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Montebello Bus Lines
Montebello Bus Lines Logo.svg
Parent City of Montebello
Founded July 28, 1931 (1931-07-28)[1]
Headquarters 400 South Taylor Avenue
Locale Montebello, California
Service area see #Service Area
Service type bus service, paratransit
Routes 8 [2]
Stops 950 (FY2014)[2]
Fleet 66 fixed-route fleet (FY2014)[2]
Annual ridership 7,934,976 (FY2014)[2]
Fuel type hybrid, CNG, diesel

Montebello Bus Lines is a municipal bus operator in Montebello, USA, mainly serving East Los Angeles, Commerce, and Montebello.


Montebello Bus Lines began on July 28, 1931, with a small lot on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and Olympic Boulevard, where the four buses the agency operated were housed. The conception of Montebello Bus Lines came after several other transit services had served the area.

Two years after the City of Montebello was incorporated in 1920, the City launched its first attempt at operating a municipal bus line. But the City then decided to sell its bus operation to the Motor Transit Company in 1928.

Three years later, in 1931, the City purchased the line back from the Motor Transit Company, and Montebello Bus Lines was born.[3] In the agency’s early days, passengers paid a nickel to ride the bus and bus operators earned $120 per month.

Montebello Bus Lines has grown to be the third largest municipal transit agency in Los Angeles County, operating seven local routes, an express route, a semi-fixed-route feeder service and a Dial-a-Ride service. Montebello Bus Lines serves 15 communities, providing transportation to 8 million passengers on an annual basis.

As of September 2013, Montebello Bus Lines has 7 Compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, 44 hybrid buses and plans to replace its 15 remaining Diesel fuel buses with CNG in next few years.[4] It also own a CNG fueling station to service the Montebello Bus Lines.[5]

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has recognized Montebello Bus Line’s service. Montebello Bus Lines is the recipient of APTA's Outstanding Transit System Award and APTA's top Silver Safety Award in 1999, as well as the Achievement Award in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2002.[3]

Service Area[edit]

Within its service area of approximately 26 square miles,[4] Montebello Bus Lines serving the communities of:[2]

Fixed-route service[edit]

Montebello Bus Lines consists of 8 lines in the Central & West San Gabriel Valley. Montebello Bus Lines fixed route services can broadly be divided into three types: Major Local Services, Minor Local Services, and Peak Express Service. Lines 10, 20, and 40 are the major service lines. Lines 30, 50, 60, and 70 are the minor service lines. Lines 90 is the express line.[6]

Route overview[edit]

Route Direction Terminals via Days of Operation [a] Schedule Information
Westbound / Northbound Eastbound / Southbound
West-East East Los Angeles College Pico Rivera
Whittier Boulevard and Passons Boulevard
Whittier Boulevard Daily Schedule
Whittwood Mall
North-South Rosemead
San Gabriel Boulevard and Garvey Avenue
Gage Avenue and Telegraph Road
San Gabriel Boulevard, Montebello Boulevard, Greenwood Avenue Daily Schedule
San Gabriel [b]
San Gabriel Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive
North-South Alhambra
Garfield Avenue and Huntington Drive
South Gate
Firestone Boulevard and Garfield Avenue
Garfield Avenue Daily Schedule
West-East Downtown LA
Beaudry Avenue and 5th Street
Beverly Hospital
3rd and 4th Streets, Beverly Boulevard [c] Daily Schedule
Beverly Boulevard and Norwalk Boulevard
West-East Downtown LA
Beaudry Avenue and 5th Street
La Mirada
Adelfa Drive and Santa Gertrudes Avenue
Washington Boulevard Weekdays, Saturdays Schedule
North-South Pico Rivera
San Gabriel River Parkway and Beverly Boulevard
Pico Rivera
Telegraph Road and Serapis Avenue
Passons Boulevard Weekdays Schedule
North-South The Shops at Montebello Montebello
Mines Avenue and Greenwood Avenue
Via Campo, Wilcox Avenue, Mines Avenue [d] Weekdays Schedule
90 [e]
West-East Downtown LA
Beaudry Avenue and 5th Street
Taylor Ranch Park & Ride
SR 60, Beverly Boulevard [c] Weekdays peak periods Schedule
Whittier [f]
Beverly Boulevard and Norwalk Boulevard


  1. ^ Sunday service (Saturday service for Line 50) is provided on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  2. ^ Line 20 serves San Gabriel only on weekdays select trips.
  3. ^ a b Line 90 Express operate alongside the Line 40 on Beverly Boulevard.
  4. ^ Line 70 also serves Montebello/Commerce Metrolink Station.
  5. ^ Former Express Lines 341 / 342.
  6. ^ Line 90 Express operates 2 westbound trips (5:53am & 5:23pm) from Whittier, and 2 eastbound trips (4:25pm & 4:50pm) to Whittier.

Former Routes[edit]

343 Telegraph Road Express[edit]

Former Route. Departs Gage Avenue and Telegraph Road to Downtown LA at 6:20 AM and 6:50 AM. Departs from Downtown LA to Gage Avenue and Telegraph Road at 5:20 PM and 5:50 PM.

In the early days of the Montebello Bus Lines, there was a route that had a bus stop in the middle of the 700 block of Bradshawe Street.

The buses used to be primarily blue, student riders of the bus affectionately called the Montebello Bus, "the big blue limousine."

Flexible Transport Services[edit]

Montebello Link[edit]

Montebello Link begins operations in 1997. Montebello Bus Lines contracts five Metrolink feeder lines offers a curb-to-curb shuttle to and from the Montebello/Commerce Metrolink station during the peak hours. This reservation based service utilizes shuttles meet the Metrolink's arriving schedule in the morning and takes passengers to major employment centers. The feeder lines also carry commuters back to the station in the afternoon.[7][8]


The City of Montebello also operates Montebello Dial-A-Taxi since 2007, a program which offers transportation for senior residents and qualified disabled persons of any age and their attendants.[9] 15,000 residents utilize this service.


Fare Type General Student K-12 Senior/
One-way $1.10 $0.75 $0.50
Interagency Transfer $0.25 $0.10
Express Upgrade $0.20
Day Pass $3.00 $2.00 $1.50
Monthly Pass N/A $30.00 N/A
Montebello Link Free [8]
Dial-A-Taxi N/A N/A $0.50


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