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Made in Chelsea
Made in chelsea logo.png
Genre Structured Reality Television
Opening theme
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 64 (aired) (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Sarah Dillistone
  • Lee Smith
  • David Granger
Location(s) Chelsea, London
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Monkey Kingdom
Original channel E4
Picture format 16:9 (HDTV)
Original run 9 May 2011 (2011-05-09) – present
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Made in Chelsea (abbreviated as MIC) is a BAFTA award-winning, structured- reality television series broadcast by E4 in the United Kingdom and on Style in the United States.[1] Made in Chelsea is mostly shot in the West London areas of Belgravia, Kings Road, and Knightsbridge as well as occasionally other locations such as Dubai, Finland, Marrakech, Paris, Cannes, Chamonix, Verbier, Amsterdam, Saint-Tropez, Barcelona, South Africa and New York.

The first series of Made in Chelsa began on 9 May 2011 for 8 episodes. The show was renewed for a 10-episode second series as part of E4's decision to stop airing Friends and filming began on 29 July 2011.[2] The second series premiered on Monday 19 September 2011[3][4] and was followed by a reunion episode presented by Rick Edwards, and a 90-minute Christmas Special, which aired on 22 December 2011.

A 10-episode third series was confirmed on 21 November 2011 and began airing on 2 April 2012. This was the last series to feature long-serving cast member Hugo Taylor.[5]

The fourth series began on 15 October 2012,[6] with five new cast members including Andy Jordan, Sam Cussins, Stevie Johnson and Lucy Watson.[7] Later on, it was confirmed two other cast members were joining the show for the fourth series—Sophia Sassoon and 21-year-old Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack.[8] Series 4 was followed by a Christmas special which aired on 24 December 2012.

Series 5 began on 8 April 2013. Four new cast members joined the show: sisters Fran and Olivia Newman-Young, Phoebe-Lettice Thompson and her on/off boyfriend Josh Coombs.[9] This was the last series to feature long-serving cast members Ollie Locke and Millie Mackintosh.

Filming for the sixth series of the show began in late July 2013, with cast member Jamie Laing revealing the first day of filming on 25 July 2013.[10] The last day of filming was revealed as 16 November 2013, through cast member Lucy Watson. The sixth series began on 14 October 2013 as well as a third Christmas special on 23 December 2013. This was the last series to feature supporting cast member Phoebe-Lettice Thompson (Series 5-6) and long-serving cast memberFrancis Boulle (Series 1-6).

On 8 October 2013, it was announced that three more series of the show had been commissioned by E4. This means the show will continue broadcasting until the end of 2014, at the very least.[11]

On 18 March 2014, it was announced that a new six-part series based in New York would be filmed. It will air this summer. [12]

The seventh series began on 7 April 2014. It will be followed by the aforementioned spin-off series New York in Summer 2014.



Cast member[13] Age Occupation/Role Series
Spencer Matthews 27 Educated at Eton and Mander Portman Woodward London. Author. Heir to Eden Rock Hotel St. Barths. 1–present
Rosie Fortescue 24 Fashion blogger. Educated at Downe House and Goldsmiths studying History of Art. Rosie has a twin sister. 1–present
Francesca 'Cheska' Hull 27 Blog author, former PR rep for Raffles on King's Road. 1–present
Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead 23 Girlfriend of Alex Mytton and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Educated at Dallington School Taunton School & Millfield. 1–present
Mark-Francis Vandelli 23 Heir to the fortune of his mother, a Russian prince and fashion muse and jeweller. Educated at St Paul's and UCL. 1–present
Victoria Baker-Harber 25 Swimwear designer. Educated at the University of the Arts London and Regent's College London. 2–present
Louise Thompson 24 Owner of Pocket London. Educated at Downe House and Edinburgh 2–present
Jamie Laing 25 Creator of Candy Kittens and heir to McVitie's. Educated at Radley and Leeds. 2–present
Oliver Proudlock 27 Creator of Serge DeNimes fashion label. Educated at Eton and Newcastle. 2–present
Andy Jordan 24 Broker. Educated at Teddies and Leeds. 4–present
Stevie Johnson 25 Private finance and sauna entrepreneur. Educated at Eton and Leeds. 4–present
Lucy Watson 23 Socialite. Model. Creator of Creature Jewellery. Educated at St Catherine's School, Bramley and Godalming College . 4–present
Fran Newman-Young 25 Singer, friend of Andy. Educated at Hurtwood House, St Catherine's School, Bramley and Leeds. 5–present
Alex Mytton 23 Boyfriend of Binky. DJ/Musician Educated at Lord Wandsworth College and Oxford Brookes 5–present
Sophie Hermann 25 Designer and Founder of Sophie Hermann London. 6-present
Sam Thompson 21 Louise's brother. Educated at Bradfield College and Oxford University 6-present
Emma Miller 23 Professional fashion blogger. Signed to Next Model Management. Long-term and close friend of Spencer Matthews. 7-present
Robbo McCallum  ? Jack Wills Seasonnaires Marketing Manager and creative director at Ping. Friend of Alex Mytton. 7-present


Cast member[13] Age Occupation/Role Series
Jane "Mummy" Felstead Agony Aunt at Daily Mail, Binky's mum. 1–present


