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Ncell Telecommunications
Type Private
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Krishna Towers, Kathmandu, Nepal
Area served Nepal
Products Cellular network , broadband
Parent TeliaSonera

Ncell is a privately owned GSM mobile operator in Nepal. It is the first private company to operate GSM services in telecommunications sector of Nepal with the brand name “MERO MOBILE”, which was re-branded as Ncell in March 12, 2010.[1] It broke the monopoly held by the then state-owned, now public telecommunication company, Nepal Telecom by building a new arena in cellular telephony services. The company is now owned in 80% by Swedish/Finnish TeliaSonera Holdings.[2] Ncell is the largest ISP in Nepal with a subscriber base of more than 1.9 million users.[3] They had 10 million mobile subscribers in early 2013.[4]

Network information

Operator Name Ncell
Network Name (Post-paid GSM Mobile) Ncell (429-02^Ncell)
Network Name (Pre-paid GSM Mobile) Ncell (429-02^Ncell)
Technology GSM 900+ (GPRS, EDGE), (UMTS (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+), FD-LTE, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G, Broadband, satellite phone, WiFi Networks, Radar, Roaming, GPS, LAN, WLAN, Location, Wireless, Enthranet, Ethernet, Internet
Network Status Active and Live : Now

Service and Operations[edit]

A SIM card from Ncell

A company that started its service with basic services like Voice call and SMS service at the launching phase, has one by one, introduced services like BlackBerry, 3G, Ncell Connect-browsing internet through a data card, EDGE/GPRS, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Conference Call, Voice Mail, Missed Calls Notification, SMS to e-mail, e-mail to SMS, USSD, Mobile Internet (GPRS/EGDE), Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), Personalized Ring Back Tones (PRBT) and different types of Value added Services, Ncell has always planned and adopted new technologies and services available in the international market and provided them among its subscribers.

Most of the services were introduced for the first time in the Nepalese Telecommunication market, which has re-defined Ncell as the most innovative, modern, accessible and popular brand in Nepal with more than 10 million subscribers within the country.

Ncell has tied up with an array of operators in more than 125 countries, including 425 operators around the world at present and gradually extending roaming partners day by day for the convenience of its subscribers.

Customer Care[edit]

Ncell users can reach customer care service center dialing "9005" or @Ncell on social networking sites.

Besides, Ncell is providing services to the subscribers via its huge distribution network along with its 450 Customer Care Centers. It is gradually opening new customer care centers in different parts of Nepal where Ncell has extended its networks.

Internet Service[edit]

Free Wikipedia access via NCELL
Free Twitter via Ncell

Ncell is determined to introduce new innovative services and facilities to the people of Nepal. It received license to operate an ISP in 2012, and started with "Ncell Connect" as a high speed wireless data service providing branded Wi-Fi router as well.[5]

The company distributes unlimited pre-paid and post-paid lines through 4000 outlets located at various places in and outside the Kathmandu Valley.[4]


Ncell is widely criticized for its internet data tariff, call tariff and other services which are quite expensive and unaffordable by all. However most of the expensive charges incurred are due to inability of users to use the available services in a proper way.

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