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Not to be confused with Malvi language.
Punjabi dialects

Malwi is a dialect of Punjabi language[1] spoken in the Malwa region of Punjab. It is part of the three prestige dialects of Punjabi which are nearly identical being referred to as standard Punjabi, the others being Doabi and Majhi, spoken throughout Punjab in India.


Following are some examples of Malwai daillect,where S.P. stands for Standard Punjabi and M.D. stands for Malwai dialect. 1. Brother(to call) /Paaji(SP)/BAAI(Malwai dialect)

2.Malwai people generally speak 'B' in the place of 'V' of Standard Punjabi e.g. Hair/Waal(S.P.)/Baal(M.D.) calf/Vachha(s.P.)/Bachha (M.D.)

3. he is going/oh jaa reha hai(S.P.)/oh jayi janda ai(M.D.) i am eating/main kha reha haan(S.P.)/Main khaayi jaanai(M.D.)

4. Thus/Is taraN or Inj(S.D.)/AayeN or Eakan (M.D.)

5. yours /Tuhaada(S.P.)/ Thodda or Sodda

6. to pick up /Chukkna(S.P.)/ Chakkna(M.D.)

7. to dig /Puttana (S.P.)/Pattana(m.D.)

8. He wil come /Oh aayega(S.P.)/Oh aa-oo-gaa(M.D.) 9. Pitcher/Ghara(S.P.)/Tora(M.D.) 10. Dew drops/Trail(S.P.)/Tail(M.D.) 11. Camel/Ooth(S.P.)/Utth( M.D.)

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