Cast member[13] Age Occupation/Role Series
Francis Boulle 25 Entrepreneur, Franco-Mauritian polo-playing heir to a diamond fortune. Educated at The Oratory School, Edinburgh and Regent's College London. 1–6
Phoebe-Lettice Thompson 22 Fashion assistant at Tatler and photographer. Educated at Hurtwood House and Godalming College. Alex's ex-girlfriend 5–6
Stephanie Pratt 27 Younger sister of Spencer Pratt. Formerly part of The Hills. 6
Belle Hardinge 20 Educated at James Allen's Girls' School and Newcastle University 6
Tiffany Reason 20 Educated at James Allen's Girls' School and University of Bristol 6
Freddie Hickman 22 Educated at Cranleigh School and Newcastle University 6
Dave 'Miffy' Mifsud 22 Educated at Dulwich College and Newcastle University. 6
Poppy Fisher 22 Stevie's ex girlfriend. Educated at Stowe School and Newcastle University 6
Ollie Locke 27 Educated at Hampshire Collegiate School and Newcastle. 2009 Whisky Mist Host 2010-2011 Amika London PR 2009. Author of "Laid in Chelsea". 1–5
Camilla 'Millie' Mackintosh 23 Makeup artist. Distant heir to Quality Street. Educated at Millfield. Married Professor Green on 10 September 2013 at Babington House, Somerset.[14] Ex-Girlfriend of Hugo. 1–5
Richard Dinan 25 Entrepreneur, founder of The Phantom Card. Educated at Teddies and left at age 16 to become a full-time entrepreneur. 3–5
Ashley James 25 Model and Presenter. Educated at Sedbergh School and Nottingham. Dated Francis and Ollie . 4–5
Josh Coombs 27 Works in design. 5
Olivia Newman-Young 22 Make-up artist, sister of Fran. Educated at Hurtwood House. 5
Gabriella Ellis 24 Educated at Gillotts School. Singer/Songwriter. She, CJ Chapman and Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack are the only three not to have attended a private school. Ex-girlfriend of Ollie. 1–4
Carly Rothman 20 Works in PR. Best friend of Lucy. 4
Tara Keeney 18 Student. Educated at the North London Collegiate School and the Bristol Ex-girlfriend of Jamie. 5
Sam Cussins 24 Sports marketing. Educated at Charterhouse and Leeds 4
Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack 27 Model, fashion student, ex-girlfriend of Richard. Gabriella Ellis and she are the only two not to have attended a private school since she was educated at the high-performing Waldegrave School for Girls and Esher College, both of which are state-run. 4
Sophia Sassoon 23 Actress and model. Educated at St. George's School, Ascot and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. 4
Catherine 'Caggie' Dunlop 24 Singer/songwriter, creator of ISWAI fashion label. Educated at The Harrodian School, Wellington College and Strasberg. Former love interest for Spencer. 1–3
Hugo Taylor 26 Head of PR for The Bourne Collection. Educated at Harrow and the Courtauld Institute of Art. 1–3
Amber Atherton 22 Entrepreneur, model. Educated at Benenden and the London College of Fashion. 1–3
Fredrik Ferrier 24 Model. Educated at The Oratory School and Bristol. 1–4
Gabriella 'Gabilicious' Tristao 29 Singer. Educated at Francis Holland. 1–3
Kimberley Garner 23 Property heiress, model, actress and fashion designer. Educated at St. George's School, Ascot. Director of Kimberley London Ltd. 3
Natalie Joel 23 Model, Hugo's girlfriend. Educated at WBAIS Israel and Nottingham. 3
Karin Joel 23 Natalie's twin sister. 3
Harriet Loder 23 From a wealthy German family. 3
Gemma Gregory 30 An intern for Richard, model for The Kooples. Educated at Wycombe Abbey 2–3
Chloe Green 23 Daughter of Sir Philip Green, heiress to The Arcadia Group and Footwear designer of CJG shoes. Ex-girlfriend of Ollie. 2
Alice Davidson 20 Caggie's cousin, model for Serge De Nîmes. 2
James Ryan 19 Intern for Francis Boulle. 2
Agne Motiejunaite 34 Intern/PA for Francis Boulle. 1
Funda Önal 31 Model, Spencer's ex-girlfriend. 1
CJ Chapman 26 Friend of Hugo. Educated at Charters School. 1


Series Episodes First airdate Last airdate Average Viewers
1 8 9 May 2011 27 June 2011 655,000
2 10 19 September 2011 21 November 2011 543,000
3 10 2 April 2012 4 June 2012 799,000
4 10 15 October 2012 17 December 2012 708,000
5 11 8 April 2013 17 June 2013 900,000
6 10 14 October 2013 16 December 2013 918,000
7 11 7 April 2014 16 June 2014 866,000 (so far)
New York TBC 2014 2014

These viewing figures are taken from BARB.


Series 1 (2011)[edit]

The first series mostly revolves around the relationship between long time friends Caggie and Spencer. Although they both have openly strong feelings for each other they have never acted upon them. The situation is made more complicated when Caggie meets Spencer's girlfriend Funda who suspects more is going on between the friends. Funda confronts Caggie about her feelings who assures her nothing is going on. After this Caggie invites Funda out with the girls to try and ensure a civil relationship with her. Soon after this however, Spencer breaks up with Funda, telling her they are too different. He and Hugo then decide to take Caggie and Millie away to Cannes for the weekend to celebrate Caggie's birthday. Whilst away Spencer tells Caggie he has broken up with Funda and is in love with her but she tells them it is too soon after his relationship. After this rejection Spencer decides to try and play it cool and ignore Caggie which results in her telling him that he shouldn't treat her like that as her friend and she isn't going to bow down to him after being single for a matter of days. Caggie reveals to Millie that she's decided to go back to New York and asks her not to tell Hugo for fear that Spencer will go and persuade her not to leave. However, she decides to tell him herself because she knows he would never forgive her for not saying goodbye. After the two share a kiss before she leaves, Spencer rushes to the airport to stop her but is told by Millie he's too late and she has gone.

