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This article is about the telephone event. For similarly named topics, see One Missed Call (disambiguation).

A missed call is a telephone call that is deliberately[dubious ] terminated by the caller before being answered by its intended recipient, appearing as a "missed call" on the receiver's cellphone. It is commonly used in South Asia, the Philippines and Africa as a way of communicating pre-agreed messages for free. For example, a group of friends may agree that two missed calls in succession means "I am running late".

In Bangladesh, missed calls make up 70% of cellular network traffic at any given time.[1] The Cellular Operators Association of India, COAI, has instituted a study to understand the revenue implications of missed calls in India.[2] Industry estimates of loss of revenue due to this social phenomenon are 20–25%[3] to as much as 30%.[4] At least one company in Bangalore is using this "tool" to generate business.[5] The culture of the missed call has also been used by political parties like the Aam Aadmi Party as a call to action to drive membership [6]

To "miss call", in the Philippine-adapted form miskol, was declared the Word of the Year in 2007 at a language convention held in the University of the Philippines Diliman.[7]

Equivalents in other places are to drop call in the US,[citation needed] to beep in Africa,[8] and to prank in England and Australia.[9] and to flash in Nigeria

Example messages[edit]

  • Two missed calls can mean "I am running late".[1]
  • Friends misscall a member of their group who was unable to join them that evening to convey "we're missing you".[1]
  • In Syria, five missed calls in rapid succession means "I am online, let's chat".[1]
  • In Bhutan, farmers know how much milk their customers want by the number of missed calls they get.[1]
  • In India, a missed call from a shop or business means "Your order is ready".[1]
  • Syndicate Bank, Introduced Missed Call Banking Facility, Which allows custmers to know their Balance outstanding in their CASA Account instantly, by giving a Missed Call to the number 09664552255. After registering the Customer Phone number with the Bank, This facility can be activated
  • In Bangladesh, an online protest was arranged with the help of a Facebook event on 27 January 2013 demanding the mobile phone operators cut their internet price. More than 250,000 Facebook users participated by exchanging millions of missed calls.[10][11]
  • In the United Kingdom, taxi drivers may use missed calls to let customers know that their taxi has arrived.[citation needed]
  • Facebook partnered with VivaConnect to launch a Missed Call Ad Unit[12] business specifically for the feature phone heavy Indian market, where a person could place a Missed Call to a number displayed on Ad and get offline content in return call.

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