Mohammad Azam Khan

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To be distinguished from Muhammad Azam Khan.
Mohammad Azam Khan
Emir of Afghanistan
Sketch work of Mohammad Azam Khan
Reign October 7, 1867 – February 21, 1868
Full name Mohammad Azam Khan
Predecessor Mohammad Afzal Khan
Successor Sher Ali Khan
Dynasty Barakzai dynasty
Father Dost Mohammed Khan

Mohammad Azam Khan (Pashto: محمد عظم خان‎) was the Emir of Afghanistan from October 7, 1867 to February 21, 1868.[1][2] Was the second sons of Dost Mohammed Khan, Azam Khan heir power from his brother Mohammad Afzal Khan after his death on October 7, 1867.[1] Following Azam Khan's death the following year, Sher Ali Khan was reinstated as Amir of Afghanistan. He was an ethnic Pashtun and belong to the Barakzai tribe.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mohammad Afzal Khan
Emir of Afghanistan
Succeeded by
Sher Ali Khan