Spencer's best friend Hugo is also caught in a love triangle between himself, Millie and Rosie. Even though the two girls are aware of the other's attraction to Hugo, Millie bids on him in a charity auction winning a date. Hugo seems to lead them on by telling them both he enjoys spending time with them more than the other. However, whilst Spencer is telling Rosie she has nothing to worry about as Hugo and Millie are just friends, the two share a kiss. After this however, he decides that he likes Rosie more and tells Millie. He goes to Rosie who then tells him she doesn't want to act on her feelings and she wants to stay friends. In Cannes Hugo and Millie share another kiss, Millie tells Rosie and asks if she is sure she is okay with this. Rosie then decides to tell Hugo she has feelings for him expecting him to like her back but instead he tells her he is happy with Millie and the two confirm their relationship.

Another relationship within the series is that of Ollie and Gabriella. Gabriella is deeply in love with Ollie but it always seems that Ollie does not feel the same and she decides to do something special for his birthday - skiing. However, tension builds as unknown to Gabriella, Ollie also invites his two best friends Binky and Cheska which she is unhappy with. After the ski trip, the relationship finally caves after Ollie admits that he is bisexual and needs to be single so that he can think about what he wants, ending the relationship. Binky spends time with both Ollie and Gabriella separately but lies to them and says she hasn't seen the other. Ollie decides he wants to try his hand at modelling, however he is told he will have to cut off his hair which he isn't too keen on. After bumping into the trio Gabriella is invited to the masked ball but is unimpressed when Ollie spends his time talking to another girl. After this, whilst trying to get a guy for Cheska in the park, Ollie ends up getting a date with him. The date goes well and the two attend the polo together. Cheska and Binky decide it's best to tell Gabriella that Ollie has been seeing a guy and she then meets him during the match. She speaks to Ollie privately and tells him she is happy for him before walking off with a date of her own.

Meanwhile, after not very many attempts to woo Caggie, Millie tells Francis that Caggie is not interested. Distraught, he hires Agne as his intern and a close friendly relationship develops. However, she goes on a date with Fredrik who is also keen on her. The two discuss the situation afterwards and decide to both keep dating her so as not to let her get in the way of their friendship. They reveal this arrangement to Amber and Rosie, the latter disclosing the information to Agne herself. This leads to a confrontation between Francis and Rosie where he tells her to keep out of his business. Disgusted with the idea of the two men sharing her and shocked by Francis' behaviour, Agne decides to hand in her resignation letter. During the polo Francis apologises to Agne and asks her out on a date to which she accepts.

Series 2 (2011)[edit]

Hugo and Millie's relationship starts to deteriorate as rumours spread about Hugo playing away and this eventually leads to the end of their relationship. Millie is comforted by Caggie who also reveals that Hugo did cheat on her. After confronting him Millie decides to leave London for some space. When she returns, the former couple have no contact until he confronts her with the information that she also cheated on him prior to his indiscretion. After some time, the two begin to mend their friendship and spend time together. Rosie becomes offended when Millie asks her if anything happened with Hugo whilst she was in Monaco but when it is revealed that they did hook up Millie is left devastated again.

Ollie is in a new relationship with Chloe but Cheska and Binky feel caught in the middle as they try to maintain their friendship with Gabriella. They tell him he can't cut her out of his life but also worry she isn't coping with the break up after she casts an Ollie lookalike in the music video for her song 'Fight'. Following this Chloe decides she needs to speak to Gabriella and tells her about the effect she is having on her relationship and, although the girls become friends, Chloe and Ollie's relationship eventually ends for other reasons. Cheska begins seeing Kendal, one of the Ollie look-a-likes, and invites him to a dinner party with the gang. When Binky goes to Caggie's gig instead of dinner, Cheska becomes upset because of the argument she had with Hugo and feels Binky isn't supporting her splitting the group apart. After going to Morocco with Spencer and the group, Binky realises how much she misses Cheska and Ollie and apologises. Ollie decides he wants to release a book about 21st century men and relationships.

Spencer tells his friends he has moved on from Caggie and enters a 'friends with benefits' relationship with old flame Louise. The two grow extremely close but become strained when Caggie returns as the latter struggles to be around the couple and Spencer struggles to be around both the girls. Louise, sensing his feelings, decides to end things with him just as Caggie grows close to Proudlock. This is short-lived as Caggie's cousin Alice comes to visit and begins seeing Proudlock. Whilst away in Morocco, Spencer tells Caggie that he loves her but she rejects him, saying that she only likes him as a friend. The tension increases when Thomas, a guy that Caggie met in Paris, suddenly arrives in London, wanting to spend time with her. Deeply hurt, Spencer decides to distance himself from Caggie, which upsets her as she still wants to remain close friends and she realises how important he is to her and the two resume their friendship. However, in a Christmas special it is announced after a trip to Finland that something has happened between Caggie and Spencer but their relationship status is left unknown as Caggie leaves for Australia with Proudlock.

Jamie, long time friend of Spencer and Hugo, returns to London and is told to curb his spending habits. He also asks Rosie out on a date and hopes to get closer to her during a country get-away at his manor; however, she doesn't seem interested and rejects him. After this, he asks Spencer permission to ask Louise on a date and decides he wants to open his own sweet shop but is told he needs a full business plan before his funds will be released. Jamie then asks Louise out on a date and, although they have a good time, she tells him she is returning to Edinburgh for university. When she returns, she decides to remain friends with Jamie after discovering he had a one-night stand with Gabriella.

Amber attempts to woo Francis to get to finance her new jewellery line. He also asks Louise out on a date and is introduced to Chloe's friend Natalia. During his casino night Francis calls Amber's bluff on her intentions; she admits that she wants him involved with her jewellery line, to which he accepts. He then meets up with Natalia again and they begin dating. Francis also selects a new intern, James, to help set up new ventures.

Series 3 (2012)[edit]

Caggie tells Spencer she wants to remain friends which he agrees to but is hurt to find whilst away she had the name of another man (Joel) tattooed on her arm. Following this they discuss how their relationship has changed since their brief fling. Caggie leaves to go on tour with a band.

