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m0n0wall logo
Developer Manuel Kasper
OS family FreeBSD (8.4-RELEASE)
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Latest release 1.8.1 / January 15, 2014 (2014-01-15)
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
License BSD
Official website m0n0.ch/wall/

m0n0wall is an embedded firewall distribution of FreeBSD, one of the BSD operating system descendants. It provides a small image which can be put on Compact Flash cards as well as on CD-ROMs and hard disks. It runs on a number of embedded platforms and generic PCs. The PC version can be run with just a Live CD and a floppy disk to store configuration data, or on a single Compact Flash card (with an IDE adapter). This eliminates the need for a hard drive, which reduces noise and heat levels.


m0n0wall provides for a web-based configuration and uses PHP exclusively for the GUI and bootup configuration. Additionally, it adopts a single XML file for configuration parameters.

Some functions of m0n0wall are:


m0n0wall is installed on embedded hardware designed and manufactured by some companies.[1]

Articles about m0n0wall[edit]

Inclusion in commercial products[edit]

m0n0wall is used in some commercial hardware platforms, including Netgate and Logic Supply.


  • m0n0wall mod: Original m0n0wall with additional features (DHCP+PPTP, DHCP+PPPoE, static+PPPoE, L2TP, WAN eth interface).
  • AskoziaPBX: An embedded telephone system.
  • NAS4Free: Network-attached storage distro using FreeBSD 9 and the m0n0wall web GUI.
  • pfSense: Builds off of m0n0wall but focused towards full PC installations rather than the embedded hardware focus of m0n0wall.
  • OPNsense: Forked from pfSense focused on code quality and easy development with BSD 2-clause license and modern Bootstrap based GUI.

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