie Kardooni, ChristinaChristina Kardooni Former TNA Knockout
Katarina Waters, KatarinaKatarina Waters WILD World Championship, Former TNA Knockout, Former WWE and OVW Diva
Kiara Dillon Unknown
Kitana Vera Unknown
Liz Savage Unknown
Lizzy Valentine Miklosi, ElizabethElizabeth Miklosi 2005 Diva Search contestant, Former TNA Knockout
Lucky O'Shea Unknown
Mia Yim Stephanie Bell
Serena Deeb Deeb, SerenaSerena Deeb Former WWE, FCW and OVW Diva
Shelly Martinez Martinez, ShellyShelly Martinez Former TNA Knockout, Former WWE and OVW Diva
Tabitha Buck Unknown
Traci Brooks Brookshaw, TracyTracy Brookshaw Posed for Playboy in 2009, Former TNA Knockout


  • "The Bloodthirsty Vixen" Amanda
  • Fabulous Thunderkitty
  • Jessicka Havok
  • Katie Locke
  • "The NY Knockout" Nikki
  • Terra Calaway


Founded November 2010
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Founder(s) Amber O'Neal

ArenaChicks was founded in November 2010 by Amber O'Neal and films direct-to-DVD matches, as well as coordinates appearances by female wrestling personalities at wrestling conventions and reunion shows.


Female wrestlers[edit]

Male wrestlers[edit]

  • Ben Tyler
  • Cecil Scott
  • Chiva Kid
  • Coach Gemini
  • Michael McAllister
  • Roo-D Lewis

Other talent[edit]

Pro-Wrestling SUN[edit]

Pro-Wrestling SUN
Founded March 20, 2011
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Jackson, New Jersey
Founder(s) Allison Danger

Pro-Wrestling SUN was founded on March 20, 2011 by Allison Danger and films direct-to-DVD matches. The promotion is not to be confused with a Japanese promotion of the same name and later Chick Fights Sun, which ran shows from 2006 to 2009.


Pro-Wrestling SUN recognizes the World-1 Women's Championship (currently held by Sara Del Rey) as their championship, and the World-1 Women's Tag Team Championship (currently held by Sumie Sakai and Roxie Cotton) as their tag team championship.


DropKick Divas[edit]

DropKick Divas
Founded June 12, 2011
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Canton, Ohio
Founder(s) Jessica Havok Kevin Ballew
Owner(s) Kevin Ballew

DropKick Divas was founded on June 12, 2011 by Kevin Ballew and Jessica Havok and films direct-to-DVD matches, as well as custom matches that customers may design the match type and book the talent.


Female wrestlers[edit]

  • Allysin Kay
  • Amanda Ruffin
  • Amber O'Neal
  • Angeldust
  • Big Mama
  • Bombshell Betty
  • Brittany Force
  • Drea
  • Heather Owens
  • Jessica Havok
  • Jessie Bell Smothers
  • Maverick Sky
  • Minka Murder
  • Neveah
  • Roxie Cotton
  • Sassy Stephie
  • Shavonne Norvell
  • Side Saddle Sally
  • Tinita

Male wrestlers[edit]

  • Big Hurt
  • Christian Vaughn
  • Jebediah
  • Larry Lavender
  • Shasta

New England Female Wrestling[edit]

New England Female Wrestling
Acronym N.E.F.W.
Founded 2010
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters New England Area
Founder(s) Mike Harris

New England Female Wrestling was founded in 2010 by Mike Harris with the first shoot having happened in July 2011, continuing on a regular basis following the initial shoot. The company holds and films custom matches that customers order and design.


  • Aida Marie
  • Alexis Parrish
  • Alexxis Nevaeh
  • Allie Parker
  • Amber O'Neal
  • Amber Rodriguez
  • Annie Social
  • Athena
  • Athena Cage
  • Barbi Hayden
  • Barbie
  • Brittany Brown
  • Brittney Savage
  • Candy Cartwright
  • Cherry Layne
  • Chrissy Rivera
  • Claudia Del Solis
  • Danica Lux
  • D'arcy Dixon
  • Devon
  • Divina
  • Fantasia
  • Gabby Gilbert
  • The Great Cheyenne
  • Heather Owens
  • Heidi Lovelace
  • Jessie Belle
  • Jessie Brooks
  • Jessie Kaye
  • Jewells Malone
  • Josianne
  • Kimber Lee
  • Kylie Pierce
  • Little Jeanne
  • Luscious Latasha
  • Marti Belle
  • Miss Rachel
  • Missy Sampson
  • Mistress Belmont
  • Natalia
  • Naughty Adrianna
  • Nevaeh
  • Niki Nitro
  • Nikki Addams
  • Onyx
  • Sammi Lane
  • Sassy Stephie
  • Sex Kitten Kathy
  • Sienna Duvall
  • Silvie Silver
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Thunderkitty
  • Tina San Antonio
  • Veda Scott
  • Vita

Steel Kittens Productions[edit]

Steel Kittens Productions
Acronym SK Wrestling
Founded 1986
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Newbury Park, California
Founder(s) B. Belle
Sister ProWW

Steel Kittens Productions was founded in 1986 by B. Belle a freestyle wrestling champion. She was significantly involved in the making of the women's wrestling movie American Angels-Baptism of Blood. Steel Kittens Productions acknowledges the great pool of talent and features women wrestlers and valets from most all the United States Wrestling Federations and Promotions, like Awa, American Wrestling Association, GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, NWA, National Wrestling Alliance, LPWA Ladies Professional wrestling Association, POWW, Powerful Women of Wrestling, WOW, Women of Wrestling, WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, WSU, Women Superstars Uncensored and WEW, Women's Extreme Wrestling.

Steel Kittens Productions also supports a line of rare Vintage Ladies Wrestling either shot live or shot by the great Mildred Burke, and Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling from Productions, like the AJW, All Japan Women’s Professional Wrestling, Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance and Japan Wrestling Association. Steel Kittens Productions live proformances are few and most all of their matches are either on DVD or for Download.

From some of the most elite Professional Women Wrestlers of the world, extreme freestyle amateurs to more adult forms of female wrestling Steel Kittens Productions continues to create women's wrestling films, intergender matches and custom video matches world wide.


Zealot Wrestling League[edit]

Zealot Wrestling League
Acronym Z.W.L.
Founded 2013
Style Pro-Wrestling
Headquarters Pennsylvania

Zealot Wrestling League is a custom wrestling company that was founded in early April 2013, their first shoot having happened in June 2013. Following the debut shoot, the company has continued hosting shoots on a regular bi-monthly to monthly basis. The company films custom pro-wrestling matches (both same sex and intergender) that customers order and design.



  • Aida Marie
  • Alpha Chick
  • Amy TuTone
  • Arieda
  • Athena Cage
  • Bootie Collins
  • Chrissy Johnson
  • Deena
  • Desirre Clash
  • Drake Chambers
  • Halo Brown
  • James Connelly
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Jess La
  • Lexa Rose
  • Marcus Centofante
  • Marky Lectric
  • Matt Demorest
  • Ryleigh
  • Sarah Morgan
  • T.D. Truth
  • Tim Rush
  • Vikki Vale
  • Yasmine Crane


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