Hugo is in a new relationship with Natalie, and the other boys, in particular Spencer, feel that they barely get to see him anymore. Millie is finally over Hugo but still refuses to speak to Rosie as she has made no attempts to heal their friendship. Millie and Caggie are pleasantly surprised when Natalie talks to them when they run into her having lunch with Rosie and Victoria. They realise this shows Rosie in an even worse light as she ignores them. Millie has also started an internship with Glamour Magazine.

Proudlock takes Jamie to his church, where he meets Kimberley, a friend of Proudlock's. He seems interested in her but Francis asks her out on a date during Gabilicious's party. However, just before their date Kimberley asks Francis if she can bring her friend Harriet and if he could bring a friend for her. He decides to take Jamie who is more interested in Kimberley. Jamie and Spencer decide to move into together but Jamie soons becomes angry and upset with Spencer's attitude towards him especially after he makes a move on Kimberley after Jamie has told him he likes her. Jamie comments that this is exactly what he did with Louise.

Ollie introduces Cheska to his friend Richard. Gabriella comments to Binky about both of them having slept with him. Cheska invites Richard to a benefit she is holding, however once there Gabriella interrupts them and steals the attention from her. Richard and Kimberley start dating much to Cheska's disapproval. Louise decides to leave Spencer for Jamie, but then rekindles her relationship with Spencer in Dubai where she realises she does not want Jamie. Francis calls Jamie from Dubai telling him that Louise and Spencer have slept together during their time in Dubai.

Spencer and Louise return from Dubai to a very upset Jamie who immediately confronts them over their affair in Dubai. Francis attempts to cheer up Jamie. Francis is confronted by Spencer and demands why Francis revealed to Jamie that Spencer and Louise hooked up in Dubai. Spencer seeks advice in Binky and confides his feelings over recent events in her. Jamie agrees to meet with Spencer to discuss what happened between him and Louise, resulting in Jamie storming out. Richard continues to woo Kimberley. Binky and Cheska stumble across a major secret regarding Kimberley and her past relationship with Binky's old boss, Diego, who claims that Kimberley left him during the night weeks ago and has not heard from her since.

Millie, Cheska, Rosie, Louise, Victoria, Natalie and her sister, Karin visit a spa to relax after the dramatic trip to Dubai and to cheer up Louise after all the recent upset. At the spa, Millie becomes uncomfortable when she discovers that Rosie has tagged along. During a pamper session, Cheska and Rosie over hear Millie talking to Louise about how she is annoyed that they are there with them. Cheska and Rosie decide to confront Millie over her behaviour and end up in a huge argument. The next morning, over breakfast, Millie decides to leave following the argument the previous evening. Back in Chelsea, Louise decides to bury the hatchet with Jamie and then meets up with Spencer declaring that she wants to give their relationship another go.

Binky and Cheska act upon their newfound knowledge regarding Kimberley and decide to meet up with Diego to discuss Kimberley's behaviour and reveal that Kimberley is now dating Richard. Diego tells Cheska and Binky that Kimberley only left him weeks ago and that they were making long term plans before she left him. Richard hosts a dinner party inviting Binky, Cheska, Kimberley, Jamie and Ollie. Jamie hosts a Scottish reeling party where Spencer apologises to Jamie and they eventually make up. Cheska turns up with Diego as her date, causing Kimberley to panic when Diego confronts her over her behaviour, and seeks closure, leading to Kimberley storming out with Richard in tow.

Hugo organises a meeting between Millie and Rosie to discuss their problems and hopefully repair their friendship. They both agree to not be rude to each other anymore and work towards a clean slate. Richard decides to whisk Kimberley away on a romantic trip to Italy to cheer her up after her confrontation with Diego. Ollie suggests that he and the rest of the group tags along in order to try and rebuild the relationships broken due to the Diego situation. Binky accidentally invites Gabriella making Ollie feel extremely awkward. Once they arrive in a rainy Italy, tensions immediately reveal themselves between the two groups, and before long, Kimberley decides to confront Cheska as to why she decided to bring Diego to Jamie's party. She denies that she never cheated on Diego, and Cheska accuses Kimberley of going on dates whilst Diego was still her boyfriend. Later on in the evening, over dinner, things become immediately uncomfortable when Kimberley arrives late and ends up making out with Richard in front of the others after dinner. Gabriella has a belated entrance and is filled in on the day's events. The next day, the group visits Ravello where Richard tells Kimberley he wants to make their relationship more long term. Gabriella and Ollie finally bury the hatchet and become friends again. Binky and Ollie then leave the table leaving Gabriella and Cheska to talk about their issues over Richard, resulting in them both having a clean slate. Later in the day, Richard tells the others of his disappointment in them over their meddling, making Cheska doubt her decision to reveal Diego's revelations over his past relationship with Kimberley.

Back in Chelsea, Jamie is enjoying his newly single life without Louise, exploring his options with Francis and Proudlock. But having failed to get a date for Natalie's drinks party, Jamie decides to not attend, leading to Spencer thinking that he is still holding a grudge over his blossoming relationship with Louise. In an attempt to repair her friendship with Rosie, Millie invites her, Louise, Natalie and model, Henrietta, to sample make-up on.

