United Wrestling Network

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United Wrestling Network
Acronym UWN
Founded 2013
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters United States
Website United Wrestling Network

The United Wrestling Network (UWN) is a cooperative group of professional wrestling promotions from the United States. Formed in 2013, nine wrestling promotions created a new wrestling body, the United Wrestling Network.[1]


On October 21, 2013, David Marquez, promoter of "Championship Wrestling from Hollywood", announced the creation of a new governing body for professional wrestling. It is a plan for televised groups to work together and pool resources to help secure national advertising campaigns across the Network and also share in recognizing a UWN champion, who would travel through the groups similar to how the old NWA champion did in the territory era. The criteria for participating are simple - there is no “Membership”, “Franchise” or “Affiliate” fees. All sanctioned promotions must have a television broadcast or agree to terms to produce a broadcast to participate.

On Summer 2014, CWFH announced a tournament to crown the first UWN World Heavyweight Champion.[2]



American Promotion Representative State
New York Wrestling Connection New York
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood David Marquez California
West Coast Wrestling Connection Oregon
Ultra Championship Wrestling-Zero Utah
Future Stars of Wrestling Rocky T & Joe DeFalco Nevada
Championship Wrestling from Arizona Arizona
Traditional Championship Wrestling Arkansas
Metro Pro Wrestling Kansas
River City Wrestling Texas
New England Championship Wrestling Massachusetts
Canadian Wrestling's Elite Manitoba Canada
Southeastern Championship Wrestling Tennessee
Vintage Wrestling Florida
Steel Domain Wrestling Minnesota


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