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Type Public
Industry Professional wrestling
Founded 2010
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Key people Gabe Sapolsky
Sal Hamaoui
Parent WWNLive[1]
Website EvolveWrestling.com

Evolve Wrestling (stylized as EVOLVE) is an American professional wrestling promotion based in the Northeast founded in 2010 by former Ring of Honor booker and current Dragon Gate USA vice president, Gabe Sapolsky, Full Impact Pro owner Sal Hamaoui, and independent wrestler Davey Richards. The company features a roster of independently-contracted wrestlers from all over the country, as well as several competitors from Japan. The promotion has a close working relationship with Dragon Gate USA.


In 2009, Gabe Sapolsky announced a new wrestling promotion via some viral videos featuring one of the company's competitors, Jimmy Jacobs. After this more videos were produced promoting more performers, as well as featuring blogs written by the wrestlers about their feelings regarding the company. The first show, Evolve 1: Davey Richards vs. Ibushi, was held on January 16, 2010, in Rahway, New Jersey at Rahway Recreational Center.[2]

During interviews with wrestling newsletter Figure 4 Weekly on its radio show, Sapolsky told editor Bryan Alvarez that Evolve would have stronger emphasis on rules and would not limit anyone based on their own respective style of wrestling in favor of showcasing the talent's individual strengths and covering up their weaknesses.[3] On January 29, 2010, Sapolsky announced that Evolve would no longer be booking Davey Richards as he had signed a new contract with Ring of Honor.[4]

The concept of the promotion was initially an emphasis on the wrestlers' win-loss records. They divided the company into two divisions: singles wrestlers and tag teams. As per the website, some wrestlers would need to earn their way onto the roster by winning a qualifying match, but that since has been dropped.[5]

On November 25, 2011, Evolve and Dragon Gate USA announced the unification of the two promotions. Evolve and Dragon Gate USA will still promote separate events, but the two share rosters, including stables, and Evolve recognizes Dragon Gate USA's Open the Freedom Gate Championship and Open the United Gate Championship as its top two championships.[6]

In February 2013, Evolve announced that they would be holding a tournament to crown the first Evolve Champion as they were eliminatin the records system at that time. The tournament was held in Secaucus, New Jersey, at WrestleCon in April 2013. Evolve used the records of the talent to determine the seedings in the tournament; the top two were Chuck Taylor (10–5) and Ricochet (5–2), and both received byes into the second round. On April 5, AR Fox defeated Sami Callihan in the final to become the inaugural champion. On September 18, 2013, Vito LoGrasso announced that his new Wrestling School signed an agreement to be the Development Center for Evolve.[7]

In November 2014, Evolve, along with Dragon Gate USA, Full Impact Pro and Shine Wrestling, all under the WWNLive banner, held a tour of China.[1] The following month, WWNLive announced a long-term deal with Great-Wall International Sports Management for regular tours of Asia, starting in the spring of 2015.[8]


The company's roster is split into several units, with the majority of the wrestlers aligned with one faction or another.[9]

Notable alumni[edit]



  • Lenny Leonard – Commentator & Ring Announcer
  • Mike Kehner - Referee
  • Brandon Tolle - Referee
  • Frankie Gastenau - Referee


Current champions[edit]

Championship Champion(s) Previous Date Won Days
Defenses Location
Evolve Championship Drew Galloway Chris Hero August 8, 2014 143+ 11 Tampa, FL
Open the Freedom Gate Championship Johnny Gargano Ricochet November 16, 2014 43+ 0 Beijing, China
Open the United Gate Championship The Premier Athlete Brand
(Anthony Nese, Caleb Konley and Trent Baretta)
The Bravado Brothers
(Harlem Bravado and Lancelot Bravado)
September 14, 2014 106+ 3 Brooklyn, NY


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