Jamie enlists the help of Francis and Binky to choose girls to be his Candy Kittens for the launch of his new sweet business, which Henrietta auditions for. Spencer meets up with Caggie, who is on tour, to discuss the love triangle between Spencer, Louise and Jamie. He asks her for advice on how to handle the situation, and she tells him that Louise needs to talk to Jamie about her feelings and how it was always Spencer. Kimberley and Cheska meet up to speak about their problems. Kimberley accuses Cheska of flirting with Richard and trying to break up her and Richard. They end on a low note and Cheska walks off without a make up of any kind. Cheska visits Richard at his office where she tells him about the argument she just had with Kimberley. Richard defends Kimberley and accuses Cheska of being a meddler and making their trip to Italy awkward. Cheska declares that she will never be civil with Kimberley, and Richard decides to start ignoring Cheska if she can never get on with Kimberley. Ollie decides to throw a 60s themed party, where Harriet tells Cheska and Binky that as far as she knew, Kimberley and Diego had completely finished before Kimberley went on dates with Spencer, Jamie and Richard. Cheska becomes upset over the deterioration of her friendship with Richard. Louise and Jamie finally talk about the elephant in the room where Louise declares her hatred for Jamie making things awkward between them, which Jamie denies, and eventually Louise walks off. Cheska decides to apologise to Richard for her behaviour in Richard's office and Richard makes it clear that he didn't mean to be so aggressive and apologises. Spencer apologises to Jamie for hooking up with Louise while Jamie and her were still together, and they decide to completely forget about the issue, and return to the party.

Series 4 (2012)[edit]

The fourth series revolves mainly around the blossoming relationship between Spencer and Louise, who, after a summer of enjoying single life, realises that he wants to rekindle his relationship with Louise and pursues her whilst in St. Tropez, where Victoria launches her swimwear range. New boy Andy immediately takes a liking towards Louise and makes the start of Spencer and Louise's relationship difficult as he continues to try and win Louise over, which Spencer successfully prevents after many attempts by Andy. All seems well until Spencer tells Louise he is moving in with Jamie Proudlock and Francis, which makes Louise worry that Spencer will return to his single, partying ways under the influence of Jamie. At Mark-Francis's party they have an argument and end up on an uncertain future regarding their relationship. At the Christmas party, Francis informs Millie and Rosie that Spencer has been cheating on Louise, so they confront Spencer about his cheating with his ex Funda as well as with another girl and then Millie slaps him.

Jamie, Proudlock and Francis throw a housewarming party which new cast members Stevie and Sam attend, Sam attempts to woo Binky and though he tries hard, Binky eventually accepts to go on a date with Jamie. Jamie takes Binky to a golf course for their date, and the date goes well until Sam and Andy crash the date and join in with them for a group golf game. Jamie becomes agitated when Sam begins to flirt with Binky whilst still on a date with him. Following the date, Jamie fails to pursue Binky and becomes flaky as to whether he actually begin a relationship with her. At Spencer's birthday party, Binky tells Jamie that he needs to think about their situation before actually thinking of a real relationship, later on at the party, Jamie wins Binky over and they kiss. When Jamie and the boys head to Brighton, Jamie calls Binky to ask her out again, with a mixed response and Binky agrees to see him at Richard's boat party. Following on from their conversation at Richard's, Binky tells Jamie that she doesn't think it's a good idea to go on anymore dates due to Jamie's flakiness. At Proudlock's country house party, Jamie again tries it on with Binky, with success, and the two seem to be in perfect harmony. The next day, Jamie wakes up with different feelings, and admits to Binky he might not be ready to start a relationship, and Binky does not react well, and storms off to heal her broken heart. Jamie apologises to Binky after she goes to stay with her Mum for a few weeks, and they move on amicably.

Richard has a new girlfriend, Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack, and introduces him to the rest of the group with cautious optimism following his relationship with Kimberley. Cheska and the group react well and Ianthe soon becomes friends with them. After their relationship progresses, Richard decides he no long wants to continue their relationship and breaks up with Ianthe at Jamie's party. Ollie, in a bid to start a new relationship cuts his hair by 10 inches. Gabriella comes back on the scene and the two soon become close again, making others question whether they will get back together. After much flirting and spending time together, the pair end up hooking up when the group visit Amsterdam, following an alcohol fuelled night. When they return to Chelsea, things seem to be back to what they once were between Gabriella and Ollie, awkward. Gabriella decides to leave Chelsea for good to focus on her music, but not before a heartfelt goodbye from Ollie who declares their friendship is there to stay and that they will never be out of each other's lives.

Jamie meets Lucy Watson whilst out at Embargo on a boys' night out. He pursues her and invites her out for drinks at the Bluebird. Cheska and Ollie bump into them, and following his situation with Binky, they find it very awkward. Lucy introduces herself to them and they tell her about Binky and her relationship with Jamie, and she's labels herself a 'player'. Rosie hosts a dinner party and Andy invites Lucy to be his date at the party, making Jamie jealous. During the dinner, Spencer confronts Andy after he kisses Lucy in front of Jamie, and the whole table ends up in a debate over Andy and Lucy's relationship. Lucy becomes vulnerable and tries to end the argument by getting everybody out of her 'grill'. Lucy confronts Jamie and accuses him of spreading rumours that Lucy has been getting around and getting with lots of different guys, and ends up storming off. Lucy and Andy continue their relationship and go on a few dates before she ends their relationship abruptly over coffee. At Jamie's party Lucy confronts Spencer over his rumoured accusations of her being a player and getting around, he denies this and they end up walking off.

Millie's friend and ex-girlfriend of Spencer, Sophia Sassoon, returns to Chelsea from New York and makes quite an impact among the boys of the group. Andy pursues her and they go out on a date until they decide to keep it as just friends. Sophia and Francis, who are old friends, immediately spark up a chemistry between them when they visit an art gallery together, where they flirt continuously. Sophia joins Francis and Proudlock at dinner and Sophia ends up inviting Proudlock back to her house and they sleep together, upsetting Francis. At Rosie's dinner party, Proudlock and Sophia sit together further upsetting Francis. Sophia joins Francis outside of the party and they talk about Sophia's one night stand with Proudlock, she accepts her mistake and the two make up. Sophia become torn between Proudlock and Francis, striking up a love triangle. To get over Sophia, Francis decides to take matters into his own hands and meets Ashley, who he asks out on a date. After Sophia tells Proudlock of her feelings for Francis, she decides to go to Francis' house to declare her love for him, but realises she is too late as he is on a date with Ashley. Francis takes Ashley to an art gallery, and they kiss. At Mark-Francis's party, Sophia bumps into Francis and Ashley, and the two girls introduce each other, leaving Sophia alone. At the end, Francis breaks up with Ashley realising he likes Sophia and then they kiss at the Christmas Party.

