Mount Ena

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Mount Ena
Enasan from north 2010-9-17.JPG
Elevation 2,191 m (7,188 ft)
Mount Ena is located in Japan
Mount Ena
Mount Ena
Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture
Achi, Nagano Prefecture
Range Kiso Mountains
Coordinates 35°26′35″N 137°35′49″E / 35.44306°N 137.59694°E / 35.44306; 137.59694Coordinates: 35°26′35″N 137°35′49″E / 35.44306°N 137.59694°E / 35.44306; 137.59694

Mount Ena (恵那山 Ena-san?) is a mountain located on the border between Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, and Achi, Nagano Prefecture in the Chūbu region of Japan. It is 2,191 m (7,188 ft) tall.[1] It is considered part of the Kiso Mountains and is included on the list of "100 Famous Japanese Mountains."

Hiking routes[edit]

There are four hiking routes to the mountain's peak. They are the Kuroisawa Route (黒井沢ルート), the Misaka Pass Route (神坂峠ルート), the Hirogawara Route (広河原ルート) and the Maemiya Route (前宮ルート).

Scenery from top[edit]

The Japanese Alps, Mount Ontake, Mount Haku and part of Mount Fuji can be seen from the surrounding of the top.

Mount Fujimidai from Mount Ena 2010-12-12.jpg
Mount Ontake and Mount Norikura from Mount Ena 2010-12-12.jpg
Central Alps Mount Ontake and Mount Norikura
Akaishi Mountains north from Mount Ena 2010-12-12.jpg
Akaishi Mountains2 from Mount Ena 2010-12-12.JPG
Southern Alps in northern part Southern Alps in southern part

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