Series 5 (2013)[edit]

The series focuses on the relationship between Spencer and Louise which begins to break down after revelations come to light about Spencer's behaviour. Also focused upon in this series is Jamie and Tara's relationship which is disrupted by Lucy with rumours about them supposedly kissing on holiday in Verbier. Tara eventually forgives Jamie and Lucy goes on a date with Spencer, much to Jamie's disapproval. Andy kisses Fran on a drink-date, but then spends a profuse amount of time with Louise which upsets Fran. Ollie begins dating Francis' ex-girlfriend Ashley; however Oscar, Ollie's best friend, affects their friendship to such an extent that it results in their indefinite break-up. Binky and Cheska are no longer best friends after a natural separation. However, Cheska believes Binky's new friendship with Lucy is to blame to their own demise as friends. After the relationship between Spencer and Louise ends, Andy takes advantage of this opportunity and begins a relationship with the now single Louise. Furthermore, Spencer also begins a casual relationship with Lucy for many weeks after fully committing to each other in the later episodes of the series. The new additions to this series cause trouble with many of the socialites. Phoebe consistently argues with Lucy after she discovers how Lucy took her long-term ex-boyfriend out on a string of dates. Phoebe also has conflicts with another ex-boyfriend and new cast member Josh, as he believes he was led on by her. Olivia and Phoebe both share a grudge with Lucy for the same reasons of Lucy taking out their ex-boyfriends on dates. Ollie and Millie both depart the programme at the end of the series.

Series 6 (2013)[edit]

Filming for series six commenced in July 2013.Stephanie Pratt makes a special appearance from episode two in the first part of the series.[10][15] The first episode synopsis reads "The beautiful people of Chelsea return for a sixth series with more drama, parties and heartbreaks. Spencer's new role comforting Louise isn't sitting well with Andy". On 8 October 2013, four new cast members for the series were revealed. Belle, Tiffany, Freddie and Miffy are the new additions to the cast. Belle - a student at Newcastle University - is best friends with Miffy. Tiffany - Belle's best friend - is also a second year uni student at Bristol - and shares a flirtatious relationship with Miffy. Miffy himself is a recent Newcastle graduate and club promoter. A childhood friend of Freddie, he also knows Made in Chelsea stars Stevie Johnson and Andy Jordan, through Andy's brother. Final new cast addition Freddie - another Newcastle graduate - is Swedish and is an old friend of Lucy Watson, to whom he is also attracted.[16] On 7 October 2013, the first full-length trailer for the series was revealed.[17]

Episode 1 (14 October 2013)

After the shock revelation at the end of the last series - that Louise had spent the night at another man's house - it looks like she and Andy have got things back on track... or have they? Spencer and Lucy's relationship looks well and truly derailed since she found out about his cheating, but now he's comforting Louise and this isn't sitting well with Andy.Meanwhile, Phoebe is not happy to discover that her ex, Alex, is getting close to Fran.

Episode 2 (21 October 2013)

Following their split, Louise is determined not to give up on her relationship with Andy, and creates a plan to win him back. But can Andy overcome Spencer's growing involvement in Louise's life? Lucy is unimpressed when Spencer sets his romantic sights further afield, and swaps Chelsea girls for a mystery Californian. Undeterred by strong words from Phoebe, Fran and Alex arrange a one-on-one. Jamie treads on dangerous ground as he begins a flirtation with Lucy. And Mark Francis and Victoria introduce their fashion designer friend Sophie Hermann, as the gang watch polo at Guards.

Episode 3 (28 October 2013)

Long-time flirters Jamie and Phoebe are finally going on a date, but their romantic night out is cut short when Phoebe receives a phone call from Louise with some shocking news about Jamie... Stephanie is becoming very frustrated with Spencer's bachelor nights out and confronts him. Still reeling from Phoebe's wrath, Alex and Fran tread cautiously with their friendship, but there's further upset when Alex backs out of their candlelit dinner and goes out with Binky instead.

Episode 4 (4 November 2013)

Rosie has arranged a spa trip for the girls in a bid to heal rifts among the Chelsea set. But with Phoebe, Fran and Lucy on the same guest list, rest and relaxation is just wishful thinking. And having decided to see where things lead them, Jamie and Lucy continue to hook up. But it's clear that Jamie still holds a flame for Phoebe. Spencer is worried that his best friend is keeping him in the dark about his real intentions with Lucy and things come to a head when the gang attend Andy's first gig as a singer-songwriter.

Episode 5 (11 November 2013)

Jamie is feeling rather alone and friendless after Spencer's anger towards him and the bombshell discovery that Phoebe has a boyfriend. But how will Phoebe react to Fran, who is the one who has been spreading the news all around Chelsea? Spencer holds a dinner party for the guys and decides it's the right time to air his feelings to Jamie. Lucy and Louise put their differences behind them but plan to tell Stephanie about Spencer's cheating, and Stevie is busy trying to woo Tiff.

Episode 6 (18 November 2013)

Spencer invites a slightly wary Andy on a shooting trip and it's not long before they start to discuss their favourite subject; Louise. Things are hotting up for lovebirds Alex and Binky as they take a trip to the country, where Alex strives to make a good impression on Binky's mum. Francis is busy mentoring Stevie on how to ride a bike, while Cheska organises a jazz and cocktail evening, but drama soon follows for Andy when Louise discovers the truth about his affairs.

Episode 7 (25 November 2013)

Phoebe decides to host a dinner party, at which Spencer raises the uncomfortable subject of Jamie's relationship with Lucy and forces him to confess his feelings for her. Fran and Binky decide to move in together, but Fran's past dalliance with Binky's new boyfriend Alex is a cause of friction. Proudlock tries to ascertain whether Lucy still has any feelings for Jamie, and a huge scandal hits Chelsea.

Episode 8 (2 December 2013)

Andy is facing the fallout after Spencer and Louise's recent rumoured reunion - but can he forgive and forget? Binky faces questions about Alex's closeness to his first love, Phoebe, while Louise's brother Sam has his eye on a certain older and taller woman, but will his moves prove a little too smooth for the first date? The tables have turned on Jamie, who now finds himself chasing super-cool Lucy. Can the offer of a trip to South Africa melt her heart? And will Spencer really stand back while Jamie pursues his ex?

Episode 9 (9 December 2013)

It's safari time for the Chelsea set as they head off to South Africa. But there's plenty of excess emotional baggage to declare when Lucy finds out that Phoebe is also coming along. Binky and Alex are worried that they're in for a rocky first holiday with his ex in tow. And it's evident during the trip that Jamie and Spencer still have feelings for Lucy - but which of the boys, if either, will Lucy choose Meanwhile, Andy meets a new love interest in Russian beauty Vitalia, but finds out that she's having an on-off relationship with Spencer. How will Spencer react to the news that Andy is pursuing one of his exes yet again? And the claws are out when Cheska, Victoria, Sophie, Louise and Rosie meet up for some tarot card reading. Cheska gets more than she bargained for and the future looks rocky for the group.

Episode 10 (16 December 2013)

Jamie's back from safari and refusing to give up on his relationship with Lucy. A drunken text from her only adds to his conviction that they're more than friends. After their romantic trip to South Africa, Binky and Alex are feeling the pressure to say those all-important three little words to each other. Spencer is irritated that Andy's new love interest is his own 'friend-with-benefits', Russian beauty Vitalia, so he wastes no time in rekindling their casual romance.Fran is feeling left out now that Phoebe has rebuilt bridges with Lucy and the other Chelsea girls. An apology seems the only way forward, but is Phoebe ready to forgive and forget?

Episode 11/Christmas Special (23 December 2013)

With the Christmas season in full swing in Chelsea, Lucy is feeling distinctly unfestive as Jamie is doing his best to avoid her. Alex is in an awkward position when Binky's mum invites him to spend Christmas Day with them. Are things moving too fast for him? Cheska, Fran, Lucy and Binky go ice skating. But the temperature drops to new depths when Victoria and Sophie bump into them and frosty insults are exchanged. When Jamie hears from Alex that Lucy is missing his company, he decides to make one last grand gesture. But things are thrown into jeopardy when Spencer and Lucy go shopping together. Is Jamie's best friend making a play for the girl he still loves?

End of Season Party (30 December 2013)

Series 6 comes to an end in traditional style with the End of Season Party. Once again, Rick Edwards is the host and chief interrogator of the whole cast, including Spencer, Jamie, Lucy, Phoebe and Mark-Francis.

Series 7 (2014)[edit]

Made in Chelsea's seventh series has been confirmed to begin on Monday 7 April 2014. Filming began on 23 January, as confirmed via cast member Andy Jordans Twitter page. The series' first full-length trailer was revealed on 20 March, with the cast being depicted as children in a sketch entitled "Mini in Chelsea". Two new cast-members were added to the line-up for series seven. Riley, was born in Canada but moved to London when she was two. Her father is the CEO of a financial services company and her mother recently gave up her head-hunting firm to do more charity work. Riley, who is studying at a private fashion university in East London, used to be picked up by her father's chauffeur after nights of partying and still lives at home - when she's not at her family's other house in the Caribbean. The second new cast-member is Emma, after studying in Devon and at King's College London, Emma became a model and has worked for brands such as Levis and L'Oreal.

Episode One (7 April)

The last series ended on a high when Jamie won Lucy over with a grand gesture of a horse and carriage to whisk her away. But Series 7 launches, and in typical Jamie style it seems there is trouble in paradise... Chelsea is buzzing with news of Jamie's infidelity just a week after he publicly displayed his affection for Lucy. And Lucy is not best pleased... could this be the end of their relationship, and even their friendship? Alex and Binky are happier than ever after a romantic break in Goa. But Spencer is about to drop a bombshell that will test their relationship to the limit. Can the ongoing feud between Cheska and Victoria be resolved after Victoria's insults around the dinner table at Christmas? Victoria is determined to make a fresh start so maybe it's time for the girls to talk turkey.

Episode Two (14 April)

Despite Alex's declaration of love for Binky, rumours of his infidelity are still rife around Chelsea. Binky may believe Alex's denials, but Cheska and Fran are determined to find out the truth by grilling Stevie. Chelsea playboys Spencer and Jamie go on a boys' night out, which is interrupted by model Emma Miller, who Spencer was previously infatuated with.Louise plans to unite the lonely hearts of Chelsea at a singles' dinner party, but the guest list includes three of her ex-boyfriends... Spencer, Jamie and Andy.

Made In Chelsea: New York (2014)[edit]

A new six-part series based in New York was announced on 18 March 2014 and will air in the summer. Executive producer Sarah Dillistone of Monkey Productions, said: "We're very excited about the world of 'Made In Chelsea' travelling to America. New York has a scene buzzing and sophisticated enough to rival Chelsea, so it feels like the next natural step. We're going to see the cast out of their bubble for the first time since the show began and I'm sure the result will be nothing like we've seen before." The cast for the six-part series is yet to be confirmed however cast member Louise Thompson revealed that the crew have obtained visas for a number of different people [18] Eventhough the series will clearly be affiliated with Made in Chelsea, it will remain as a stand-alone series and will not be promoted as the eighth series of the programme. The eighth series of Made in Chelsea will infact follow in Autumn 2014.


The series has received mixed reviews from critics and has been heavily compared to The Only Way Is Essex, "The participants are slimmer, sleeker, more moneyed and honey-coloured than their Essex counterparts - but some things remain the same".[19] Keith Watson of Metro said, "What is it about these fake reality soaps that proves so gruesomely addictive?", and "So there you go, just what you need in your life: more pointless people." [20] whilst Digital Spy said "It's all incredibly silly, but we're already falling in love with it a little bit and it will fill a lovely TOWIE-shaped hole for the summer".[21]

The first series of the show was positive with viewers. The show drew 583,000 viewers with its first episode and this figure rose to 624,000 for the second episode with another 117,800 viewers watching the repeat an hour later.[22] It also became the most tweeted about show on channel 4 for 2011.[23]

The first series finale managed to draw in 718,000 viewers on its first showing and was the highest rated show on E4 for the entire day. The series managed a high of 791,000 viewers for its sixth episode.[24]

The show was renewed for a second series before the end of the first. E4′s commissioning editor, David Williams, explained that "the staggering amount of audience engagement has proven it to be a perfect fit for E4′s young audience".[25]

The show managed to trend worldwide on Twitter during the first episode of the second series and carried on trending in the UK for twelve hours after the episode had ended.[26]

The third series broke records for the show when it premiered with over 900,000 viewers and reached over a million viewers for the ninth episode, achieving a series peak.[27]

The fifth series premiered with 956,000 viewers on 8 April 2013. The show was also the highest tweeted programme for that day, with people even tweeting 12 hours before the broadcast of the first episode. The series is so far yet to fall under 800,000 viewers each week, making it the most-viewed series since the show began.

The show won its first BAFTA on 12 May 2013 at the 2013 BAFTAs in the Reality and Structured Factual Category.[28]

The sixth series broke further records on Twitter. MIC and MadeInChelsea were both trending on the micro-blogging site 26 hours before broadcast of the first episode in October 2013.

The seventh series attracted 865,000 overnight viewers, this was the programme's highest overnight figure for a series opener in its three year history. Official viewing figures will be consolidated.

Made In Chelsea: The Game[edit]

An official app created by Channel 4 was made available to download in the fourth quarter of 2013. A second version was made available to download for Android and iOS phones on April 3 2014. The synopsis of the game reads "The Chelsea gang are back in town with a bang, for yet more exciting adventures! Enjoy a host of brand new story lines - as you once again play to become the ultimate socialite in the world of BAFTA-winning TV show Made in Chelsea. Party with even more of the cast as you rise up the social ladder - with Stevie (your new flatmate), Alex and Fran joining the ranks alongside the likes of Spencer, Proudlock and Binky".

Mad On Chelsea[edit]

Mad On Chelsea is an online show discussing the antics having occurred in Made in Chelsea. It celebrates all the quirky and funny observations on social media about the UK’s most glamorous socialites. It is presented by Jenny Bede, a stand up comedian, who usually greet two of the Chelsea cast to discuss, dissect and deliberate their latest happenings. She get the low down on the fans’ reactions to the weekly highs and lows of Chelsea life, as well as exploring the locations seen in the series. The first series corresponded with the beginning of series six, with each episode being made available to view through 4oD. A second series coindicded with Made in Chelsea's seventh series return, with each episode being uploaded 48 hours before the series premiere.

Live in Chelsea[edit]

With the second series of Made in Chelsea a live spin-off concept called Live in Chelsea (presented by Joel Dommett) was launched. It involves members of the cast taking turns in front a camera to answer questions directly from the audience live. The show is being filmed in secret locations within Chelsea and being shown exclusively through the internet rather than TV – using the ShowCaster platform.

Played In Chelsea[edit]

With the sixth series of Made in Chelsea a series of music gigs were launched with cast members presenting them. The gigs were made available for the public to attend through purchasing tickets. Four gigs were confirmed, with them taken place on 5,10 and 26 November 2013. E4 reads- Made in Chelsea, the BAFTA-winning E4 show that "has the best soundtrack on TV" (The Guardian) has always used the freshest music around and the series has an extensive following as the place to find the best new tunes on television.To celebrate six series of great music in Chelsea we are launching Played In Chelsea – a season of four gigs on 5th, 10, 20 and 26 November 2013. Staged at Under the Bridge in Chelsea, these gigs will be streamed live on the E4 website as well as being made available as a highlights show later in the week on the Channel 4 catch up platform 4oD. Each night of Played in Chelsea was hosted by two of the Made in Chelsea cast and featured three different bands, all of which have featured on Made in Chelsea.

DVD release[edit]

Series Episodes Discs DVD release date
Region 2
1 8 2 19 September 2011[29]
All episodes from the first series
2 12 3 16 April 2012[30]
All episodes from the second series plus end of series Studio Special and Christmas Special
3 11 3 15 October 2012[31]
All episodes from the third series plus end of series Studio Special
4 12 3 8 April 2013[32]
All episodes from the fourth series plus end of series Studio Special and Christmas Special
5 11 3 2 September 2013[33]
All episodes from the fifth series plus end of series Studio Special
6 12 3 7 April 2014[34]
All episodes from the sixth series plus end of series Studio Special and Christmas Special


The Style Network has bought the rights to air the show in the United States, and began to carry it on 12 November 2012 from the first series.[35] In 2012, Canadian-American singer Stacey Jackson appeared in a music video with cast members Spencer Matthews and Binky Felstead which was filmed in New York City.[36]

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